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Fiber and Nutritional Immunology

Fiber and Nutritional Immunology

How many of you goes to washroom for bowel movement at the same timing on daily basis?
How many of you do not need to spend much effort for your bowel movement?

If your answer is yes, then probably your fiber intake is good. 

In general, i believe many people would want to find out how much fiber intake is considered enough to maintain good health? 

The American dietetic Association, American Cancer Society, American Heart Association and American Diabetes Association recommend a daily intake of 25g to 35g of dietary fiber to maintain good health.

Example of fiber content:
  • Carrot (1) 2.3g 
  • Celery (1cup) 1.7g 
  • Apple (1 fruit w skin) 2.8g 
  • Kiwi (1 fruit) 1g 
  • Barley (1/2 cup,cooked) 4.2g
  • White rice (1/3 cup) 0.5g
  • Psyllium husk (100g) = 78g
  • Oat (100g) = 11g

(Fiber can only be found from plants, not animals

There are many benefits of fiber to our body to prevent many diseases including 

• colorectal cancer
• heart diseases
• control blood sugar level
• prevent obesity etc. 

For children, they can have a better appetite, better digestive health, healthy weight gain. 

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After understanding the importance of fiber intake, i personally think it's really challenging for us to get enough 25g - 35 gram of fiber a day from our diet!!

Let's see how's our daily diet usually go?

For example

- Salad
= 4 g of fiber 

- rice with 2 servings of vegetables + 1 serving of meat 
- 2 slices of fruits 
= 5 g of fiber

- noodle 
- 1 apple and 1 orange 
= 5 g of fiber

Total fiber = 14 g of fiber 

(Recommended fiber intake a day is 25 - 35 gram) - only fulfil 50% 

Insufficient of fiber intake will cause constipation problem. Looking at the above diet habit, it's understandable why constipation has become so common nowadays. 

Many have suffered from Haemorrhoid also after experiencing chronic constipation for a while.  

The above problems can lead to colon cancer if nothing has been done to rectify. 

Colon cancer rate is increasing in recent years. 

Nothing happens out of sudden. It starts from small problems. For example, the person has been suffering from piles and chronic constipation before being diagnosed with colon cancer. 

Colon Cancer has incubation period of 10-20 years before being detected and diagnosed. 
So never ignore the importance of sufficient fiber intake in our daily diet. 

By changing our diet, we can save our lives and family's lives!

There are many fiber products in the market to help solve the constipation problems for example some forms of fiber drinks.

However, some fiber drinks in the market is 'effective' but not safe. For example, it gives laxative effects to clear the bowel by stimulating the bowel movement. Laxative effects give rise to many health problems including rectal irritation, stomach discomfort etc. 

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Be a wise consumer, learn to read product label to identify what are the ingredients in the product can help us to consume a safe and effective product. 

Talk to me, I will share with you how to prevent constipation through superfoods solution. 

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