Sunday, March 30, 2014

Must Attend: Live! With Dr Chen (Chapter 2)

Dr Jau-Fei Chen is coming to Singapore to give a second chapter (Live! with Dr Chen) @ Orchard Hotel on 13-April! 

Please see below for the details!

If you wish to learn the following health topics, please don't miss this Chapter as you will meet Dr Chen in person to listen to her sharing for the below topics!! 

1. People can live up to 120 years old. How does this number come from?

2. Everyday take vitamin pills, will a person live up to 120 years old?

3. Is Baby formula milk better than breast milk?

4. Is glucosamine pill helpful for joint pain? 

5. Where does the chondroitin sulphate come from?

6. Which plant foods can help self production of glucosamine in our body?

7. What is auto immune disease? Can it be under control using steroid or anti-inflammation medicine? Any side effects? Is there a better way to prevent?

8. Is bird nest really helpful in beauty maintenance? Including shark fin.

9. Is juicing good for health? Is it considered wholesome fruit?

10. What can we do if we are deprived from sleep?

11. Many advertisements tell about the effectiveness of collagen PDTs on skin. Issit true?

12. Many people said that taking too much rice (carbo) can cause more production of insulin. And Obesity is caused by insulin. Is there any linkage between insulin and obesity.

13. What is the right way to do healthy weight management?

Ticket price $15 come with a free door gift which worth back the ticket price! 

Anyone keen, please pm me. Thanks.

**To learn about the previous Live! With Dr Chen (Chapter 1), please click the below:


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Recipe # 1: Aromantic Macaron

Aromantic Macaron 


Happy baking day!! 

Why I choose Aromantic Powder?

  • Made of barley, pumpkin flower, bee pollen and pearl
  • Rich in amino acids, phytochemicals and calcium that are easily absorbed by the body

Why I Choose Aromantic Powder?
  • To get healthier source of Calcium and Amino Acids
  • Read more:


Sunday, March 23, 2014

A need to increase my efficiency

It's a total new experience of being parents. I realized that i have to enhance my efficiency in doing my stuffs! Else not enough time to finish my work!

After trying many ways to put baby Han to sleep, finally she slept well in the rocker. Phew! 

My husband then immediately started his gardening while I went to kitchen to clean up the dishes! 

Really have to thank my parents in law in their help also when sometimes attending to crying Han as it's not easy to calm her down! 

Yesterday went to toys'rus and got her a new toy!


GROW WITH ME MOBILE (Fisher Price) at discounted price $49.90 (original price $69.90) 

She seems to enjoy the new toy, stretched her hands trying to reach the animals on the mobile. I started introducing her new animals too! :D 

It's rewarding when seeing her smiling happily! 

Fisher Price seems to have many exciting toys and tips for babies at certain age. 
I find its website quite helpful to learn about what play and learn activities I can do for my baby at age of 3 months! 

Do drop me comments for any other toy recommendation reference for baby at certain age also if you know! Thanks =) 


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Asian Digital Mum

I was invited to attend The Asian Digital Mum Report Press Conference 2014 (held by the Asian Parent) yesterday.

The Asian Parent has a good website which shares a lot of parenting information. If you wish to learn more about kids' behaviour, pregnancy, parenting tips etc, it's a good website to browse around.

Back to the Press Conference. Wow! It was a insightful event to learn how mothers getting more digital nowadays! Made friends with a few mummies who work as professionals also! A great morning to start off the day!! 

Four Digital mums who have been very successful were being interviewed on stage. With the social media and Internet, it has helped many mummies turned many impossibilities to possibilities! 

When one lady turned to mummy, her life routine and preference and priority have changed.

Many have feedback that they don't have time to read newspaper or magazines anymore. Hence relying on smart phone becomes a norm to get the information in the quickest way. 

Some choose to quit their jobs or take up less hectic job to take care of their home sweet home when baby arrives.  

Mummies are always the greatest one!!! Salute to all mummies for their sacrifices!!

If we mummies can run their own business with time flexibility and still make a good passive income, i think this will be a good option for us to own both family and career together. 

I feel blessed that I am currently running my own Healthy Fast Food franchise business. It indeed gives me much time flexibility to take care of my baby girl while still making good passive income. It also makes my life more meaningful being able to help more people. =)


Sunday, March 16, 2014

4 keys to stay away from diseases and illnesses

On the newspapers, we usually will see many health seminars being available for the public to attend. I took this photo long time back. When I looked at it again, in fact I have handled quite a few cases of eczema and heart problems and 1 case of trigger finger over these few years.

Indeed there are many people in Singapore who suffer from these problems. Some have even affected young children. 

According to experts, majority of the illnesses are caused by malfunctioning immune systems. If we would like to stay away from diseases and illnesses especially the chronic ones, do ensure our immune system is healthy. 

A healthy immune system will be achieved from 4 ways: 

1. Balanced healthy diet, eat more fruits and vegetables instead of animal meat. Please follow this blog to learn which plant foods are good for our immune system.
2. Appropriate exercise 
3. Sufficient rest and sleep
4. Stable emotion

By practicing the above healthy lifestyle, I believe all can stay healthy.

Warmest regards, 

Be A Wise Consumer - in household and skin care items

Indeed it's important to be aware of the safety of skin care products in the market. 

Always learn to read the labels and be more cautious about the harmful chemicals used in the PDTs.

A few harmful chemicals which we need to take note. 

Check out if our daily use PDTs contains any of the below. 

If yes, better discard. 

For example some tooth pastes contain Triclosan which could cause depression, liver disorder or even cancer when it's mixed with water. 

Refer below for more info:

Some other references to check out other harmful chemicals on household items:



Contact me via Whatsapp +65-9090 9942 for more info.

"Be a wise consumer.
Invest in equipping yourself with right knowledge"

Best Regards, 
Nutritional Immunology Consultant

Thursday, March 13, 2014

2 cute and lovely dogs

On my way back home, bumped into a maid bringing these 2 dogs strolling around the neighborhood. Very cute!

I learned that she is bringing the 2 lovely dogs out to walk 4 times a day!!! Wow!!! =D 

That explains why I frequently see these 2 dogs strolling around, even during late at night! Lucky dogs met a good owner who takes care of them so much! =) 

Now even dogs also need to do some exercise by strolling around, get some fresh air in order to be healthier. How about us? :) 

I realized that It's good sometimes we can take a moment to enjoy and appreciate things surrounding us and exchange sharing with people, and learn from others.

Let's live a Nutritional Immunology lifestyle!! =)


Disheartening scene

Just visited the mother whose son had lung cancer at SGH and passed her the book that I recommended.

It's indeed really disheartening to see the son and other patients in the ward. The elderly lying on the bed next to her son is counting his day. All the family members surrounded the bed with a monk praying. 
I felt so upset and teared seeing this scene. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My weight management experience after delivery (Post Pregnancy)

Finally did  my photo comparisons and shared with friends on the Facebook.

During my last trimester of pregnancy, my weight shoot up to as high as 62 kg.

Although still have another 3 more kg to shed off, I am happy with the results as of now. =) Considered able to slim down quite a lot in quite short time. =)

Hmm...Actually, I am quite confident that with the knowledge that I learned about healthy weight management, I can achieve my healthy weight loss. =)

It's very simple. A few rules of thumbs on weight management, but let me see how many I have followed:

1. Watch out calorie intake, avoid oily and fried foods
My confinement food was quite oily (high calorie). After confinement, I have been eating normal meals. Just that I was conscious to avoid oily and fried foods, tried to take more vegetables.

2. Adequate Protein to Maintain muscle to burn more calories
Yes - have soy intake - a plant based protein from 1-Shape

3. Fiber intake to increase satiety and prevent absorption of oil in the intestine
Yes - have grain fiber intake from 1-Shape

4. Increase metabolism
Yes - have American Ginseng to increase my metabolism and vitality from 1-Shape

5. Exercise
No, but walked quite a lot after my confinement as attended many activities and events. Also, guess taking care of baby and breastfeeding does help.

6. Sufficient Collagen to help firm up my body and skin after losing weight
Yes - not from animal collagen, but from plant source to allow body self produce collagen - from Oxyginberry Beverage

Found this article on newspaper. The skin of this man in London became sagging after losing weight of 83 kg. So I can see that collagen is important in maintaining skin elasticity and muscle toning during weight loss.

Oxyginberry Beverage:


If you wish up find out more, do WA / SMS me.

I have been taking all the above wholesome food products during my pregnancy too as i know they are safe for pregnant ladies =)

Warmest Regards,
Nutritional Immunology Lifestyle Consultant
+65-9090 9942

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Photo with Dr Chen

I was so glad to be the emcee of one of the Chapters of Live with Dr Chen last year! There were 1500 ppl attending the event at Marina Bay Sands Conference hall. A very a fulfilling and meaningful experience to be involved in making this event a success as this event allowed many people who attended bring back a lot of valuable health knowledge from Dr Chen. 

Photo with Dr Chen.

Me with latest E.Excel food products. 

Warmest regards, 

Oxyginberry Testimonial: Say bye bye to eczema on a kid

It's so amazing to see the recovery of a kid who suffered from eczema earlier thru Nutritional Immunology wholesome plant food products especially on Oxyginberry Beverage!!

One of the most famous wholesome food products is Oxyginberry Beverage:

For any enquiry related to the above, please feel free to contact me! 

Shared by 
Nutritional Immunology Consultant

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Chemicals in the Baby Wipes

It's so disheartening to read this article. My girl had a bad rash earlier. We suspected it's the baby wipes that caused her buttocks to turn very red and she kept crying and crying when we changed to another baby wipes of different brand. Ever since that incident, we don't use baby wipes anymore. We use tap water to cleanse her buttocks.

The horrific damage BABY WIPES can do to children's skin: Chemical in the wipes can cause an itchy red rash

  • Methylisothiazolinon (MI), a preservative, can cause allergic reactions
  • Researchers suggest parents only use baby wipes when they are travelling
  • They say that at home it is safer to use paper towels with water
  • MI has been blamed for a massive rise in dangerous allergic reactions caused by a huge range of beauty products

Baby wipes make some children come out in painful, red rashes, new research suggests.
A chemical preservative called methylisothiazolinone (MI) in the wipes causes an allergic reaction in some children, researchers found.
The chemical has been blamed for a massive rise in dangerous allergic reactions caused by a huge range of beauty products.
Until now, no cases of allergic reactions to wet wipes had been reported in the U.S., but the study authors think this could be due to the reactions being misdiagnosed as other conditions, such as eczema.

‘I think it may be more common than people realise,’ Dr Mary Wu Chang, an associate professor of dermatology and paediatrics at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine, told NBC News.
Scientists at the school of medicine studied six children with severe rashes.
The first child was a girl who had a rash on her face and her buttocks.
The eight-year-old had already been treated with antibiotics and steroids but after each treatment, the rash reappeared.
The scientists suspected that she might be suffering from an allergic reaction so asked her mother what she used to clean her.
The girl’s mother explained that she used wet wipes to clean her daughter’s mouth and buttocks.
Dr Chang had recently read a report about a Belgian man who was allergic to the MI in baby wipes.
She tested the child for an allergy and the results were positive.

Unsurprisingly, when the girl’s mother then stopped using baby wipes, her rashes disappeared.
During the following two years, five more children were brought to the medical centre with similar rashes.
In each case, the rash disappeared as soon as the children were no longer cleaned with baby wipes.
Despite the discovery, Dr Chang does not believe parents should stop using baby wipes.
She told NBC News: ‘They’re so convenient. I have three kids, so I know how hard it is to do the changes, especially when you’re travelling.
‘But maybe when you’re at home, it would be better to use a gentle cleanser and water. That way you minimise exposure.’
Dr Robin Gehris, from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre, says the number of children suffering from these reactions is increasing.
She believes this could be because the amount of MI in baby wipes has been increased.
As a result, she also suggests parents avoid using them except when they are travelling.
She says that at home it is better to use wet paper towels.
Baby wipes are not the only product to contain MI.
Cosmetic giant Johnson & Johnson says it is so concerned, it is taking the chemical out of its best-selling Piz Buin sun cream and other products.
Molton Brown is doing the same and big brands such as Nivea, L’Oreal, Clarins and Sanctuary are under pressure to take action as doctors say adverse reactions to the chemical have reached ‘epidemic proportions’.
Skin experts say manufacturers should urgently remove the chemical from products that are left on the skin. It can cause rashes, lumps, blisters, itchy eyes and facial swelling.
In one case, a woman’s head and face swelled up so much that doctors feared she would have trouble breathing without urgent treatment.
In another, a British holidaymaker’s skin became so inflamed that she spent two days in a Spanish hospital and needed steroids and antihistamines to calm the allergic reaction.
MI is a preservative designed to extend shelf life, and has no useful properties for users of the products.
Experts say the scale of the allergic reactions to the chemical, which has been used increasingly since 2005, is alarming.
Dermatologists expect an allergic reaction to a cosmetic product of one or two per cent, but clinics say the rate for MI has been more than 10 per cent.
Leading dermatologist Dr Ian White, from St Thomas’ Hospital in London, said: ‘The frequency of reactions to MI is unprecedented in my experience.
'We’ve never seen anything quite like it. Contact allergy to this permitted preservative is now of epidemic proportions. Immediate action needs to be taken by industry.’

Reference source:

In fact, many products contain chemicals that have not been fully tested for safety. Scientists do not know the effects of long term exposure to many of these chemicals on the human body.

We usually think that the safety of the things that we apply on our skin may not be as important as that of the food we eat. This is not true. In fact, we should take more note on what we apply on our skin. Why?
The food we eat goes through the stomach in which gastric acids help to kill the germ. However, the substances we breath in or absorbed thru the skin GO DIRECTLY into the BLOODSTREAM. The thinner the skin, the less effective it is at keeping out substances that cause irritation. Elderly people and young children have thinner and more sensitive skin. Substances of molecular weight of 400 and below penetrate more easily into skin and could have serious effects if harmful.

Many toxic chemicals accumulate in human fat tissue. Residual toxins present in the mother are passed to the child in her milk during breastfeeding. The fact that small children lack detoxification enzymes in the liver makes this even worse.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) released the results of a two-year study that found up to 232 different industrial chemicals in the cord blood of 10 babies who were exposed to the substance while still in the womb.

This study tested for chemicals found in nearly every American household. The findings represented the first reported detections in American newborns for 21 contaminants. Among them are Bisphenol A (BPA), Tetrabromobisphenol A(TBBPA), Perflurobutanoic acid (PFBA, or C4) which are linked to cancer, birth defects, infertility and so on.

Just to share, I choose to use E.Excel Elemente baby series for my baby as I know the products have gone thru the toxicity tests under MSDS test requirements. So far it has been good for my 2 month old baby. :)


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Parents must read: Importance of laying good foundation in children

Dear parents and parents-to-be, 

Our children are our very precious ones. 
The best that we can give them is to lay a good foundation for them since young. 

Let's read this mummy's sharing who believes in laying a good health foundation for her children since young thru Nutritional Immunology food which are wholesome plant foods. 

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Warmest regards,