Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Recipe - Healthy Home-Made Jam with VegeColor and Evernew

My Healthy HOME MADE JAM using VegeColor and Evernew:

Why I prefer to make my own Jam using the above food?

  • Healthier - using the wholesome plant food as ingredients
  • No artificial colouring and preservatives
  • Less sweet
  • Rich in fiber to help digestion 
  • Rich in variety of vegetables and fruits (min 28 different types)

Jam made of Vegecolor and Evernew


  1. 1 pack of VegeColor and Evernew Orange
  2. Then stir with water (50ml)
  3. You may want to add honey to make it sweeter

e.excel, oxyginberry, evernew, vegecolor

VegeColor is a convenient wholesome freeze-dried food 
  • using 28 fruits and vegetables 
  • NO preservatives and additives
  • to provide variety of plant foods for a healthier meal

Evernew Orange is a convenient wholesome freeze-dried food 

  • using Psyllium Husk, Orange, Banana and Oat
  • NO preservative and additives. 
  • to add plant fiber on your daily diet  

It's definitely healthier for our children to take. 

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Together, we live a healthier lifestyle!

Warmest Regards, 

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