Sunday, March 30, 2014

Must Attend: Live! With Dr Chen (Chapter 2)

Dr Jau-Fei Chen is coming to Singapore to give a second chapter (Live! with Dr Chen) @ Orchard Hotel on 13-April! 

Please see below for the details!

If you wish to learn the following health topics, please don't miss this Chapter as you will meet Dr Chen in person to listen to her sharing for the below topics!! 

1. People can live up to 120 years old. How does this number come from?

2. Everyday take vitamin pills, will a person live up to 120 years old?

3. Is Baby formula milk better than breast milk?

4. Is glucosamine pill helpful for joint pain? 

5. Where does the chondroitin sulphate come from?

6. Which plant foods can help self production of glucosamine in our body?

7. What is auto immune disease? Can it be under control using steroid or anti-inflammation medicine? Any side effects? Is there a better way to prevent?

8. Is bird nest really helpful in beauty maintenance? Including shark fin.

9. Is juicing good for health? Is it considered wholesome fruit?

10. What can we do if we are deprived from sleep?

11. Many advertisements tell about the effectiveness of collagen PDTs on skin. Issit true?

12. Many people said that taking too much rice (carbo) can cause more production of insulin. And Obesity is caused by insulin. Is there any linkage between insulin and obesity.

13. What is the right way to do healthy weight management?

Ticket price $15 come with a free door gift which worth back the ticket price! 

Anyone keen, please pm me. Thanks.

**To learn about the previous Live! With Dr Chen (Chapter 1), please click the below:


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