Saturday, May 14, 2016

New Launch of latest Nutritional Immunology Wholesome Food BeverageCHEERS

Very pretty packaging 😍 

CHEERS - The newly launched NI wholesome food beverages. 

Millennium - made of cactus, perfect for myself and my children to boost their immune system 

ToHusk - made of black rice and barley, excellent to aid my family's digestion and bowel movement. 

ToThink - one of my favorite beverages. Made of American ginseng and lion's mane mushroom, perfect for reinvigorating my brain and beat tiredness! 精神粮食

ToEnjoy - made of almond and bee pollen, best drink for kids who need protein from plant food source. 

ToCaress - made of chinese wolfberry, cactus fruits, blueberry, cranberry, blackberry, and raspberry, best superfoods combi for becoming more youthful. 

Definitely a convenience for nourishing eye sight of my children too. 

Thanks Dr Chen for designing these series of superfood beverages for a greater convenience in safeguarding our health. 😘😘😘

Available for sales starting 16-May.

The below is the sharing by famous Taiwan artiste, Annie Wu 吴辰君 on her secrets of her health maintenance and her baby's nourishment using Millennium cactus beverage. :) 

Warmest Regards, 
Nutritional Immunology Consultant 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

How to cope with the HOT WEATHER?

As the weather is getting hotter in Singapore,

remember to keep ourselves hydrated!!!

This is how I get myself hydrated and cleanse my body from toxins. 

*** TRIFLORA ***

If you would like to find out more about the above TRIFLORA or how to do detox in a safe way, kindly pm me. Thank you. :) 

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

How we spent our long weekend close to the Nature?


It's fun to have a staycation with my girl at a place near to horses during the long weekend of Labor Day! 

For me, it's an experience to get close to the Nature for a cooler and fresher air. 

For my girl, an experience to get close to the Nature too and have fun in pony riding! 😄😄

Happy Labour Day! 

Warmest Regards, 

Happy Mother's Day


Another staycation near beaches to celebrate Mother's Day! 

Magnificent view!!

A good gateway with kids! 

Happy Mother's Day to all Supermoms!! 

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HSA Issues Warning Against a Steroid-containing Capsule Product

Recently I came across with this news article which made me worried!

It's about a health food being warned by HSA for containing potent medicinal ingredients which could cause negative side effects to the consumers. 

The below is the link to the full article:

As a wise consumer, reading the ingredient label is important. 

So you will know the product is made of what kind of ingredient - whether is it wholesome natural ingredient or synthetic (chemical) ingredient. 

However, some hidden harmful chemicals may not put up on the ingredient label by the manufacturers, putting the consumer's health AT RISK

Therefore, as a wise consumer, we need to look for a product not only effective, MOST IMPORTANTLY it must BE SAFE!! 

  • To me, I will look for products which receive Safety Certificates such as "Food Safety Excellence Award" by Singapore AVA. 

  • Which safety testings are important in ensuring food product safety?


Be a wise consumer! .

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