Friday, June 19, 2015

How to Increase our kids' Immune System? Nutrifresh with Nutriact

NUTRIFRESH is always my girl's favourite drink in the morning!

I added NUTRIACT as double booster to her immunity enhancement! 

She loves it! :) 

Drinking Nutrifresh with added Nutriact 

1. Why I Choose NUTRIFRESH?
  • Made of Organic and non-GMO-Soy Bean + 15 different types of fruits and vegetables 
  • For plant-based protein - healthier than animal protein
  • To ensure enough vitamins and minerals from wholesome food source
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2. Why I Choose NUTRIACT?
  • Made of ABM mushroom + Shitake mushroom + Maitake mushroom + Ganoderma Ling Zhi

    • Rich in polysaccharides - important nutrients to help destroy viruses and abnormal or cancer cells
    • For a better prevention of catching flu and fever (which usually caused by viruses) 

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    3. Why I Choose MILLENNIUM also?
    • Made of Cactus Extract
    • To boost her immune system as Cactus is very rich in Phytochemicals 
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    MILLENNIUM is also her another favourite drink since young! 

    I started feeding her at 2 month old.  

    I hope to see my girl growing healthily as to me, health is the most important foundation to her growth. 

    Without good health, it will affect other aspects of her growing process. 


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