Friday, June 19, 2015

Plant A Tree Program

It's a meaningful charity project in E.Excel - Plant A Tree Program. 

On a beautiful sunday morning on 12-April-2015, we, a group of volunteers went to the destination place in Singapore to carry out our volunteer task of planting 50 trees there. 


The objective of planting trees there is to make the place (mangroves) to become a nature reserve in near future. 

Here we started. 

After demonstration by the local in charged who are expert in tree planting, we selected a small tree and started our task! 

1. Carrying the tree to the spot

The small tree itself carry some weight also. Can you imagine it required min 2 persons to carry together! 

2. Digging a hole 


The hole cannot be too shallow or deep, but be just nice! Digging task with the heavy tools is not easy also especially for ladies. 

Really thankful to Meg and Jenny who helped in the whole process as I can't really do the above job as expecting my 2nd child =) 

3. Putting the tree into the hole

4. Watering the Tree 

Final procedure - watering the plant!!! I can do this job! =) 

It was a SUPER HOT day! Everyone was sweating profusely! 

However, we had a sense of satisfaction after seeing the small tree has been planted here!!!

Not only 1 tree, but there are a total of 50 trees planted here in this project!! 

Thanks to E.Excel for giving us a precious and meaningful opportunity to make the world a better place to live!! 

Our tree, please grow well! We will come back to see you in near future! =) 


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