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Friday, October 31, 2014

Are you looking for Collagen Product?


Let me do a summary of the above newspaper article, which contrary to many people's belief:
  • Oral Supplement is NOT effective, 
  • Collagen break down (result in ageing) in our body is due to free radical attack. In other words, ageing is caused by free radical attack.
  • Cannot be absorbed by skin as the collagen molecules are too large.
  • Collagen is usually derived from cows and can result in allergic reaction.
  • Eating more fruits and vegetables rich in ANTIOXIDANT can help by removing free radical.

The main objective of many people are looking for collagen products in the market is to slow down ageing

We have also understood that ageing is actually caused by free radical attack. 

Hence, the best way to slow down ageing is to take Superfoods that enhance self-production of collagen in our body.  

  • What super foods that enhance self-production of collagen?

Best Regards,
Nutritional Immunology Consultant
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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Why I choose Nutritional Immunology for myself and family?

If you were with me that year in 2007, you will be seeing me as a very hardworking employee, readily to do overtime whenever needed. 

Right after graduation from NUS in chemical engineering, I stepped into working world and worked as a chemical engineer in first top engineering firm in Singapore.

Due to long hours of working and stress and improper diet, I became falling sick very often. 

Almost every month I had to take MC after getting flu, cold or fever

I didn't realise the severe impact on my job performance until my BIG boss asked me to his room and started questioning on my MC record. Basically i have taken 20 days of MC in my first year of working. 

I started to seek for alternative way to improve my health, but my condition didn't get better. 

While I was looking for better alternative, my colleague shared with me on Nutritional Immunology. 

I was amazed by her sharing with the fact that immune system is the BEST DOCTOR in the world and what it needs is nutrition from wholesome plant food source, not from medicine and vitamin pills. 

Taking antibiotics will make body to have superbug as the bacteria will be immune to the medicine. 

I started taking Nutritional Immunology wholesome food products such as Symphony of Excellence, Oxyginberry Beverage, Nutrifresh, Evernew and so on.

Read more about

  • Oxyginberry Beverage

To my amazement, I was not falling sick for a couple of months continuously. This is a HUGE improvement on my health. 

I was thankful that my colleague shared it with me and my health condition improved tremendously. Otherwise, I could have still suffering from frequent cold and fever helplessly. 

Why I Choose Nutritional immunology products (E.Excel products)? 

1. Wholesome Plant Food products

  • Made of Superfoods - enhance immune system (based on Nutritional Immunology) 
  • What is Nutritional Immunology?
  • Wholesome, Not synthetic pills
  • By Dr Jau-Fei Chen, a world-renowned Nutritional Immunologist. Dr Chen has received many awards and recognitions world-wide. She has written many books also. Her newly-launched book "Nutrition. Immunity. Longevity" has received good responses also! 

2. Safe 
  • Wholesome, not synthetic pills 
  • Made from plant super foods 
  • NO preservative, NO artificial colorings
  • NO fortification of synthetic vitamin and minerals
  • Received "Food Safety Excellence Award" from Singapore AVA consecutively for 11 years since 2004.
  • Has been used by many people for more than 2 decades
  • No product recall until today

  • Wholesomeness and nutrients of plant foods are maintained using Freeze-Drying method

  • All E.Excel manufacturing plants are GMP (Good Manufacturing Plant) certified

3. Convenient 

Prepared in minutes. Using cold/ warm to mix. 

4. Effective

  • See who have benefitted?

  • Soon, my parents were also switching their vitamin pills to Nutritional Immunology wholesome products. 
  • With the knowledge that I have learnt, I was glad that when I was pregnant, I know how to really nourish my body and my baby in the womb. 
  • How I use E.Excel wholesome food products during pregnancy?

  • My baby girl has also benefited from the nutritional immunology products too. I started giving her since 2nd month. 
  • How I use E.Excel wholesome food products for my daughter?

In Conclusion, Thankful to Nutritional Immunology! 

It allows me to grow as a wiser consumer and mother, protecting my family's health with right knowledge and wisdom!



Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Why Oxgyinberry for parents?

Do you know what are the parents' Top 5 favourite E Excel wholesome foods for their kids so far?

1. Oxyginberry Beverage - For improving kids' immune system and skin complexion to prevent cough, flu, running nose, hand-foot-mouth disease and eczema, improving kids' concentration and eye's health 

3. Orchestra - For coughing and reduce allergic reaction 
4. Millennium - For improving kids' immunity

5. O-Seed - For omega-3 source to aid kids' brain development, hyperactivity and dyslexia

For any enquiry, please feel free to contact me. 

Best regards, 
Nutritional Immunology Consultant

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Parent Must Read: Shall my kid's tonsils get removed if keep having inflammation?

To all Parents, I think it's important to read the below about tonsils.


Tonsils. Oh, how we may come to miss them.
For much of the baby boomer set, losing them was a rite of childhood, with tonsils nipped out at the rate of a million or so procedures a year.

The trade-off for a few miserable days in the hospital and the unrequited promise of unlimited post-operative ice cream (we were usually too nauseous to eat much) was supposed to be fewer sore throats and ear aches, trips to the doctor and missed days of school.

These days, ear, nose and throat specialists perform about half as many tonsillectomies as they did in the 1950s and '60s to correct a broader range of problems in both children and adults, from sleep apnea to a rare type of kidney infection.

Various studies and reviews over the past few decades have collectively concluded that while the procedure may help certain individuals, most of its advantages, as far as infections go, seem to last only a couple of years.

Medical societies ranging from the Infectious Disease Society of America to the American Academy of Pediatrics have either concluded that removing tonsils, with or without the adenoids, does little or no good for things such as middle ear infections or should be considered only for extreme and frequent strep throat infections that can't be otherwise medicated.

More recently, the other tonsil shoe has been dropping in research that suggests some negative long-term side effects from losing the little organelles.

First, reports published in 2009 and again this year note that children who have their tonsils out, with or without adenoid removal, are at increased risk for obesity.

The researchers in both studies speculate that kids freed from the constant assault of sore throats may simply be more inclined to eat, or that frequent illness actually may impede growth and that children go into a growth spurt after the surgery. They also note that parents may tend to overfeed children who suddenly no longer are picky eaters.

Earlier this year, Swedish researchers reported that having tonsils or the appendix removed before age 20 slightly increased patients' risk for suffering a heart attack at a young age — by 44 percent for the tonsils and 33 percent for the appendix.

There was no apparent similar effect for losing the organs after that age, however.
The researchers, from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, note that both organs are part of the lymphoid system that supports the body's immune response.

They speculate that removing the organs may affect the immune system over the long term in a way that increases inflammatory damage to the heart and major arteries. But because the organs seem to have reduced function after adolescence, the study was limited to those who had surgery before age 20.

"Given the strong biological and epidemiological evidence linking inflammation with coronary heart disease, one might anticipate that surgical removal of the tonsils and appendix, with the consequent effects on immunity, might also have a long-term effect on heart disease," said Dr. Imre Janzsky, lead investigator, in a statement about the European Heart Journal report.

He also noted that because the study only looked at Swedes born between 1955 and 1970, the total number of heart attacks was small — only about 400 out of 7.5 million studied, but with a clear tilt toward those who had had appendectomies or tonsillectomies versus a control group.

Janzsky said it's likely that looking at people older than their 50s would show a similar or greater risk of heart disease from having had tonsils or appendix removed.

Check out other important immune organs in our body: 


E.Excel Macau Incentive Trip 2012

E.Excel Macau Incentive Trip in 2012

Another exciting and fun trip =) 

A very nice presidential suite arranged for us

Watched The House of Dancing Water - Awesome performance!! 

 Attended E.Excel 25th Year Anniversary Global Gala Dinner together all E.Excellers from all around the world - USA, Canada, Thailand, Philippines, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore etc 

Not to miss PuoLo Bao in Macau!! 

A special Freeze-Dried Fruits as a gift collection to us!!

Not forgetting we received again ANG POW (in cash) and a product range which worth US$1K from E.Excel =) 

Over-rewarded!! :D 


Friday, May 9, 2014

E.Excel Taiwan Incentive Trip 2014

Been away form Singapore last week for E.Excel Taiwan incentive trip! It was fantastic! A great 6D5N event, meeting many great people also!

In fact, I just went to Taiwan on my personal family trip last year during chinese new year!

Nevertheless, this E.Excel Taiwan incentive trip was very memorable to me as I got inspired after witnessing the E.Excel Convention in Taiwan where all the E.Excellers gathered together in huge Taiwan indoor stadium and celebrated E.Excel 27th year in history.

Getting Ready with the E.Excel Polo T and Cap for E.Excel Convention in Taiwan:

With the big E.Excel banner "2014 Convention: Because of You We Excel" 

 E.Excellers from Philippines

E.Excellers from USA

Special Guest Emil Chou Wa Kin, Brought back many good memories

The whole stadium was so crowded with all the E.Excellers

 Photo with the global E.Excel Management

Interesting activities arranged by E.Excel for us in Taiwan

Experienced pineapple cookies making 

sky lantern - wishing my dreams come true!! =) 

Enjoying delicious and sumptuous food and hi-tea

I enjoyed truly. 


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Oxyginberry Testimonial: Say bye bye to eczema on a kid

It's so amazing to see the recovery of a kid who suffered from eczema earlier thru Nutritional Immunology wholesome plant food products especially on Oxyginberry Beverage!!

One of the most famous wholesome food products is Oxyginberry Beverage:

For any enquiry related to the above, please feel free to contact me! 

Shared by 
Nutritional Immunology Consultant

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Parents must read: Importance of laying good foundation in children

Dear parents and parents-to-be, 

Our children are our very precious ones. 
The best that we can give them is to lay a good foundation for them since young. 

Let's read this mummy's sharing who believes in laying a good health foundation for her children since young thru Nutritional Immunology food which are wholesome plant foods. 

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Warmest regards, 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Welcome to Healthy Wholesome Food Blogspot

Welcome to Healthy Wholesome Food Blogspot - a place where you can learn and enquire about health and beauty knowledge based on Science of Nutritional Immunology - a science which studies the link between nutrition and immune system.

  • Aim to add values to people to become a wiser consumer in attaining good health.
  • Provide fast and convenient solutions for people who wish to take wholesome plant foods  

"In the past years, many researchers around the world have studied many different phytonutrients in many different plant foods, from the ordinary tomato to exotic mushrooms. Significant inroads have been made into the knowledge of how these different phytonutrients affect our bodies. But there are literally thousands of different plant foods and thousands of phytonutrients left to be thoroughly studied. Every day new studies validate the connection between nutrition and a healthy immune system. The Science of Nutritional Immunology is making tremendous strides in research and development to improve health and longevity for people around the world. "
"Since the beginning of time, man has been eating those natural foods he gathers from his environment - fruits, vegetables, herbs, roots, seeds, nuts and grains. Our bodies are programmed to accept these natural substances and reject unnatural substances."
"Sound, natural, wholesome plant foods sustain us and provide the phytochemicals, antioxidants and polysaccharides we need to support our immune systems."


1. Nutritional Immunology
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3. Healthy Weight Management
4. Nourishment for Heart and Liver
5. Glucosamine for Healthy Joints
6. Diabetes
7. Cancer
8. Eczema
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