Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Oxyginberry Beverage - Testimonial from an Elderly with Skin Discoloration

A testimonial from an elderly who suffered from skin discoloration for 20 years due to side effects of heart medicine intake over 20 years!

You can learn more about skin discoloration from the below link:

The filial daughter got the Oxyginberry Beverage for the father to consume mainly for protecting his father's health as understanding the side effects from the medicine.

The father took 1 packs of Oxyginberry Beverage daily!

Guess how was his body's skin after 3 months' consumption?

The daughter was so happy after learning about her father's improvement!!

This problem has in fact troubled the father for more than 20 years.

That's the wonder of nutrition in Oxyginberry Beverage to our immune system! After the immune system gets the right nutrition, it will work properly and do whatever which is required in the body and fine tune the body back to normal condition. The father gained back his skin coloration when his immune system started working properly!

You can read about the Chinese version's Sharing in details from below:

You can learn more about Oxyginberry Beverage from the below link:

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