Friday, June 29, 2018

eLEAD GLOBAL SOYRGREEN - A Healthy Breakfast

Let my son Xuan go through with you on how to mix Yummy SOYGREEN as healthy breakfast for everyone 😍😀😀😀

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Family Genting Dream Cruise Trip (June 2018)

4D3N Genting Dream Cruise with family.💗

It's always very convenient to bring E.Excel and eLEAD Global wholesome food products along.


Made of Green Tea, Jasmine and Ashitaba

To keep body hydrated and detoxification throughout the whole day. 

My 3 year old son was drinking Millennium Powder Beverage

Balcony View Stateroom:

Overall, it's a great experience with QUALITY Family Bonding Time.😄

Doing What You Like is FREEDOM

Liking What You Do is HAPPINESS

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Friday, June 15, 2018

2018 Osaka, Japan Incentive Trip

Highlight in June - Osaka Japan incentive trip.

Thankful to company for preparing the trip with VIP treatment for us =)

Here, I'll share a few photos taken during the trip. =)


Work Hard, Play Hard

It's indeed fun to travel together as a group, and got all the itinerary prepared ready for us. 

Thank you E.Excel =) 

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