Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Oxyginberry Beverage: Testimonials on Joint Health

We cant talk about joint health without mentioning about cartilage - cartilage, the smooth rubber-like padding covers the ends of bones to prevent them from rubbing painfully against each other and to absorb shock as we move.

Cartilage may be damaged through wear and tear over time, traumatic injuries or sports activities. Damaged cartilage does not heal as quickly as damaged skin or muscles because it does not have its own blood supply.

Do you know a healthy joint requires the following to work hand-in-hand?
  • Water for lubrication and nourishment
  • Proteoglycans (a class of protein with high polysaccharides content made by glucosamine) to attract and hold the water
  • Collagen to keep the proteoglycans in place

Without sufficient collagen, do you think our joint can be healthy?

Because Oxyginberry Beverage helps our body to self-produce large amount of collagen, hence you can resort to Oxyginberry Beverage for joint maintenance or improve your joint health!

1) Testimonial from a young lady: 

Yesterday attended our business gathering at Sengkang.
A friend commented that such as young lady (about 25 years old) suffered from joint pain but after taking Oxyginberry Beverage for a couple of months, the pain improved a lot.

2) Testimonial from myself:

I used to have "clicking" sound in my knee whenever I stand slightly longer. Although it doesn't affect much on my daily life, just that I felt weird - "click here click there" when I slightly move my legs. I started wondering if my knee joint has started to wear and tear at such a young age. Started to get worried too. It could be due to damage of certain joint components already.

If you are experiencing the same, you can learn more about it from the below links:

After listening about the wonders of Oxyginberry Beverage on joint health, I started to be more diligently taking Oxyginberry Beverage in larger amount daily. 

Guess what? Now my clicking sound in my knee has gone! I didn't know when it exactly didn't appear to me already. 

Anyway, I am so happy that I have solved this problem with Oxyginberry Beverage. :)

To learn more about Oxyginberry Beverage, please see below:

For any enquiry, please feel free to contact me. 

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