Sunday, March 16, 2014

4 keys to stay away from diseases and illnesses

On the newspapers, we usually will see many health seminars being available for the public to attend. I took this photo long time back. When I looked at it again, in fact I have handled quite a few cases of eczema and heart problems and 1 case of trigger finger over these few years.

Indeed there are many people in Singapore who suffer from these problems. Some have even affected young children. 

According to experts, majority of the illnesses are caused by malfunctioning immune systems. If we would like to stay away from diseases and illnesses especially the chronic ones, do ensure our immune system is healthy. 

A healthy immune system will be achieved from 4 ways: 

1. Balanced healthy diet, eat more fruits and vegetables instead of animal meat. Please follow this blog to learn which plant foods are good for our immune system.
2. Appropriate exercise 
3. Sufficient rest and sleep
4. Stable emotion

By practicing the above healthy lifestyle, I believe all can stay healthy.

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