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SUPERFOODS for your Heart and Liver

How can we prevent from getting stroke and heart attack?

By maintaing a healthy diet (consume more plant foods) and healthy lifestyle 

PLANT FOODS that help promoting HEART and LIVER health:


1. Rich in phytosterols, zero cholesterols, low calories
Help lower LDL (bad) cholesterols and increase HDL (good) cholesterols, thereby promoting heart health. 

Why phytosterols?

To compete with Cholesterol to be incorporated into mixed micelles (mixture of bile salts, lipids, sterols formed in the small intestines)
Phytosterols have a greater affinity for micelles than cholesterols, causing the cholesterols to be excluded from the absorption process.

2. Research shows that an unhealthy diet high in SODIUM and low in POTASSIUM may lead to high blood pressure and atherosclerosis, both of which are main risk of STROKE. 

Soy rich in potassium, which helps the body to get rid of excess sodium, thus lowering the risk of stroke. 


1. Rich source of phytosterols like beta-sitosterol and stigma sterol. Studies have shown that psyllium husk can lower total and LDL cholesterol, helping to reduce heart disease risk. 

2. High fiber content aid weight management. The dietary fiber can help lower total cholesterol levels in the body too. The soluble fiber (form a gel-like substance on intestine) helps lower blood cholesterol levels by slowing down the absorption of cholesterol through small intestine. it helps clear away LDL cholesterol. 

** important to note that fiber will NOT inhibit the absorption of vitamins and minerals. On the contrary, it enhances the absorption of minerals. 

The human body requires around 20-35g of dietary fiber daily for sufficient nourishment. 

For reference:
Apple with skin = 2.8g only. 

Per 100 g food
Pysllium Husk = 78 g fiber 
Chia Seed = 38 g fiber
Oat = 11 g fiber
Whole wheat bread = 7 g fiber
Broccoli = 3 g fiber
Orange = 2 g fiber 
Banana = 2 g fiber 
Strawberry = 2 g fiber
White Rice (Cooked) = 0 g fiber


Cactus/ Cactus Fruits: 
1. High anti-inflamation properties helps to reduce inflammation in the blood vessel. 

2.Contain proline and taurine. Proline aids in collagen formation, atherosclerosis prevention, and tissue repair. Taurine helps to combat heart disease, protect against diabetes, lower high blood pressure and decrease anxiety. 

3. Cactus extract helps to decrease cholesterol and triglycerides level, reduce LDL (bad) cholesterols, prevent high blood sugar level, stabilise diabetics' blood sugar level, promote cardiovascular health. 

Ginseng Berry:

1. Ginseny berry is considered a tonic for the blood. It can lower the blood pressure to normal levels and even reduce cholesterols.

2. Contain Ginsenosides - 4 times higher amount than the ginseng root. Enhance blood circulation therefore more efficient transport of oxygen and nutrients to the body organs from the heart. 

Grape Seed:

1. High antioxidant properties due to OPC content - antioxidant activity is 20 times higher than Vitamin C and 50 times higher than Vitamin E. Helps in inhibiting oxidative DNA damage. Oxidation is one of the MAIN causes of various diseases. The OPCs in grape seed can help to enhance DNA's ability to repair itself. 

It improves blood circulation by strengthening the blood vessels. 

1. Rose has been used over the centuries to improve blood circulation

2. It enhances collagen production which is important for blood vessel elasticity. 

3. It strengthen the immune system by regulating and balancing it from giving inflammation. 

1. Helps to stimulate collagen formation and cellular turnover (cell regeneration). Collagen is important to maintain elasticity of our blood vessel to prevent from getting stroke. 

2. It helps to prevent blood clotting, therefore promote healthier flow in the circulatory system. 


1. It helps alleviate high blood cholesterol level

2. Contain chlorophyl that is excellent in cleansing the blood and liver. It also promotes the growth of good bacteria in the intestine. 

3. Contain flavonoids which have been linked to a reduced risk of cancer, heart diseases, asthma and stroke. 

4. Helps to regulate blood glucose level.

5. It inhibits histamine release, thereby preventing any allergic reaction.

6. Helps to promote bone formation and increase bone mass. 

7. Contain chalcones that stimulate Nerve Growth Factor which can alleviate Alzheimer's disease potentially. 


1. Has an excellent cleansing effect on the blood, thereby lowering blood pressure. 

2. Contain polysaccharides that can reduce excess cholesterol in blood vessels, help regain vitality and elasticity of the blood vessel, protecting against atherosclerosis. 

3. Its lignin has cleansing effect on the liver, enhancing liver filtering function. 

As a Convenience, you can get the above SUPERFOODS from the below wholesome food products. 

1. Oxyginberry Beverage/ Capsules 

Made of Cactus,Cactus Fruits, GinsengBerry, Grape Seed, Rose and Seaweed

2. 1-Shape

Made of Soy Bean, Psyllium Husk, American Ginseng and Fruits and Vegetables

3. Orchestra 

Made of Kumazasa and Ashitaba

All the above wholesome plant food products are formulated based on Science of Nutritional Immunology. 

Science of Nutritional Immunology studies the link between foods and immune system, and it's pioneered by Dr Jau-Fei Chen, who is the world-renowned Nutritional Immunologist from US. 

When we select the superfoods in the Oxyginberry, 1-Shape and Orchestra, a few criteria are being taken care of too 

1. Species
Ginseng berry we used are harvested from american ginseng and Ji Lin ginseng, and not korean ginseng.   

Korean ginseng is not suitable for daily consumption due to its heaty nature.
However American ginseng and Ji Lin ginseng are food grade which can be taken by all.  

2. Part

We use the grape seeds from the grapes as the seeds have the highest antioxidant level compared to the meat and the skin. 

For Ashitaba, only the sap from the cross-sectional stem are being collected as it contains highest nutrients. 

For Soy Bean, the skin and the seed are being removed as they contains mild toxins. 

3. Harvesting time 

Cactus and Cactus Fruits need to be harvested after 10 years growth to ensure high nutrition values. 

4, Food Synergy

Different combination of superfoods create the SYNERGISED food, which can be consumed daily by all, for a great health benefit. 

Third, Food Safety of Oxyginberry Beverage
  • Organic (free of pesticides) and non-genetically modified plant ingredients.
  • Free of preservatives, synthetic minerals.
  • Tested and free of heavy metals such as mercury, copper, lead, arsenic, and cadmium.
  • Tested and free of at least 1822 toxins including narcotics, steroid drugs, banned drugs like Fenfluramine and human growth hormones.
  • Received "Food Safety Excellence Award" from Singapore AVA for consecutive 14 years since 2004.
  • The E.Excel food manufacturing plants are GMP-regulated. 
The below are the certificates received from AVA:

Therefore, you can rest assure to consume it. Food safety has been the branding of E.Excel. 

For more info, kindly contact me at +65-9090 9942. Thanks =) 

Health is the BEST ASSET you have
Safeguard now before Health becomes your liability

Best Regards, 
Nutritional Immunology Consultant

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