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Safety concern of Traditional Chinese medicine

Read this article this morning, would like to share it.

Please take note of the traditional Chinese medication...


British health regulators have issued a warning that some traditional Chinese medications contain "dangerously high" levels of lead, mercury, and arsenic.

On Tuesday, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) warned people not to use a number of unlicensed Chinese medicines, including a product called Bak Foong Pills, which are used to treat menstrual pain.

The medicine has been recalled in Hong Kong after it was found to contain up to twice the level of lead permitted by the Hong Kong Government.

Another Chinese medication called Hairegenerator, used for the treatment of hair loss, has also been recalled in Hong Kong after a sample was found to contain 11 times the permitted level of mercury.

The Swedish National Food Agency (SFNA), meanwhile, has found extremely high levels of arsenic in products going by a variety of names, including Niu-Huang Chieh-tu-pein, Divya Kaishore Guggul, and Chandraprabha Vati.

These are used for the treatment of mumps, sore throat, tonsillitis, toothache, skin infections, anorexia, and fever in young children.

"The adulteration of traditional Chinese medicines with heavy metals is a significant international problem and can pose a serious risk to public health," said Richard Woodfield, MHRA's Head of Herbal Policy.

 UK consumers can follow Woodfield's advice: "To help you choose an herbal medicine that is suitable for you, look for a product that has a Traditional Herbal Registration (THR) or product license number on the packaging.

These products have met the acceptable quality and safety standards. – AFP/Relaxnews, August 22, 2013.

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Orchestra for my parents-in-law

Today I woke up early morning at 5am to send of parents-in-law at Changi Airport with hubby as they are going Hong Kong to visit relatives. Had an early sandwiches breakfast at Starbucks there.

Mother-in-law has been a very caring person, been buying me a few maternity wear and told me that she will help me look out for some clothes in HK too. :) *touching*

2 days ago, I bought her and father Orchestra lime for them to consume since Orchestra is very beneficial to elderly especially on longevity, also prevent dementia. Glad that they started taking since yesterday - 1 cup each! Will let them have Orchestra daily... :)

If you want to find out Orchestra info, please click below:

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Nourishment for Heart and Liver

Protect Your Heart and Liver

Our body is constantly working 24 hours daily. 

Our heart has never stopped pumping and our liver is our constant filter. Hence, it is important we properly nourish our heart and liver. 

To protect the heart and liver from diseases, the immune system must be well nourished.
Importance of our HEART:

  • The heart is a powerful muscle slightly larger than a clenched fist located behind the rib cage, and a little to the left of the centre of the body. 
  • The heart works like a pump and sends oxygen-rich blood and nutrients through all parts of the body for each cell to function. On the way back to the heart, blood carries away carbon dioxide and waste products.
Importance of our LIVER:

  • The liver is the largest gland in the body, and scientists estimated that it has over 500 different functions. Evidence indicates that growing older is NOT a reason for the liver to function ANY LESS efficiently.
The main functions of the liver are to:
  1. Assist in the food digestion. It makes bile, which is needed to digest fats
  2. Make many chemicals important for function of all over the body.
  3. Filter blood, remove toxins, dead cells, microorganism from bloodstream
  4. Regulate fat metabolism
  5. Burn fat - major fat-burning organ in the body
  6. Store carbohydrates in the form that allows a quick release of energy when it is needed. This is why people with liver damage may lack of energy.
  7. Regulate blood sugar
  8. Make plasma proteins, needed to help blood clot
  9. The liver is a bridge between the returning blood from the digestive system and the lower part of the body to the heart. 
  10. Maintaining an adequate amount of blood flow to the heart
  11. Contains over half of the body’s supply of Kupffer cells and large populations of natural killer (NK) cells. These immune cells attack and kill “foreign” cells, including tumor cells & cells infected with bacteria or viruses. The liver’s ability to fight infections, will be impaired if the liver is damaged in any way.
  12. Plays an important role in the production of cholesterol. When we have high bad cholesterol, it is not just purely due to dietary intake. It could be caused also by malfunctioning of liver.
(We need cholesterol to strengthen the membranes of each and every cell in the body. It is also important in the production of many hormones in the body including estrogen, progesterone, cortisone, and aldosterone. These steroid hormones help the body manage stress and balance sodium and water in the body, not to mention regulate sexual function.)

  • By properly nourishing our liver, we can keep our cholesterol level in a good balance and thereby we will be able to prevent cardiovascular diseases.
-> Therefore, there is a direct link between our liver and heart.

Recent study has also shown that heart attacks, strokes (cardiovascular diseases) are caused by malfunctioning of our immune system. When there is inflammation on our blood vessels, there will be immune cells which will gather on the blood vessels wall which further block the passage of blood; in addition of deposition of cholesterol and fats on the blood vessels.

--> Hence, we must nourish our liver and heart in a broader scope ie. nourishing our immune system.

As long as our immune system are well nourished, we are assured that we are always with the best doctor in the world!

Protect Your Heart and Liver

Nutritional Immunology advocates plant foods that are high in disease-fighting nutrients like phytochemicals, antioxidants and polysaccharides.

Nutritionists recommended obtaining a variety of nutrients from our diet, not from pills, because not all the nutrients in plant foods can be mimicked in a laboratory and bottled into pills.

Furthermore, liver and heart pills or medicines bring along many side effects as you can see below:

Besides consuming a variety of wholesome plant foods on a daily basis, maintaining good heart and liver health also requires adequate rest and exercise, abstaining from smoking, limiting alcohol consumption, and maintaining emotional balance.

What are the plant foods which are excellent for our heart and liver?


Do you know these tiny blueberries are mighty disease-fighting warriors? Brimming with health-promoting compounds, they give a delicious boost to your heart, immune system, brain, eyes and musculoskeletal system.

Keep your heart happy with Blueberries! Thanks to their high antioxidant activity, blueberries help reduce the buildup of LDL (bad) cholesterol, prevent formation of blood clots that may block blood vessels and cause heart attack and stroke. They may also lower blood pressure. Phytochemicals in blueberries strengthen blood vessels and are useful in treating varicose veins and spider veins.


Hawthorn is a beautiful shrub with a variety of phytochemicals, making it a herb that nourishes the cardiovascular system in many ways!

What are the benefits of Hawthorn?
  •  It increases the rate at which the liver converts LDL cholesterol (bad) into HDL cholesterol (good).
  • Antioxidants in hawthorn include Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPCs) that help protect against cell damage and atheroscle...rosis.
  • It is rich in flavonoids that help to strengthen the structure of collagen in blood vessels, preventing plaque buildup in them and improving blood flow for the smooth circulation of oxygenated blood.
  • It also helps to decrease blood pressure by dilating blood vessels.
  • It nourishes heart, makes it easier for calcium to enter cells, increases myocardium activity and dilation of blood vessels thus help prevent the heart from oxygen deprivation.
  • Laboratory tests found that hawthorn stopped growth of larynx cancer cells. It may also relieve inflammation

Some other heart and liver nourishing plant foods:

Plum helps to prevent plaque formation in the arteries. The high potassium content in plum helps to normalize blood pressure, while soluble fiber promotes heart health.

Winter melon may protect against cardiovascular diseases and cancers by fighting free radicals and inhibiting angiotensin-converting enzyme activity, which causes blood vessels to narrow. It also promotes urination, thereby removing wastes and toxins from the body.

Chrysanthemum increases blood flow to the heart. It is also reputed for aiding liver functions, lowering high blood pressure, improving eyesight, and detoxifying blood.

Mulberry helps improve blood flow, which eases the workload of theheart. It supports healthy liver function as it has detoxification properties.

As convenience,

To get the above plant foods more conveniently based on the right species, right harvesting time, right processing and safety guarantee, ENCORE  is an ideal healthy fast food as your option.

ENCORE is a wholesome food product made of 
  • Blueberries
  • Hawthorn
  • Winter Melon
  • Chrysanthemum 
  • Mulberry

Who have benefitted from ENCORE?

My father has been taking high blood pressure medication for more than 20 years. Due to long term intake of medication, I know his liver and kidney will be definitely burdened. 

Therefore, I got him ENCORE and REFRESH to consume. 

Initially he was not too enthusiastic in taking the health foods, but my mother was very diligently making the drinks for him every morning and night! 

After taking for quite some time, he observed that the rashes on his skin getting lesser. He used to have rashes around his hand or legs due to toxin from the medication. He knew that the ENCORE and REFRESH are helping him a lot! 

Now without fail, he is taking both the products daily! =)

Nutritional Immunology Consultant
+65-9090 9942

Liver diseases - is it reliable to monitor our liver health based on liver test results?

Read a post in Facebook regarding liver diseases, would like to share it here.
English translated version as followed by the Chinese version

台大醫院醫師最近掀起一股超音波檢查熱,原因是該院一位才 37 歲的主治醫師就是因為太過仰賴肝功能指數檢查(GOT、GPT),卻在春節前被檢出已有 10公分 肝癌!且肝已被撐破!




 許金川表示,醫生對肝病的防治都可能發生錯誤認知,更遑論一般民眾了;曾有一位 醫師也是誤信GOT、GPT,結果只幫他岳父監測數值,後來這位岳父大人還是得了肝癌!



 日前,許醫師門診也是有位病人,最近一個月經常肚子痛而且體重也減輕了不少;經超音波檢查發現,肝臟部位有一個很大的肝癌,幾乎 80%的肝臟都「吃」掉了。





1 .晚睡晚起為最大致命傷。
4 .不吃早餐→透支體力而不自知。
5 .服用藥物過度。
6 .防腐劑、添加物、色素、人工甘味(如:沙茶醬)
7 .不當的油脂(如:沙拉油為不穩定油),烹調盡量少用油,即便是好油,如:橄欖油。疲倦時不吃油炸物,若要吃趁精神好時吃。
8 .不生食(完全熟食)亦不利肝。青菜生吃或煮三分或五分熟,炒過的青菜當天吃完,不要隔夜吃。
9 .錯誤的價值觀,只追求卓越,欠缺和平、博愛。
1 0.急躁。

 晚上9- 1 1 點為免疫系統(淋巴)排毒時間,此段時間應安靜或聽音樂。倘若此時,作母親的仍處於焦慮狀態,如洗碗盤、盯孩子功課,對健康不利。
 晚間11-凌晨 1 點 肝的排毒,需在熟睡中進行。
 凌晨1-3點 膽的排毒亦同。
 凌晨3- 5 點肺的排毒,此即為何咳嗽的人在這段時間咳得最劇烈;因排毒動作已走到肺經,不應用止咳藥,以免抑制廢積物的排除。
 凌晨5- 7 點 大腸的排毒,應上廁所排便。
 早晨7- 9 點 小腸大量吸收營養的時段,應吃早餐。療病者最好早吃,在6點半前,養生者在7點半前,不吃早餐者應改變習慣,即使拖到 9 、 10點吃都比不吃好。
 晚睡晚起 混亂整個排毒過程;另外,半夜至凌晨4點為脊椎造血時段,必須熟睡,不宜熬夜。


 一、 右上腹悶痛
 二、 右後腰酸痛
 三、 右肩感覺酸、麻、痛,甚至造成右手舉不起來
 四、 小腿晚上睡覺時,容易抽筋



肝臟不好,晚上睡眠品質會不好,翻來覆去不容易睡著;起床後口乾、口苦、口臭,刷牙時牙齦會流血。平常為食物沒有興趣,不吃不餓,吃一點點就有飽感;走路走個兩步小腿就會很酸, 會感覺全身越來越疲勞,手腳也是越來越沒有力。



Translation in English using Google Translate.

National Taiwan University Hospital recently set off a sonogram heat, because the hospital has a 37-year-old physician - because too dependent on liver function examination (GOT, GPT), before the Spring Festival he has been detected in 10 cm Liver cancerous tumor! And the liver has been bursting!
 Clinically, there are far too many people are superstitious at liver function index, that index normal means OK, this misconception is even believed by many professional doctors. These doctors usually have to establish the correct health knowledge among people,  but their own common sense actually is still not correct .
Liver cancer prevention is better, but NTU promote early prevention and treatment of liver cancer, People who finally died of liver cancer is still vivid in many people's mind for example, Director Xu Zaiqiu - another renowned pathology profession, Professor Lin Wen - the elder medical community,  Professor Du, and National Taiwan University College of Physicians, Internal Medicine doctoral student KK, were dead due to liver cancer.
 Liver Disease Prevention and Treatment Research Foundation executive director of National Taiwan University Hospital, professor of internal medicine Jin-Chuan Sheu noted that in the last decade of research in small liver cancer, deciding clinically the liver is of good condition or not can't completely rely on the liver GOT, GPT values, but with medical advances so far, this misconception still remains the same.
 Jin-Chuan Sheu said this misconception has lead to many doctors making wrong judgement towards liver disease in the public; There was a physician who was helping his father in law to monitor the liver condition - believed on just checking the GOT, GPT, in the end, then the father in law still got liver cancer!
There is a young physician in NTU, due to the right upper stomach's discomfort, he did self-examination with ultrasound probe and discovered it's a tumor.
 Jin-Chuan Sheu said that the liver itself has no sensory gland, so often the liver cancer was diagnosed when it has worsened to quite severe stage, but it was too late; This is the biggest reason why liver cancer is difficult to treat.
 In Taiwan, there are 30 people die of liver disease every day. Under a limited knowledge, liver disease has been the biggest killer in Taiwan and became a threat to people's health. Physician Xu sighed, too many innocent people are killed.
 Recently, Xu has a clinic patient who claimed a frequent stomach pain last month and experienced also a lot of weight loss; The sonography found he has a liver cancer, almost 80% of the liver has been "eaten" out .
 The patient was shocked, asked him "how it could be?" He just did health checks last year, the results were normal, how could it happened just in one year, that the liver tumor has grown to so big?" Actually the patient just did the liver functionality test, and the results shown were "normal"

Usually, the liver test done are the functionality test. This liver test is the most familiar or common test for most people. But this check is always misunderstood by people that as long as liver function test values ​​are normal, there is nothing wrong with the liver. This has resulted to one after another tragedy.
 Jin-Chuan Sheu said: GOT, GPT is the largest enzymes inside liver cells, if there is any inflammation of the liver, or for whatever reason which cause cell necrosis, the GPT and GOT will come out into the blood resulting in the GOT and GPT values ​​increased; Therefore, if the GOT , GPT index is not high, it does not mean that patients are not experiencing cirrhosis or liver cancer.
The ALT level is tested to look for and evaluate damage to the liver. This test measures the amount of an enzyme called glutamate pyruvate transaminase (GPT) in your blood. This enzyme is found in many body tissues in small amounts, but it is very concentrated in the liver. It is released into the blood when cells that contain it are damaged.
(The GOT glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase or GPT glutamate pyruvate transaminase is also known as AST and ALT)

Although the patients with hepatitis has their inflammation stopped, but when there is formation of cirrhosis of the liver and fibrosis and cirrhosis has been formed, the liver cancer is more easily occurred.
Furthermore, usually in the early stage liver cancer, the liver index is not high, because the growth of cancer tumor will only damage the surrounding liver cells, thus, GOT, GPT could be still normal, even if it's increased, it wont be too high. Because many people are lacking of this knowledge, thus causing many unfortunate tragedies.

The following are the reasons that cause fatal liver injury:

1. Sleep late.

2. No defecation in the morning.

3 Overeating.

4 Do not eat breakfast

5. Overuse of medication.

6. Taking preservatives, additives, coloring, artificial sweeteners (such as: barbecue)

7. Improper intake of oil (eg: salad as an unstable oil), cooking oil as little as possible, even good oil, such as: olive oil. When feeling tired do not eat fried things

8. Do not eat raw food (fully cooked) has adverse liver. Eat One-third or one-fifth raw or cooked vegetables, roasted vegetables must be finished on that day, do not eat it overnight.
9 wrong values, only go for pursuit of excellence, lack of peace and fraternity.

10. Impatient.

Pay attention to the adjustment of living and eating habits. 

When coupled with diet therapy, allowing the body to take the initiative at the right time for absorption and detoxification action.

Dr Chen earlier has mentioned that liver plays a very important role in our body.

The liver is the biggest gland in the body, and the scientists estimated it has over 500 different functions! The main functions of the liver are to:
  • Assist in the food digestion. It makes bile, which is needed to digest fats
  • Make many chemicals important for function of all over the body.
  • Filter blood, remove toxins, dead cells, microorganism from bloodstream
  • Regulate fat metabolism
  • Burn fat - major fat-burning organ in the body
  • Store carbohydrates in the form that allows a quick release of energy when it is needed. This is why people with liver damage may lack of energy.
  • Regulate blood sugar
  • Make plasma proteins, needed to help blood clot
Besides detoxification, liver actually plays an important role in the production of cholesterol. When we have high ‘bad’ cholesterol, it is not just purely due to dietary intake. It could be caused also by ‘malfunctioning’ of liver.

Therefore, there is a direct link between our liver and heart.

By properly nourishing our liver, we can keep our cholesterol level in a good balance and thereby we will be able to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

SUPERFOODs which can nourish our LIVER:



Both are 2 japanese herbs well-known as longevity herbs!

More info about Kumazasa and Ashitaba:

Best regards, 
Nutritional Immunology Consultant
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Dinner at Jerry's BBQ and Grill

Had a sumptuous dinner at Jerry's BBQ and Grill restaurant with my hubby yesterday! A belated birthday celebration - supposed to be a French dinner at MBS but due to some clashing of time arrangement, ended up with American dinner! haha 
nvm it's still a great dinner moment =) 
We had a very full dinner too with the big servings!

I immediately drank a pack of Millennium (my cactus beverage) after taking so much meat over the dinner too! haha
Felt more relieved from removing the harmful animal hormones...hehe
Wondering western food is always of such big serving and a lot of meat with little vegetables. No wonder the chronic diseases (such as diabetes, cancer) rate is increasing much higher than of the Asian countries.

However, in recent years, chronic diseases cases in Singapore is also on the rising trend. Yesterday read the newspaper article stating that within 10 years, terminal stage kidney patients cases are multiplied. It is estimated that in year 2016, there could be an increase of more than 500 kidney patients.  Diabetes is the main culprit that caused kidney failure disease. As we know, majority of diabetes are due to incorrect dietary habit by eating too much high calorie food, rich in meat which cause obesity etc.

I feel blessed that there are such convenient healthy plant food products for me to consume whenever I am having 'not so healthy' diet. =)  

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How to choose Omega 3?

Is anyone taking omega 3 fish oil supplements?
  • What are the benefits of omega 3?
  • How to choose a right source of omega 3 nutrients?
  • Are there possible RISKS of omega 3 fish oil supplements? 

Let's explore together


Proper intake of Omega-3 helps to prevent:

  • cardiovascular disease
  • cancer
  • obesity
  • other diseases such as those of the immune system
  • It also aids brain, bone and infant development
  • It's required to balance out excessive Omega 6 in our body 

What is Omega-6?

Omega-6s are vital for supporting heart, brain and immune system health also!

However, high amounts of Omega-6s may increase risk of several diseases and conditions, including asthma, cardiovascular disease, cancer, autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases, all of which are believed to stem from inflammation in the body!

This imbalance may also contribute to 

  • obesity
  • depression
  • dyslexia
  • hyperactivity 
  • tendency towards violence

Unfortunately, modern diets contain too much Omega-6s and too few Omega-3s due to overloaded vegetable oils (Omega-6 source) in 

The typical unhealthy diet contains 14-25 TIMES MORE Omega-6s than Omega-3 many processed and fast foods and intake of corn-fed animals.

The Vegetarian Society of the United Kingdom Limited recommends an

Omega-6: Omega-3 ratio  = 3:1 

Types of Omega 3:

2 major types of Omega-3 from animals:

  • Docosahexaenoic (DHA)
  • Eicosapentaenoic (EPA) 

Omega 3 from plant source:

  • alpha-linolenic acid (ALA)

Possible safety concern of animal-based Omega 3

  • Toxic contamination such as mercury, pesticides (especially in fish liver and skin)
  • Interference with medication
  • Increased risk of stroke and cancer
  • Do not boost babies' mental development 
  • High in calories 

Why should I choose plant omega 3?

  • Eco-friendlier
  • No risk of overdose
  • Do not increase cholesterol level
  • No fishy burps
  • Do not deplete Vitamin E

Let's look at Omega-6 too.

Which are the right plant source which contains more Omega-3 than Omega-6 to make up for high levels of Omega-6 elsewhere in our diet?

Very obviously, Chia Seed & Kiwi Fruit Seed are of the right choice!! 

Why flax-seed not recommended?
  • may be unsafe for unborn children 
  • worsen hormone-senstive conditions such as breast, uterine and ovarian cancers. 


Chia seeds are ideal sources of omega-3 fatty acids. They are perfect examples of what wholesome food can provide for your health and immunity!

1) Powerful Dose of Omega-3

  • Chia seed's high level of omega-3 fatty acids is 3 times its omega-6 - a perfect balance of fatty acids. 60% of the oil in chia seed is ALA (Omega-3), exceptionally high among plants.

2) Excellent Source of Antioxidants

  • Unlike other omega-3 sources such as fish that has a fishy stench and no antioxidants, chia seed is rich in antioxidants including flavonol glycosides and chlorogenic acid, to fight free radicals and nourish the immune system. 

3) Enhances Cardiovascular Health

  • Chia seed is cholesterol-free. Regular chia seed consumption can reduce blood pressure and inflammation, lower cardiovascular disease risk, dramatically decrease triacylglycerol levels and increase HDL (good) cholesterol. 

4) Anti-Cancer

  • Omega-3 fatty acids from chia seeds can help to inhibit cancer growth and spread. There is increasing evidence that consuming more omega-3 fatty acids is important for cancer prevention.


Kiwi fruit is packed with nutrients. 

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration lists kiwi fruit as one of 30 anti-cancer fruits and vegetables. Its numerous tiny black seeds are also rich in antioxidants and vitamin C.

1) High in Omega-3

  • ALA, an Omega-3 fatty acid, cannot be produced by the body and must be obtained through diet. With 62% ALA, kiwi fruit seed is an ideal plant sour...ce of omega-3 for vegetarian.

2) Protects Heart Health

  • Kiwi fruit seed can improve blood flow and reduce inflammation and platelet aggregation. Its ALA helps to keep cell membranes soft and flexible for oxygen and nutrients to enter easily, and carbon dioxide and wastes to exit efficiently. It is also heart-protective and helps to prevent sudden cardiac death.

3) Promotes Brain Health

  • The brain is an important part of the nervous system. It is about 60% fat. Nerve cells responsible for sending chemical signals need ALA to maintain perception of pleasure, prevent depression and for leanring and memory.

4) Improve Immunity

  • The essential fatty acids in kiwi fruit seeds are necessary for making prostaglandins, which play a role in immune function by regulating inflammation and encouraging the body to fight infection.

Best Regards,

Nutritional Immunology Consultant/ Entrepreneurial Mom 
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