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How to lose weight healthily? Start Counting Your Calorie Today!!

If you want to do a good weight management, start counting your daily calorie intake!!!

To maintain our existing weight, daily calorie intake requirement for

- Female: about 1800 kcal/ day
- Male: about 2000 kcal/ day

When we are taking in calories more than the above requirement for a certain duration of time, we shall see ourselves starting to grow 'horizontally'!

Hence, daily calorie intake is very important in weight management. Start practising calculate your calorie intake to prevent from putting on weight!

Lowering your calorie intake is all about everyday choices of what to eat.

If you want to lose 1 kg every week, it is recommended that females take only 800 calories daily and males 1000 calories daily.

Let us check out how much calories of foods that we usually eat...

Check out how much calories we are taking in on our daily meal
  • Milkshake (1 big cup 900ml) --> 2310 kcal (Unbelievable!)
  • Double Beef and bacon Burger --> 1680 kcal
  • Fried Chicken Drumstick --> 400 kcal
  • Fries (1 large serving) --> 440 kcal

Refer to the table for other foods...

How about calorie content of other foods?
  • Cantonese fried noodles (1 serving) --> 690 kcal
  • Rice (1 bowl 180g) --> 240 kcal
  • Chicken Caesar salad (1 serving) --> 990 kcal (due to the salad sauce!!)
  • Chocolate sundae (1 cup) --> 320 kcal
  • Cheesecake (100g) --> 320 kcal


Be wise in choosing our foods - instead of fried food or foods high in sugar, choose fruits and vegetable, and boiled or steamed food. They are low in calories and are more nutritious.

For example, instead of eating a slice of cheesecake (320 kcal), choose an apple (60 kcal) to satisfy hunger pangs.

Here are some examples of such foods and the amount of calories they contain.

Be sure to include exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle also. Exercise burns calories and maintains the immune system while you are losing weight. Calories burned during exercise are affected by the intensity of workout and your weight, level of fitness and metabolism.
Let's check out how much calories burned per hour for different body weights!

Other tips for safe, effective weight loss:
  1. Drink water and eat high-fiber fruits and vegetables before meals, so that your body is hydrated and receives the nutrients it needs most first. You will also feel fuller before you start your meal and will eat less.
  2. Start off your meal by drinking soup then by eating rice and side dishes.
  3. Get enough sleep so that your body burns off enough calories during sleep.
  4. Try to avoid oil when cooking, each tablespoon of vegetable oil contains 130 calories!

Hope all will achieve your desired weight healthily :)  

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