Sunday, March 23, 2014

A need to increase my efficiency

It's a total new experience of being parents. I realized that i have to enhance my efficiency in doing my stuffs! Else not enough time to finish my work!

After trying many ways to put baby Han to sleep, finally she slept well in the rocker. Phew! 

My husband then immediately started his gardening while I went to kitchen to clean up the dishes! 

Really have to thank my parents in law in their help also when sometimes attending to crying Han as it's not easy to calm her down! 

Yesterday went to toys'rus and got her a new toy!


GROW WITH ME MOBILE (Fisher Price) at discounted price $49.90 (original price $69.90) 

She seems to enjoy the new toy, stretched her hands trying to reach the animals on the mobile. I started introducing her new animals too! :D 

It's rewarding when seeing her smiling happily! 

Fisher Price seems to have many exciting toys and tips for babies at certain age. 
I find its website quite helpful to learn about what play and learn activities I can do for my baby at age of 3 months! 

Do drop me comments for any other toy recommendation reference for baby at certain age also if you know! Thanks =) 


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