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"Making The World A Better Place 丞心传爱,让世界更美"

I believe all of us have dreams but the less fortunate one have to work even harder to achieve them.
In carrying out its mission “To share the gift of health and knowledge with mankind”, E.Excel also hoped to touch and improve the lives of the less privileged. E.Excel has brought hope and a helping hand to many less able but high-spirited members of the world community.
This year, E.Excel is partnering with Community Chest ( to aid the frail and lonely elderly and children with special needs to warm the hearts of the elderly and to help children with special needs to be as independent as possible.

1.       Towner Gardens’ School
2.       Bright Hill Evergreen Home
They are organizing a charity dinner to raise donation for these less fortunate one.

The details of the dinner are as follow:
"Making The World A Better Place with E.Excel 丞心传爱,让世界更美"

  • Date: 14-Sep (Saturday)
  • Time: 7.30pm -9.30pm
  • Venue: Resorts World Sentosa West Ballroom
  • Details: An 8-course of dinner with performances presented by E.Excellers and Towner Gardens’ School children
  • Language: English and Mandarin (Bi-lingual)
  • Open to the public, anyone can participate
  • TIcket price: $168

On 22nd July (Mon)

I personally visited the
Towner Gardens School together with other E.Excellers 

These children are intellectually impaired with autism or down syndrome. Some look still very small with their actual age, for eg look like 8 years old but in fact they are 16 years old already.  When I try to talk to them, most of them cant understand. I can see that it takes patience to take care of these children. Imagine how challenging the parents/ care givers who take care of them daily? Indeed we need to be thankful that we or our children are really fortunate to be born normal and healthy.
Some of these children have their inborn talents for eg drawing, dancing. Some of their art work and dance performances are impressive.
The school’s motto is to provide a vibrant environment that inspires the students so that they can be independent and integrate to society when they grow up.
You can find out more about the school from the below link:

On 3rd August (Sat) morning

I visited the Bright Hill Evergreen Home together with about 40 other E.Excellers also.

We held a birthday celebration for the 7 birthday old folks. About 50 other old folks (60 to 80's yo) turned up, they are all on wheeled chair. I learned that all of them don't have any family or relatives to take care of them. They all left alone. I was asked (adhoc) to be the emcee to host the small celebration event. We cheered them up by giving them gifts, singing karaoke to them etc. For the 2 hour-session (9am to 11am), I hoped that they enjoyed the moments with our presence. Although it was a tiring morning for me (as a pregnant lady), since standing during the whole session and woke up early in the morning 6am to get ready, it was still worth my effort as it's done for the charity.

Some E.Excellers brought along their children together during the visit too. Some children are just kids, as young as perhaps 5 years old. I asked why bring them along. They told me it's good to expose the young generation to the less fortunate ones so that they can learn to be more caring to the society and be humble. Indeed, i can see that they are very yong xin liang ku in bringing up their children and shape the right character of their children since young.  
More info about Bright Hill Evergreen Home:
There will be another visit to Bright Hill Evergreen Home on 24 August.
Looking at all these less fortunate one, I feel that we can help them to achieve more. In fact, they need our help. We can make a difference in their lives with our contribution.

"Let's together make the world a better place to live"


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