Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My weight management experience after delivery (Post Pregnancy)

Finally did  my photo comparisons and shared with friends on the Facebook.

During my last trimester of pregnancy, my weight shoot up to as high as 62 kg.

Although still have another 3 more kg to shed off, I am happy with the results as of now. =) Considered able to slim down quite a lot in quite short time. =)

Hmm...Actually, I am quite confident that with the knowledge that I learned about healthy weight management, I can achieve my healthy weight loss. =)

It's very simple. A few rules of thumbs on weight management, but let me see how many I have followed:

1. Watch out calorie intake, avoid oily and fried foods
My confinement food was quite oily (high calorie). After confinement, I have been eating normal meals. Just that I was conscious to avoid oily and fried foods, tried to take more vegetables.

2. Adequate Protein to Maintain muscle to burn more calories
Yes - have soy intake - a plant based protein from 1-Shape

3. Fiber intake to increase satiety and prevent absorption of oil in the intestine
Yes - have grain fiber intake from 1-Shape

4. Increase metabolism
Yes - have American Ginseng to increase my metabolism and vitality from 1-Shape

5. Exercise
No, but walked quite a lot after my confinement as attended many activities and events. Also, guess taking care of baby and breastfeeding does help.

6. Sufficient Collagen to help firm up my body and skin after losing weight
Yes - not from animal collagen, but from plant source to allow body self produce collagen - from Oxyginberry Beverage

Found this article on newspaper. The skin of this man in London became sagging after losing weight of 83 kg. So I can see that collagen is important in maintaining skin elasticity and muscle toning during weight loss.

Oxyginberry Beverage:


If you wish up find out more, do WA / SMS me.

I have been taking all the above wholesome food products during my pregnancy too as i know they are safe for pregnant ladies =)

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