Monday, June 22, 2015

My 2nd Pregnancy Journey

I'm getting excited as in another 3 months' time, I am going to welcome my second child into my family! =) 

I hope he is growing healthily in my womb now... =) 

How I nourish during my second pregnancy with E.Excel wholesome food products?

Basically, there are quite a lot of E.Excel wholesome food products I'm taking. 

Let me share on the most basic and important wholesome products for pregnancy.

  • For better blood circulation to my baby, hence better transport of Oxygen and Nutrients
  • To combat fatigue, keep me more alert
  • Enhance immune system to prevent infections  
  • Calm my emotion 
  • Better support on my uterus and stomach with better self-production of collagen
  • More info:

  • To get Plant-based protein and basic vitamins and minerals to ensure growth of new cells 
  • Why NOT i choose Cows' milk?

  • To get Folate from soy and green leafy vegetables to prevent birth defect 
  • Why NOT i choose Folic Acid Pills?

  • To get Calcium from soy bean
  • Why NOT i choose Vitamin Pills or Calcium Pills?

  • In summary, to replace cow's milk (animal protein), folic acid pill, vitamin pills and calcium pills 

3. Why O-SEED?
  • To get plant-based Omega 3 (from kiwi seed and chia seed) for brain development 
  • No fishy taste like fish oil
  • No ocean contamination 
  • Rich in fiber also 
  • To replace fish oil supplement 
  • Why NOT i choose Fish Oil supplement?

  • To get plant-based iron (from ABM mushroom), Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C (from Acelora Cherry)
  • Why NOT i choose Iron Pills?

5. Why 1-SHAPE LITE?

  • Made of Psyllium husk, Soy bean and American Ginseng
  • To prevent constipation from sufficient Psyllium Husk
  • American Ginseng gives me more stamina 
  • Soy bean gives me soy protein besides Nutrifresh


  • For a better cleansing in my body 
  • To enhance my liver function for a better detox 
  • To prevent high blood pressure and other cardiovascular disease 
  • To prevent built up of visceral fat - so easier to slim down after delivery

I hope the above provides a good reference for all pregnant ladies for a better nourishment during pregnancy! =) 

May all pregnant ladies have a smooth pregnancy experience and delivery of a healthy baby! 

  • Any pregnant ladies have benefited?
1. Pregnant ladies' nourishment

4. My Post natal experience:

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