Friday, October 28, 2016

Why GROWING YOURSELF from comfort zone is SO IMPORTANT?

I love this article a lot! 


It simply points out how important we human need to continue growing ourselves, regardless at which stage of life you are at now

Imagine, how do feel when you are stuck in a heavy traffic jam and your car can't simply move?

Will you feel frustrated? 

Imagine, when a plant not continue growing, what is going to happen NEXT? 

The plant is dying soon. 

If you feel stagnant in your life now, feel bored, depressed and loss of direction now, the reason could be that you have been in a comfort zone and not growing yourself for quite some time already. 

Why not do something about it?

Pause for a moment, and spend your time to read through this article, it could change your life! =) 

I feel so inspired and fully agreeable with the article.

I believe, you will feel the same too. =)  

Enjoy reading =) 

"Be courageous,Jump out from your comfort zone, I believe you can do it!"

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

My healthy pregnancy and delivery

oh dear, managed to dig out some old pictures and realised that time flies, my boy is 1 year old already. 

It's indeed that I have benefitted a lot from Nutritional Immunology Lifestyle. Same for my pregnancy. So here I would like to share a little on my post pregnancy experience. 

I feel grateful that my post pregnancy recovery was smooth without complication and the recovery rate was amazing. 

I always impressed my gynae on my wound recovery rate during the first check up after delivery. 

The same gynae I had for my both pregnancies in 2013 and 2015. 
The same response I had from her is
"your wound recovery was great. healed very fast!"

My post natal massage lady was impressed too. She was amazed that my tummy don't have stretch mark although I am in 30's now. 

I would really want to give the credit to the right combination of wholesome plant foods from E.Excel that I choose to take during my pregnancy and post delivery as well as practising Nutritional Immunology Lifestyle ! :) 

refer to my pregnancy journey:

 you would like to find out more about post pregnancy nutrition, please contact me at +65-9090 9942 =)

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Monday, October 24, 2016

Back by Popular Demand, Live with Dr Chen (last chapter) is back again in SINGAPORE!!!

<Knowledge is POWER>

I have been attending Live with Dr Chen for many years.

Guess what! 

The most rewarding result is that my 2 children have been medication-free since birth! 

I was happy and glad that with the Nutritional Immunology knowledge that I directly learned from the EXPERT - Dr Jau-Fei Chen who is the founder of Nutritional Immunology - I have become a blessed mom who know how to take care of my children's health using natural approach.

With so many health information available in the internet and media nowadays, how can we filter away and receive only the RIGHT ones which really benefit our health?

To me, this is very critical.

Without the right knowledge, we may be misled by the untrue health information and nutrition misconception. 

Only with the right knowledge from right and reliable source, we can safely apply what we learned to our family and children in safeguarding their health. 

Come and JOIN ME to the upcoming Live with Dr Chen (Last chapter of the year 2016) to pick up the latest right health knowledge on the below hot common health topics!!!! 

You'll find your 2 hours worth spent!!

For any enquiry, please feel free to contact me at +65-9090 9942. 

Tickets are HOT and always running out!! Please contact to book the ticket ASAP. Thank you =) 

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NI Food for Children instead of only medication

FOOD indeed is FUEL. 

When a parent become a wise consumer, who will benefit from it?

It's the children! 

As much as parents could do, avoid the use of the medication on illnesses that usually can recover by its own. Unlike the adult's chronic diseases which are more complicated, kids' illnesses generally are rather easier to heal and recover. 


It's a wholesome foods made of 4 types of mushrooms: 


This is a special combination of  mushrooms which the effects cannot be replaced by consuming individual mushroom as above. 


All the above mushrooms are rich in polysaccharides disease-fighting nutrients which are excellent for Natural Killer Cell (NK Cell is an immune cell which kill viruses) nourishment.

See below diagram to understand how a battle is fought in our body by the various types of immune cells. 

For more information about polysaccharides and mushrooms in Nutriact, please click below:

If you wish to learn more, please contact me at +65-9090 9942. Thanks =) 

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Is Wheat Flour a Silent Killer in your food?

Read an article on Wheat Flour 

Thanks to Dr Chen's Previous session on Folic Acid, which I've learned that fortification of folic acid into FLOUR which may cause harm in our body. 

  • Excessive intake of folic acid (synthetic) into our body may cause the bad cells to escalate the mutation process to become cancer cells. 
  • Therefore, avoid taking too much foods that are rich in synthetic source of vitamins and minerals, such as bread, cereals, biscuits and drinks that have been fortified with synthetic vitamins and minerals. 

With the possibility of exceeding the daily required intake of vitamins from the daily foods unknowingly, do you agree that taking Vitamin pills will even bring up the level of synthetic intake to the body knowingly?

This is because many toddlers and kids' VITAMIN PILLS are made synthetically using chemical sources. 

As a wise parent, do you prefer synthetic or wholesome foods to nourish your child's immunity and body?

Check out superfoods from WHOLESOME source to nourish your kids' body and immune system: 

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Get an experience in HORSE FEEDING AND PONY RIDING in Singapore

Wishing to get your children closer to animal?

Another great place in Singapore that I would recommend - HORSE CITY 

I have brought my daughter twice to this place. 

First time, we had a staycation for 1 night there. 

Second time, we just went for horse feeding. 

My daughter got so happy and excited when she was feeding the horses. 

The below are the pictures we went during the first trip about 6 months ago!  
My daughter had a PONY RIDING. She was excited yet nervous during the pony riding. 

For more information of HORSE CITY, click the below: 

Overall, it's a fun experience for both myself and husband, as well as my daughter. 

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Parenting Thoughts

How do you feel when you see this picture?

For me, I have a strong feeling on how important a parent seed and pave the foundation to the children. 

I am a mom who still continues to learn and grow myself in parenting. 

To me, parenting is not an easy task, especially encountering many challenges from my children when they misbehave! 

For examples: 

How do I control my emotion during their misbehaving?

How do I lead them to correct their behaviour?

How do I be a fair mom when both children are snatching over a same toy? 

How do I stand my points firm when my husband pamper them?

The list is endless! 
(How many of you can relate to me? haha) 

If I don't keep myself learning and growing (emotionally and mentally too), how possibly could I handle all the above challenges and more? 

Most importantly, what kind of a person do I want my children to become when they grow up?

I am grateful that through many years in the Healthy Fast Food Franchise Business, I have grown to be stronger mentally and emotionally & have a better direction on how to groom my children. 

The positive, motivating entrepreneurial environment and my growing team has alway kept me to accept new change, new challenge for a new breakthrough and continuous growth as a stronger person and leader. 
Indirectly, I have applied some experiences in my parenting styles. 

I am happy and blessed with the opportunity given and people who have helped and guided me through the journey in the past and for a better future. 

Together, we grow as a wise parent!

If you want to find out more about the entrepreneurship in Healthy Fast Food Business and my team, do contact me at +65-9090 9942. 

"Be Grateful, Always Keep Your Mind Open, More Opportunities Will Naturally Flow into your life"

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COCONUT OIL is NOT SUPERFOOD you think it is!!!

Coconut oil is believed by many parents that it is good for boosting their kids' immunity, promote bowel movement & other health benefits. 

However, an article appeared on Straits Times dated 21 October 2016.

While coconut oil is a healthier alternative to butter or lard, it is not as good as unsaturated plant oils, such as canola oil.
"It would be dangerous, and rather silly, to replace your extra-virgin olive oil with coconut oil," said New Zealand Institute of Chemistry oils and fats specialist Laurence Eyres in an interview with The Washington Post earlier this month.
There is also no conclusive evidence that coconut oil aids weight loss, according to experts. It might even be counterproductive to consume large quantities of coconut oil in hopes of losing weight, as the oil is high in calories.
The same goes for the claims that coconut oil cures Alzheimer's disease or prevents diabetes, as there are limited studies to back these claims.
The bottom line? Coconut oil is not a miracle food. Use it as a replacement for butter and lard in cooking or baking, but for regular use, stick to olive, canola and other non-tropical oils.


For me, I personally don't consume coconut oil to promote health as: 

it's high in calories, just like other cooking oils. 

However, In terms of cooking, I am still using Cooking Oil, How to choose a healthier cooking oil?

Check Below: 

"Be A Wise Consumer"

Best Regards, 
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A Good Hang Out Place for Me and My Family : Da:ns Festival @ ESPLANADE

Esplanade is always a great hang out place for me and my family! 

For me, the nice scenery and ambience always gives a peace of mind and a good time for bonding. 

For my daughter, it's a good chance for more music and dance exposure & a larger ground to play around with. 

For my husband, it's good for him as he loves music and dances too! 

As now is da:ns festival in Esplanade for these 2 weeks, so I took the opportunity to bring my daughter to hang out there and watch the free dance performances! 

Check out more of the programmes in Esplanade: 

This has become the way how a mother of 2 like me - work hard and play hard during family time! =)

Nutritional Immunology Consultant/ Entrepreneurial Mom 
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Dr Chen's latest books are back in stocks!!!

I visited Popular bookstore at United Square to try my luck for Dr Chen's book "Nutrition. Immunity. Longevity" again! 

The book covered many health chapters and addressed many nutrition misconceptions 

To my surprise, I was exhilarated to find out so many Nutrition. Immunity. Longevity books, written by Dr Jau-Fei Chen being displayed here!! 

Immediately, I grabbed 2 copies for my friends and redeemed the FREE GIFTS at E.Excel office with the receipt. 

Guess what did I get this time?

An ELEMENTE BABY LOTION worth $89 for each purchase of 1 copy! 

Do grab the book and keep the receipt for free gift redemption! 

If you wish to order the book redeem the free gifts, please contact me. =)  

"Knowledge is Power" 

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