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How to lose weight healthily? Start Counting Your Calorie Today!!

If you want to do a good weight management, start counting your daily calorie intake!!!

To maintain our existing weight, daily calorie intake requirement for

- Female: about 1800 kcal/ day
- Male: about 2000 kcal/ day

When we are taking in calories more than the above requirement for a certain duration of time, we shall see ourselves starting to grow 'horizontally'!

Hence, daily calorie intake is very important in weight management. Start practising calculate your calorie intake to prevent from putting on weight!

Lowering your calorie intake is all about everyday choices of what to eat.

If you want to lose 1 kg every week, it is recommended that females take only 800 calories daily and males 1000 calories daily.

Let us check out how much calories of foods that we usually eat...

Check out how much calories we are taking in on our daily meal
  • Milkshake (1 big cup 900ml) --> 2310 kcal (Unbelievable!)
  • Double Beef and bacon Burger --> 1680 kcal
  • Fried Chicken Drumstick --> 400 kcal
  • Fries (1 large serving) --> 440 kcal

Refer to the table for other foods...

How about calorie content of other foods?
  • Cantonese fried noodles (1 serving) --> 690 kcal
  • Rice (1 bowl 180g) --> 240 kcal
  • Chicken Caesar salad (1 serving) --> 990 kcal (due to the salad sauce!!)
  • Chocolate sundae (1 cup) --> 320 kcal
  • Cheesecake (100g) --> 320 kcal


Be wise in choosing our foods - instead of fried food or foods high in sugar, choose fruits and vegetable, and boiled or steamed food. They are low in calories and are more nutritious.

For example, instead of eating a slice of cheesecake (320 kcal), choose an apple (60 kcal) to satisfy hunger pangs.

Here are some examples of such foods and the amount of calories they contain.

Be sure to include exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle also. Exercise burns calories and maintains the immune system while you are losing weight. Calories burned during exercise are affected by the intensity of workout and your weight, level of fitness and metabolism.
Let's check out how much calories burned per hour for different body weights!

Other tips for safe, effective weight loss:
  1. Drink water and eat high-fiber fruits and vegetables before meals, so that your body is hydrated and receives the nutrients it needs most first. You will also feel fuller before you start your meal and will eat less.
  2. Start off your meal by drinking soup then by eating rice and side dishes.
  3. Get enough sleep so that your body burns off enough calories during sleep.
  4. Try to avoid oil when cooking, each tablespoon of vegetable oil contains 130 calories!

Hope all will achieve your desired weight healthily :)  

To assist you to reach your desired weight more easily in healthy way, healthy fast food 1-Shape is an ideal choice. 

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Oxyginberry Beverage - Testimonial from an Elderly with Skin Discoloration

A testimonial from an elderly who suffered from skin discoloration for 20 years due to side effects of heart medicine intake over 20 years!

You can learn more about skin discoloration from the below link:

The filial daughter got the Oxyginberry Beverage for the father to consume mainly for protecting his father's health as understanding the side effects from the medicine.

The father took 1 packs of Oxyginberry Beverage daily!

Guess how was his body's skin after 3 months' consumption?

The daughter was so happy after learning about her father's improvement!!

This problem has in fact troubled the father for more than 20 years.

That's the wonder of nutrition in Oxyginberry Beverage to our immune system! After the immune system gets the right nutrition, it will work properly and do whatever which is required in the body and fine tune the body back to normal condition. The father gained back his skin coloration when his immune system started working properly!

You can read about the Chinese version's Sharing in details from below:

You can learn more about Oxyginberry Beverage from the below link:

For more info, kindly contact me.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How do you SLIM DOWN healthily without having to starve yourself?

How many of us feel that obesity is okay?

Actually, obesity is not just dangerous to your self-eseteem, more importantly, it can endanger your health and lifespan, too!

According to scientists, it can weaken our body's immune system and reduce its ability to fight off infections....

What's more, obese people have:
40% more risk of dying of heart disease
60-120% higher risk of dying of diabetes and kidney failure
10% more risk of fatal cancer
20% more risk of failed lungs!!!

To see if your weight is healthy, first calculate your body mass index (BMI).

Healthy Weight management Concept:

In order to lose weigh effectively and safely, we must first know our calories requirements: To maintain our existing figure, calorie intake for:

  • Female with exercise is 1800 cal per day, Female without exercise is 1600 cal per day.  
  • Male with exercise is 2200 cal per day, Male without exercise is 2000 cal per day.

In order to lose 1 kg/ week, 

Daily Calorie intake for Female is  800 Calorie/ day.
For Male is 1000 calorie/ day.

  • For more details about calorie counting, please click the below link:

How 1-Shape & SoyGreen can help us in healthy weight management?


What is 1-SHAPE?

1-Shape which is a healthy beverage rich in Soy Bean, American Ginseng, Grain Fibres and Fruits and Vegetables, Low in calories with no cholesterol or caffeine.


Soygreen contains Soy Bean, Psyllium Husk, An assortment of fruits and vegetables (Banana, Broccoli, Spinach, Snow Pea, Leaf Lettuce, Radish Leaf, Asparagus, Kale, Green Bell Pepper, Mustard Greens, Romaine Lettuce).

The difference between 1-SHAPE and SOYGREEN is: 
  • 1-Shape contains American Ginseng 
  • SOYGREEN doesn't contain American Ginseng, but contain an assortment of fruits and vegetables and can be taken as a MEAL REPLACEMENT. 

When you are on low calorie intake, we need the Superfoods in 1-SHAPE/ SOYGREEN to help you to enjoy health, vitality and success in managing your weight. 

Soy Bean 

  • Soy Bean is rich in protein (the proteins are 2 times compared to beef, 4 times compared to egg, and 12 times compared to formula milk).  The protein from soy helps you to maintain muscles to burn more calories.

    Usually when on a low-calories diet, insufficient protein intake to build or maintain muscles will result in less muscle to burn calories, because the more muscle you have in relation to fat, the higher your metabolic rate.

    So here the tetrapeptide from soy let you maintain muscles to burn more calories, which in turns help increase your fat metabolism rate. 
  • Besides protein, soy bean also rich in phytochemicals (called Geninstein – prevents giving nutrients to cancer cells in our body through blood veins, therefore block cancer formation pathway), vitamins, calcium, folic acid.
    it is also low-fat, low-calorie and cholesterol free.

Psyllium Husk (Grain Fiber) 
  • Psyllium Husk give you high fibres - therefore increase satiety (to curb appetite) and prevent constipation, because usually many people who are dieting often suffer from constipation due to inadequate fiber intake.

  • Here, the psyllium husk from 1-SHAPE/ SOYGREEN has 2 types – soluble fiber + insoluble fiber

  • the soluble fiber help you form a protective shield in our stomach, to reduce the absorption of fat and cholesterol later when eating.  The insoluble fiber helps promoting bowel movement and sweep away the accumulated toxins from your intestines & therefore help prevent colon cancer too. 

  • So, psyllium husk aid weight control by curbing appetite and reducing the absorption of fat and cholesterol

America Ginseng

  • America Ginseng helps you relieve stress and reduces fatigue.  

    Fatigue and a weekended immune system are commonly encountered while on a low-calorie diet or in the midst of changing diets.  

    American Ginseng has the ginsenosides (Rb1, RE) can help to counter stress, boost immune functions, and energize when the body feels tired. American ginseng is a rich source of vitality and energy.  

    The Ginsenosides from American Ginseng can help you reduce 70% of getting cancer if you consume daily

Fruits and Vegetables
  • Fruits and Vegetables contain disease-fighting nutrients such as phytochemicals and antioxidants that help to prevent chronic diseases. Experts have long advised obtaining the variety of nutrients we need from plant food, not vitamin supplements, as the latter may cause side effects.

So you can see that 1-SHAPE/ SOYGREEN is made from all-natural botanical ingredients. 

These wholesome plant foods naturally contain important phytochemicals and antioxidants to support your immune and digestive systems, and a healthy, active lifestyle also.

Many weight-management products on the market contain STIMULANTS that have unpleasant side effects like heart palpitations, insomnia and high blood pressure, or diuretics that promote water loss. 

It is hard to keep the weight off and have rebound effect once you stop taking these products. 

1-SHAPE/ SOYGREEN does not contain any stimulant or diuretic.

We only need to take 2 sachets 1-SHAPE / 1 sachet SOYGREEN daily, plus limit our daily calorie intake to 800 cal/day (female) or 1000 cal/day (male) in order to lose 1 kg/ week!!! 

When drink 1-SHAPE/ SOYGREEN, remember to shake or stir well, drink immediately to prevent beverage from becoming unpalatable.  

(Remember! must be consistent in consuming for at least 1 week in order to lose 1kg).  

We have to be calculative on our calories.  But please remember do not starve.. Cos, starving slows down our metabolism rate over time, our body will adapt to it and this will make it harder to lose weight

Normally in the beginning we might get hungry very fast because of low-calories and rich in nutrients from 1-SHAPE/ SOYGREEN.  

If we ever get hungry along the day, the correct way is to choose something that is nutritious, filling, healthy yet low calories if feeling hungry in the beginning of adaptive period, such as fruits or reach for more 1-SHAPE/ SOYGREEN better J  

Remember to add Oxyginberry Beverage to ensure muscle toning and prevent muscle sagging after slimmed down 

as Oxyginberry Beverage enhance SELF-PRODUCTION of collagen to support your muscle toning and skin elasticity. 

Weight control is not just purely aesthetic as a healthy body weight will prevent us from getting all sort of dreaded diseases like diabetic, cardiovascular problems, and even cancer!

→So, if you plan to shed away some kilos to look slimmer

it’s actually quite easy to achieve the goals via 1-SHAPE/ SOYGREEN and As long as you remember the rule of thumb:

  1. No oily stuffs
  2. No fried stuffs
  3. No carbonated sweetened drinks
  4. More vegetables and fruits
  5. Always count the calories when we eat/ drink
Plus some light exercise like walking.

    →If your goal is to maintain your current weight and prevent constipation/ cardiovascular diseases and colon cancer

    1-SHAPE / SOYGREEN is also an ideal choice as it's a very convenient source of fiber, american ginseng, soy bean and fruits and vegetables!

    You don't have to cut your daily calorie intake into 1000 cal/ day. Just maintain the daily calorie intake as:

    Male with exercise is 2200 cal per day (without exercise 2000 cal/day),

    Female with exercise is 1800 cal per day (without exercise 1600 cal/day)

    Anyone benefited from the above?


    If you need more information or have any enquiry, you're welcome to talk to me at +65-9090 9942.

    Enjoy your slimming journey! =)

    Scan the QR code below to join as MEMBER for free: 

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    Oxyginberry Beverage: Testimonials on Joint Health

    We cant talk about joint health without mentioning about cartilage - cartilage, the smooth rubber-like padding covers the ends of bones to prevent them from rubbing painfully against each other and to absorb shock as we move.

    Cartilage may be damaged through wear and tear over time, traumatic injuries or sports activities. Damaged cartilage does not heal as quickly as damaged skin or muscles because it does not have its own blood supply.

    Do you know a healthy joint requires the following to work hand-in-hand?
    • Water for lubrication and nourishment
    • Proteoglycans (a class of protein with high polysaccharides content made by glucosamine) to attract and hold the water
    • Collagen to keep the proteoglycans in place

    Without sufficient collagen, do you think our joint can be healthy?

    Because Oxyginberry Beverage helps our body to self-produce large amount of collagen, hence you can resort to Oxyginberry Beverage for joint maintenance or improve your joint health!

    1) Testimonial from a young lady: 

    Yesterday attended our business gathering at Sengkang.
    A friend commented that such as young lady (about 25 years old) suffered from joint pain but after taking Oxyginberry Beverage for a couple of months, the pain improved a lot.

    2) Testimonial from myself:

    I used to have "clicking" sound in my knee whenever I stand slightly longer. Although it doesn't affect much on my daily life, just that I felt weird - "click here click there" when I slightly move my legs. I started wondering if my knee joint has started to wear and tear at such a young age. Started to get worried too. It could be due to damage of certain joint components already.

    If you are experiencing the same, you can learn more about it from the below links:

    After listening about the wonders of Oxyginberry Beverage on joint health, I started to be more diligently taking Oxyginberry Beverage in larger amount daily. 

    Guess what? Now my clicking sound in my knee has gone! I didn't know when it exactly didn't appear to me already. 

    Anyway, I am so happy that I have solved this problem with Oxyginberry Beverage. :)

    To learn more about Oxyginberry Beverage, please see below:

    For any enquiry, please feel free to contact me. 

    Thank you and Regards, 

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    Immune System - the Best Doctor in the world!!

    Do you know that 99% of the illnesses and diseases are caused due to malfunctioning immune system? How well we understand our immune system which is the invisible army in our body?
    Let's look inside our immune system which consists of the following immune organs:
     1) Bone Marrow (Soldier Factory)
    - Create red blood cells and white blood cells. White blood cells are our immune cells
    - Every second, about 8 million blood cells die and the same number are regenerated here...
    2) Thymus (Training Ground)
    - Assign T-Cells (immune cells) their duties in fighting diseases
    - Secretes immune-regulating hormones
    3) Lymph Nodes (Battlegrounds)
    - Little pickets of battlegrounds with billions of white blood cells
    - Swollen lymph nodes are a good indication that you have an infection and your immune system is hard at work
    - Filter lymph fluid which carries away waste products like viruses and bacteria
    4) Spleen (Blood Filter)
    - Filter blood by removing dead blood cells and engulfed viruses and bateria
    5) Tonsils (Throat Guard)
    - Maintain constant vigilance against invaders to the body thru nose and mouth
    6) Appendix (Immune Assistant)
    - Act like a traffic coordinator, direct white blood cells' movement to other parts of body
    - Protect digestive tract
    7) Peyer's Patches (Intestinal Guards)
    - React invaders in the intestines
    The Science of Nutritional Immunology tells us that:
    • The BEST DOCTOR in the world is our own immune system.
    • When our immune system is functioning properly, it can help us to carry out 3 very important functions: Defense, Cleansing & Repair
    • Nutrition plays important role to nourish the immune system so that it can function well

    Below are some important immune cells that carry out different functions in our body:
    1. B-Cells (doing defense function)
     - Fight invaders by producing antibodies specific to those invaders
    - Antibodies are our enemy-seeking missiles that track and lock onto assigned invaders such as bacteria and viruses before triggering immne responses to destroy them
    - Some B cells can become "memory" cells. If the same invader attacks again, the memory B cells will identify and dispatch specific antibodies to defeat it.
    2. Natural Killer (NK) Cells (doing defense function)
    - Cancer Cell (in the middle) is surrounded by Natural Killer Cells (the white color snow ball) which are the lethal snipers who shoot holes into invaders.

    3. Macrophage (doing Cleansing function)
    - This is a macrophage (Enemy Eater) - the garbage man of our body is ingesting foreign particles which have entered our body
    - Look, the macrophage is trying to grab a particle using its tentacle
    - Now, the macrophage opens its mouth and engulfs E.Coli Bacteria

    4. Red Platlet (doing Repair function)
    - Our blood platelets which perform repair task in our body.

    Some websites which share the info about immune system:

    Our immune system is an amazing piece of work! At any given second, it calls upon a complex ad concerted effort from countless different immune battalions, working ceaselessly to protect us not only from invaders but also from our own internal cells, which can mutate and become cancerous.
    Without immune system, a simple dust in the air would kill us!

    Sunday, August 11, 2013

    "Making The World A Better Place 丞心传爱,让世界更美"

    I believe all of us have dreams but the less fortunate one have to work even harder to achieve them.
    In carrying out its mission “To share the gift of health and knowledge with mankind”, E.Excel also hoped to touch and improve the lives of the less privileged. E.Excel has brought hope and a helping hand to many less able but high-spirited members of the world community.
    This year, E.Excel is partnering with Community Chest ( to aid the frail and lonely elderly and children with special needs to warm the hearts of the elderly and to help children with special needs to be as independent as possible.

    1.       Towner Gardens’ School
    2.       Bright Hill Evergreen Home
    They are organizing a charity dinner to raise donation for these less fortunate one.

    The details of the dinner are as follow:
    "Making The World A Better Place with E.Excel 丞心传爱,让世界更美"

    • Date: 14-Sep (Saturday)
    • Time: 7.30pm -9.30pm
    • Venue: Resorts World Sentosa West Ballroom
    • Details: An 8-course of dinner with performances presented by E.Excellers and Towner Gardens’ School children
    • Language: English and Mandarin (Bi-lingual)
    • Open to the public, anyone can participate
    • TIcket price: $168

    On 22nd July (Mon)

    I personally visited the
    Towner Gardens School together with other E.Excellers 

    These children are intellectually impaired with autism or down syndrome. Some look still very small with their actual age, for eg look like 8 years old but in fact they are 16 years old already.  When I try to talk to them, most of them cant understand. I can see that it takes patience to take care of these children. Imagine how challenging the parents/ care givers who take care of them daily? Indeed we need to be thankful that we or our children are really fortunate to be born normal and healthy.
    Some of these children have their inborn talents for eg drawing, dancing. Some of their art work and dance performances are impressive.
    The school’s motto is to provide a vibrant environment that inspires the students so that they can be independent and integrate to society when they grow up.
    You can find out more about the school from the below link:

    On 3rd August (Sat) morning

    I visited the Bright Hill Evergreen Home together with about 40 other E.Excellers also.

    We held a birthday celebration for the 7 birthday old folks. About 50 other old folks (60 to 80's yo) turned up, they are all on wheeled chair. I learned that all of them don't have any family or relatives to take care of them. They all left alone. I was asked (adhoc) to be the emcee to host the small celebration event. We cheered them up by giving them gifts, singing karaoke to them etc. For the 2 hour-session (9am to 11am), I hoped that they enjoyed the moments with our presence. Although it was a tiring morning for me (as a pregnant lady), since standing during the whole session and woke up early in the morning 6am to get ready, it was still worth my effort as it's done for the charity.

    Some E.Excellers brought along their children together during the visit too. Some children are just kids, as young as perhaps 5 years old. I asked why bring them along. They told me it's good to expose the young generation to the less fortunate ones so that they can learn to be more caring to the society and be humble. Indeed, i can see that they are very yong xin liang ku in bringing up their children and shape the right character of their children since young.  
    More info about Bright Hill Evergreen Home:
    There will be another visit to Bright Hill Evergreen Home on 24 August.
    Looking at all these less fortunate one, I feel that we can help them to achieve more. In fact, they need our help. We can make a difference in their lives with our contribution.

    "Let's together make the world a better place to live"


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    9090 9942