Monday, January 9, 2017

Generation of Our Children 20 years later!

Whenever i read about the news of fresh graduates not being able to find a job, I felt disheartened. 

In fact, it's getting challenging for fresh graduates to land themselves in the job that they desire. 

20 years later, I believe that the market will be even more competitive given that more universtiy graduates will be produced in the market. 

As a parent, 

how do we foresee the economy will be like when our children graduate? 

How can our children standout and become rich in the future economy, for them to have a brighter future?

Is academically outstanding enough for them to guarantee a job security?

Is higher education qualification able to ensure their financial freedom, able to buy their own house, own car, provide for their family and their parents (means ourselves) when we retire?

As a parent in this economy, 

many of the parents are already felt the pinch of financial challenges, be it the risk of getting retrenched, tight financial status, not being able to provide better for their old parents, not having extra cash-flow to save as retirement funds due to many financial commitment.

How about our children's generation?

Will the effect be 3 times more severe than our generation? 

Will they become even poorer?

It will be even more competitive when they step into market. 

It might be a vicious cycle for them having to face the same financial stress. 

How Can I help Them To Break the Vicious Cycle?

This is one of the BIGGEST reason why I started building Healthy Fast Food Franchise Business System, right from this generation. 

21st Century is full of many business opportunities, if we know where to seize the opportunities! 

There will be more and more talents and professionals who are eager for success!!!

In Healthy Fast Food Franchise Business, we share the SAME VISION with our business partners, to provide a QUALITY SOLUTION to solve the market problems, by providing entrepreneurship opportunity to the talents and professionals, connect them together, to build business system & achieve financial,  time & health freedom together, and live a quality lifestyle together.

By alliasing with E.Excel International, a leader in Health and Beauty Industry, everyone can start a franchise business, with low capital, low operating cost, and HUGE potential financial return, a continuous flow of PASSIVE INCOME. 
You can even pass down the entire business empire to your NEXT GENERATION. 

Most importantly, as an entrepreneur, we can pass down our entrepreneurship mindset and leadership to our children too!

Being a role model as an entrepreneur, we can grow and empower our children to acquire the necessary skill set and mindset, prepare them better to be an entrepreneur, in the business world. We can teach them to FISH, instead of FISHING for them. 

It's definitely a great HEAD START for them! 

As an entrepreneur, they stand a GREAT chance to be RICH in the new economy!

In their own business, they can create their desired income with NO LIMITS. 

In their own business, they can BREAK THE VICIOUS CYCLE of being caught in the rat race. 

Have you heard of the "Story of Pablo and Bruno Building A Pipeline"?

Watch the below video to find out How Wonderful this pipeline for you and your children!! 

If you are keen to explore more about Healthy Fast Food Franchise Business, do talk to me by Whatsapp or Email. 

Together, we lay healthy financial foundation for our children. 

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