Wednesday, August 31, 2016


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eLEAD GLOBAL goes LIVE now!!

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

TB Diagnosed in pre-schooler!

TB diagnosed in pupil at Punggol preschool after teacher tests positive

SINGAPORE: At least one student at a preschool in Punggol has been diagnosed with latent tuberculosis (TB), after a trainee teacher tested positive for the disease earlier this month. 

It's another news! 

How can we protect ourselves and our children from infecting diseases?


Do nourish well your immune  system as well as your beloved family including the grandparents, parents and kids. 

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ZIKA OUTBREAK: Zika Virus Cases in Singapore!!

A shocking headlines in Singapore news NOW!

Zika viruses started spreading in Singapore at ALARMING RATE! 

Another 15 more cases of zika virus confirmed!

What is Zika virus

Until now, there is no known vaccine or specific treatment against the Zika virus.

I feel concerned and worried especially to pregnant ladies as there is a possibility of causing birth defect in pregnant ladies!

Read below:

"For the relatively few people who show signs of a Zika infection, the illness is often very mild. But in pregnant woman, the effects can be devastating, and can include pregnancy loss or a baby born with an abnormally small head and brain—a condition known as microcephaly, says Edward R.B. McCabe, M.D., Ph.D., Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of the March of Dimes. Microcephaly may be associated with developmental delays, mental retardation, and seizures, and in some cases can be fatal."


For children and elderly with weaker immune system, do take extra care too! 


Zika virus can cause the patient to develop:

  • Fever
  • Rash
  • Joint Pain
  • Red eyes
  • Muscle pain
  • Headache


Besides Zika Virus, we are actually constantly exposed to many different types of viruses too such as Dengue, Ebola, HIV, Small Pox, Rotavirus, SARS, bird flu, H1NI, HFMD etc

Can we use antibiotics to treat infections by VIRUS?
no, antibiotics are only effective for bacterial infections. But overuse of antibiotics can cause superbug.

Read more:

What are the differences between VIRUS and BACTERIA?

Read below:

Currently, there is still NO known treatment to VIRAL infection! 


BEST precautionary measure is to NOURISH WELL our IMMUNE SYSTEM which is the best doctor in the world.

It protects us 24/7 daily! 
Without immune system, even a little tiny dust in the air can kill us. 

When immune system is healthy, especially the Natural Killer Cells, they can stop the multiplication of viruses within the body and kill the viruses immediately before they cause harm within the body

Read more:

Check out HOW to nourish the Natural Killer Cells effectively and instantly



These are my daily wholesome foods to nourish my immune system NOW! 

For my children's nourishment, I ensure NUTRIACT is added together with OXYGINBERRY! 

Do start nourish your immune system NOW as well as your beloved families for prevention. 

EQUIP YOURSELF with the right knowledge from Nutritional Immunology. 

Only when with right knowledge, we can safeguard our health against the constant threats to our health! 

Dr Jau-Fei Chen, the world-renowned Nutritional Immunologist is coming to Singapore again on 10-September (Saturday) to give a Nutritional Immunology seminar!

More info:

For any enquiry, don't hesitate to contact me for more information.

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

It melts my heart to see this picture!

A lovely picture that melts my heart!

Suddenly a heart-felt gratitude for being a mother to my 2 lovely children.  

Because of them, I continue learning and growing to be a responsible and wise mother.

Love you! 

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Can We become the Master of Our Destiny?

Since young, i saw my father working hard as a self-employed to take care of the whole family. Life was not easy. 

So I determined to study hard so to get a good job after graduation. 
I aim to change the destiny of myself and my family!

However, after graduation from National University of Singapore and working for MNC for a couple of years, I felt there was no job security.

Time kept ticking away! Day by day, month by month, year by year. 

I asked myself, am i going to continue working for people and spending my time here?
The answer is NO. 

I know deep inside that only through being an entrepreneur is the only way to gain back my ULTIMATE FREEDOM and become the MASTER OF MY OWN DESTINY. 

I can gain back my  Financial, Time & Health Freedom.

This is the version of my story and life experience. 

How about you, my friend? 

Which freedom is least important to you? 
Health? Money? or Time? or 3 equally important?

Is there a better way to achieve all the 3 freedom together

The answer is YES

Be an entrepreneur to gain back your Ultimate freedom

**Read: e-Commerce Opportunity

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Heart-Felt Gratitude

Thank You, Dr Jau-Fei Chen

We just celebrated E.Excel Convention 2016 in Singapore Indoor Stadium. 

Dr Chen. not only a founder of E.Excel, but also a mother of 3 children. 

She has pursued excellence in both her family life and career for the past 29 years. 

Thank you Dr Chen for your great mission for sharing Nutritional Immunology to create a disease free world. 

Thank you Dr Chen for giving me the opportunity to work together with you in sharing the same mission. 

I am very grateful that my children are able to grow healthily with the gift brought by Science of Nutritional Immunology. 

I am very grateful that I am in control of my time and finances with the platform given by Dr Chen. 

Thank you Dr Chen for transforming an ordinary me to lead an extraordinary life. 

"Believe in your dreams, and it may come true

Believe in yourself, and it will come true."
Together, we achieve more! 

Best Regards,

Nutritional Immunology Consultant & Ultimate Freedom Trainer 

How my kids practice Nutritional Immunology Lifestyle? =)

Nutritional Immunology Lifestyle and My Kids

Popsicle: Made of Orchestra & 1-Shape

Jelly mooncake: Made of Vegecolor & Agar agar

Other foods she enjoys taking: Orchestra, Oxyginberry Beverage (Rose), Millennium

Her Breakfast: 1-Shape & O-Seed

My 1 year old boy

Solid Food: Porridge with O-Seed & VegeColor

Another Popsicle: Made of 1-Shape and Orchestra

Healthy Children = Happy Parents
Wishing all the children growing healthily! 

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Indoor Playground Bonding Time!

I brought both of my kids to one of the indoor playgrounds near to my house. 

A good time for both of my kids to have fun! Happy Growing!! =) 

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Monday, August 22, 2016

OXYGINBERRY - Wonders of 6 Superfoods rich in antioxidants

WHY Oxyignberry Beverage?

First, Oxyginberry Beverage consist of 6 Superfoods (Ginseng berry, cactus fruit, cactus, grape seed, rose and seaweed) rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals.

1. Ginseng Berry 
  • Super-Antioxidant - prevent free-radical damage 
  • Increase skin hydration, prevent fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin softness and fineness
  • Improve blood circulation for better concentration and memory 
  • Helps body utilise oxygen more effectively
  • Improve quality of sleep 
  • Sooth emotion
  • Aid slimming process - increase metabolism 
  • Regulate glucose level - prevent diabetes

2. Cactus 

  • Rich in phytochemicals - more than 10,000 different types of phytochemicals 
  • Nourish immune system to prevent diseases 
  • Anti-infllammatory - Speed up wound healing, inhabit arthritic inflammation 
  • Anti-viral
  • Anti-cancer - prevent cancer-causing hormones from attaching to normal cells
  • Contain flavonoids - protect neurons against oxidative injury
  • Reduce oxidative damage and liver and kidney toxicity as a result of a toxin from foodstuffs
  • Enhance phagocytic activity - better cleansing in the body 
  • Rich in nutrients such as beta-carotene, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron. 
  • Decrease cholesterol and triglycerides levels - prevent hardening of blood vessel and therefore prevent stroke
  • Regulate blood sugar level, stabilise diabetics' glucose level
  • Cell repair and cell renewal
  • Improve skin condition - speed up collagen formation 

3. Cactus Fruits

  • antioxidant – promoting cell repair and renewal

  • High in Vitamin A, B1, B12, D3 and riboflavin - promote skin repair and regeneration, soften the skin

  • 4. Grape Seeds

  • Super antioxidant (OPC) – 20 times more powerful than Vitamin C, 50 times more powerful than Vitamin E

  • A significant 62% reduction in oxidative damage, according to a study compared grape seed and vitamin C by having cell incubated in both medium. Vitamin C did not show any significant reduction. 

  • protect cells against oxidative damage by the free radicals, therefore improve inner health and slow down ageing 

  • Protect vision - slow down diabetic retinopathy by strengthening blood vessels and improving blood circulation in the eyes.

  • Protect against cataract formation

  • Helps speeding up wound healing with less scarring

  • Support collagen structure, decrease UV damage to skin, promote youthful and radiant skin

  • 5. Rose 

    • antioxidant – help prevent oxidative damage, promote wound healing, encourage phagocytic activity, boost immune system
    • Anti-bacterial, anti-microbial properties
    • Lighten skin pigmentation, gives a fairer and smoother skin
    • Relieve feminine health problems 
    6. Seaweed

    • Rich source of minerals, trace elements, amino acids, antioxidants, phytoestrogen, polysaccharides, and enzymes
    • Contains fucoidans, meroterpenoids - antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory 
    • eliminates toxin from our system, prevent blood clotting in the uterus
    • Anti-aging skin care
    • Anti-cancer
    • Help chronic joint-diseases 
    • Promote wound healing
    • Stimulate collagen formation and cellular turnoever 
    • Help skin repair, improve skin elasticity and firmness 

    Second, Oxyginberry is formulated based on the Science of Nutritional Immunology research. 

    Science of Nutritional Immunology studies the link between foods and immune system, and it's pioneered by Dr Jau-Fei Chen, who is the world-renowned Nutritional Immunologist from US. 

    When we select the superfoods in the Oxyginberry, a few criteria are being taken care of. 

    1. Species
    Ginseng berry we used are harvested from american ginseng and Ji Lin ginseng, and not korean ginseng.   

    Korean ginseng is not suitable for daily consumption due to its heaty nature.
    However American ginseng and Ji Lin ginseng are food grade which can be taken by all.  

    2. Part

    We use the grape seeds from the grapes as the seeds have the highest antioxidant level compared to the meat and the skin. 

    3. Harvesting time 

    Cactus and Cactus Fruits need to be harvested after 10 years growth to ensure high nutrition values. 

    4, Food Synergy

    Together these 6 super foods in Oxyginberry are combined to create a SYNERGISED food, which can be consumed daily by all, for a great health benefit. 

    Third, Food Safety of Oxyginberry Beverage

    • Organic (free of pesticides) and non-genetically modified plant ingredients.
    • Free of preservatives, synthetic minerals.
    • Tested and free of heavy metals such as mercury, copper, lead, arsenic, and cadmium.
    • Tested and free of at least 1822 toxins including narcotics, steroid drugs, banned drugs like Fenfluramine and human growth hormones.
    • Received "Food Safety Excellence Award" from Singapore AVA for consecutive 12 years since 2004.
    • The E.Excel food manufacturing plants are GMP-regulated. 
    The below are the certificates received from AVA:

    I was priviledged to take a photo with Ms Khoo, who is the GM of E.Excel Manufacturing Plant Singapore. 

    Forth, Oxyginberry Beverage is perfect for:

    1. Men - hero of the family to stay healthier, stronger and more energetic and alert to handle work and making quick decision during critical hour, prevent chronic diseases such as high cholesterol and diabetes

    2. Women - slimmer, prettier, and healthier, fair complexion, muscle more toned up, prevent internal organs from sagging especially womb

    3. Children - healthier immune system, better concentration,  better eye sight, grow up stronger, healthy and intelligent

    4. Elderly - more active and quality lifestyle, prevent degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis, macular degeneration, stroke 

    5. Pregnant ladies/ mother-to-be - look radiant, keep mummy energy up throughout the day, ensure enough nutrients to the baby, strengthen womb and support the uterus, regaining pre-pregnancy figure easily

    Grab these 6 precious SUPERFOODS for your daily diet through Oxyginberry Beverage/ Capsules as they work in SYNERGY to rejuvenate your body!!

    Check out Testimonials of OXYGINBERRY as below:

    Let's start Oxgyinberry today! 

    Wealth without health is meaningless. 

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    A Great Family Outing Venue ~ ESPLANADE!

    A great performance at the stage at Outdoor Theatre @ ESPLANADE

    The singers were singing the english and mandarin oldies too! 

    ESPLANADE has been the favourite hang out place for my family! 

    More information: 

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