Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Asian Digital Mum

I was invited to attend The Asian Digital Mum Report Press Conference 2014 (held by the Asian Parent) yesterday.

The Asian Parent has a good website which shares a lot of parenting information. If you wish to learn more about kids' behaviour, pregnancy, parenting tips etc, it's a good website to browse around.


Back to the Press Conference. Wow! It was a insightful event to learn how mothers getting more digital nowadays! Made friends with a few mummies who work as professionals also! A great morning to start off the day!! 

Four Digital mums who have been very successful were being interviewed on stage. With the social media and Internet, it has helped many mummies turned many impossibilities to possibilities! 

When one lady turned to mummy, her life routine and preference and priority have changed.

Many have feedback that they don't have time to read newspaper or magazines anymore. Hence relying on smart phone becomes a norm to get the information in the quickest way. 

Some choose to quit their jobs or take up less hectic job to take care of their home sweet home when baby arrives.  

Mummies are always the greatest one!!! Salute to all mummies for their sacrifices!!

If we mummies can run their own business with time flexibility and still make a good passive income, i think this will be a good option for us to own both family and career together. 

I feel blessed that I am currently running my own Healthy Fast Food franchise business. It indeed gives me much time flexibility to take care of my baby girl while still making good passive income. It also makes my life more meaningful being able to help more people. =)


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