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Sunday, February 11, 2018

New launch of Magic Lip Shine!!

New launch of Magic Lip Shine!!
Experience yourself the color change according to your body chemistry ! =)
 There are 2 types; Bubblegum and Candilicious!
Safe for kids to use too.
PM me for enquiry or order.
Thank and Regards,

Nutritional Immunology Consultant
+65-9090 9942 

Friday, July 7, 2017

BEAUTY STEP : How to exfoliate your face to remove dead skin cells

This is another my favourite skin care products - BLANC LIGHT REVEAL!!! 💗💗💗

Can you imagine for many years, I didn't go to beauty salon to 'clean' my face already?

There are still many facial & spa sessions of my Beauty Package signed many years ago!! 
The salon consultant keep chasing after me to book the facial appointment to complete the sessions !! hahaha! 

One of my facial maintenance secrets certainly lies on the Exfoliating Skin Care product to help remove the dead skin!! 

Earlier, Elemente has Hydrating Exfoliating Cream which I love a lot. It's made of botanical beads that help to remove the dead skin cells but won't hurt or damage your skin. The longer you rub with the cream, the botanical beads will dissolve on its own especially when no more dead skin around that area. Unlike many scrubs in the market that are very rough and may hurt the skin as you rub longer. It makes your skin looks very radiant, fairer and smoother each time after scrubbing! 

and NOW!! 

A Newer Exfoliating product was launched many years back!! It was BLANC LIGHT REVEAL!!!! 👏👏👏


BLANC LIGHT REVEAL is a gel-like exfoliating cream to help thoroughly remove pore-clogging dead skin cells, dirt, sebum WITHOUT stripping away skin natural moisture! 

This gentle gel is enriched with Oxyginberry Complex (aka Cactus, Cactus Fruits, Ginseng Berry, Grape Seed, Rose and Seaweed). 

After using, I could instantly feel that my skin is so smooth, radiant and fair!! 
One more benefit I noticed also is that the pores get smaller also!!

You'll definitely love it too after 1 use!! 😍😍

Below are pictures I demonstrated on my hand with Blanc Light Reveal! =) 

Isn't it awesome??

This is the magic of BLANC LIGHT REVEAL!! 


you can use BLANC LIGHT REVEAL (for Exfoliating) with BLANC LIGHT LOTION (for Regeneration) & SUNSCREEN PRODUCT (for Protection) 

The Flow Chart below for your reference: 

There are a total of 3 Types of SUNSCREEN PRODUCTS in ELEMENTE series: 





Give it a try if you still haven't had one! 

You can now DIY at home to 'clean thoroughly' your face now with this secret weapon!! =D

Contact me at +65-9090 9942 if you would like to find out more. 

Best Regards, 
Nutritional Immunology Lifestyle Coach 
+65-9090 9942


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

My Elemente Skin Care Travel Set!

The Elemente Skin Care Trial & Travel Set 

Consists of mini version of: 

1. Gentle Facial Wash  - for cleansing your face to remove dirts

2. Oxyginberry Essence - for nourishing your skin after cleansing, high concentration with Oxyginberry Complex, it instantly maximise nutrients' absorption deep into the skin. 

3. Blanc Light Reveal - for removing dead skin cells for more radiance!

4. Essence of Sea Lotion - as a moisturiser, can be used day and night 

It's so much convenient to have this set of Elemente Skin Care Trial & Travel Set especially during travelling. 💕💕

Best Regards, 
Nutritional Immunology Lifestyle Coach
+65-9090 9942

Friday, June 2, 2017

Are you satisfied with your Compact Foundation? I simply love Elemente Foundation!!

Introducing to you the Elemente Compact Foundation that I have been using since I joined E.Excel!! 

From the first launch of Elemente Compact: 

Sheer Compact Powder:

This was also the first Elemente Compact I've used by switching from other brands in the market. 

I simply fall in love with this compact right after i used it. 💗💗💗

Many brands that I have tried earlier on - not only they made my skin very dry and left visible lines on my face too! 

I am sure many of you may also experience this when using compact foundation - too much look like a clown, too little look unpolished. 

However, after using this Elemente Compact, it solves all the above problems that I've faced! 

No matter how much I put on it, my face looked still very natural (without having the feeling of THICK make up). By end of the day, my face didn't seem to be very oily with visible lines (unlike previously). I don't have to use facial paper to absorb the oil on my face. 

Not only that, I know that Elemente skin care and cosmetic series are very safe, by passing through many stringent safety testings. 

Not only that, the cosmetic series are also nourishing the skin with the Oxyginberry Complex ingredients (Cactus, Cactus Fruits, Ginseng Berry, Grape Seed, Rose and Seaweed) inside. 

I guess that explained why my facial complexion and texture look better day by day after using the Elemente Series which definitely includes the above sheer compact! 

With the newer launch of Compact Foundation, I also tried this perfect cover compact foundation! 

Perfect Cover Compact Foundation: 

The additional function of this foundation is that it helps cover the imperfect texture of your skin! 

After applying, i found my face looked more perfect (with the concealer effect, covering some small pores)  =p 

Especially going for dinner or formal event, I'd definitely put on this perfect cover foundation. ;D 

So, it's so nice to have the above 2 foundations in my make-up series that i can use according to occasions.

Following, E.Excel launched a newer Foundation as below: 

Flawless Two-Way Foundation SPF 35 PA+++:  

This Two-Way Foundation is even more awesome!! 


Because it's the combination of: 

Sun Protection + Foundation + Concealer + Loose Powder in ONE STEP!!!!!!

This is the one I am using till now!!! =D 

Many of my clients commented they love this set a lot!!!

The skin look more beautiful, and flawless with the nourishment from the Oxyginberry Complex too!!

For me, the BIGGEST reason why I am using the Elemente Series since 2007 until today (2017) is the PRODUCT SAFETY. 

Do you know many cosmetic and personal care products in the market are made of talcum (talc) powder? 

  • The talc is added to prevent caking, absorb moisture, make facial makeup opaque, and to improve the feel of the product. 
  • If the talc suppliers are not carefully select talc mining site carefully, the talc may be contaminated with asbestos (both asbestos and talc mining sites are naturally close to each other). 
  • Asbestos is a known human carcinogen!! 

Imagine, if our children are touching our face with make up (if contaminated with asbestos) on it and then touch their foods, do you know the contaminants can go into their body by eating their food?

So, unsafe cosmetic products not only harm the women, it brings harm to the children too, especially young children!! 

Choosing a SAFE cosmetic series is definitely a way to safeguard our health and family's health against diseases! =) 

Best Regards, 
Nutritional Immunology Lifestyle Coach 
+65-9090 9942

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Pearly Glow Powder & Pearly Glow Blush- have you started using it?

HEY!! Good news!!

New Launch of Elemente Cosmetics!!💥💥

Pearly Glow Powder & 

Pearly Glow Blush!!!💗💗💗

Such a beautiful and delicate Powder to make your face even more radiant!! 

Love it~~~ 

Ladies, Love others by starting to love yourself first!! =) 

Best Regards, 
Nutritional Immunology Lifestyle Coach
+65- 9090 9942

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Looking for ways to reduce wrinkles? Here's Youth RejunevatorSpecialist!

Thanks for the testimonials shared by the below users of Youth Rejuvenator Specialist! :)  

Can you spot any difference after applying YRS in 90 seconds? 

The magic of YRS in helping in reducing wrinkles instantly without having side effects of harmful chemicals!

Containing perfluorocarbons (PFCs) and Oxyginberry Complex®, Youth Rejuvenator Specialist helps skin to look smoother and softer. Feel confident with a youthful-looking complexion.
Texture: Lotion
Suitable for: Adults / All skin types. Especially suitable for skin with fine lines and wrinkles. 

Directions: After makeup removal and facial cleansing, gently pat a suitable amount ofOxyginberry Essence onto entire face and neck. Next, gently massage a suitable amount of Youth Rejuvenator Specialist onto skin until fully absorbed. For optimal results, wait one minute for Youth Rejuvenator Specialist to be fully absorbed into the skin before using other products. 

PM me at 90909942 if you have any queries.

Warmest Regards,

Do you love the colours of new collection of Elemente Lipsticks?

Do you like the new series of Elemente Lipstick?

I've got myself a new set!! 💗💗

The below pictures are the sample set to show you the colours: 

Color Drench Lipstick Collection II:

Color Drench Lipstick Collection I: 

Why do I choose Lipstick by E.Excel?

Most important factor is the PRODUCT SAFETY!!! 

Some lipsticks contain LEAD which leads to severe side effects to health!

🙀 Read the below article !!! 
"400 lipsticks found to contain lead, FDA says"
A recent federal analysis showing that 400 shades of popular lipstick contained trace amounts of lead has exacerbated an ongoing dispute between regulators and consumer activists over how much lead is safe in cosmetics.
Five lipsticks made by L’Oreal and Maybelline, owned by L’Oreal USA, ranked among the top 10 most contaminated of the cosmetics, according to testing by the Food and Drug Administration. Two Cover Girl and two NARS lipsticks also landed in the top 10, as did one made by Stargazer.

Let's all be a wise consumer !! 

PM me at 90909942 if you have any enquiry. :)

Warmest Regards, 

Monday, December 1, 2014

E.Excel Gift Bag

E.Excel 福包 purchased at $100 
But got the products which worth more than $100! :D (Excited)

10 cups Orchestra 
1 Lavender Body Treatment Lotion
1 Hydrating Exforliating Cream
1 Oxyginberry Firming Essence
1 Rose Essence 
2 packs Rattan Sticks 
1 Enchanting Eye shadow II
1 Lip Gloss 
2 Eye Brow Definer
1 Translucent Loose Powder
1 "Enjoying Health & Longevity with Nutritional Immunology" book written by Dr Chen Jau Fei 
1 tote bag