Friday, June 19, 2015

EE Family Day - Part of Fund Raising Charity Project

I have been looking forward to this day to arrive - EE FAMILY DAY!

It's a special day for me for the following reasons: 

1. Bringing my 1.5 year-old girl to Sentosa for the first time with my husband

2. Being the volunteer to help out in the EE Food Stall for fund raising project

3. Enjoying the meaningful day as part of E.Excel Big Family 

So the day had finally arrived.

On 6-Jun-2015, it's a beautiful saturday afternoon!

We arrived the place Port Of Lost Wonder, POLW earlier, at 3pm although the admission time is 4pm.

The Palawan Beach is so beautiful with the pre-set up of E.Excel tents.

The EE Stall set up.

We arrived earlier to help out in the EE stall.

Together with other E.Excellers as the EE volunteers, we took turns to prepare and sell foods and drinks using E.Excel wholesome food products at the EE Stall. 

  • Sandwiches - with Evernew and VegeColor to make the jam
  • Drinks - with Triflora, Aromantic, Orchestra
  • Muar Chee - with Nutrifresh added to the peanut 

The response was good!! Many visited the stall =)

After helping out in the EE stalls, I joined my husband and girl for the rest of the family day programs.

My girl was so excited to play in the water playground and refused to come up! 

I missed to take photographs for her in the water playground! 

After drying up, she started playing on the field and enjoying the foods! =) 

Successful Fund Raising!

For the Entire Family Day, a total fund of $38,899 has been successfully raised to Community Chest to help support the necessary projects such as 
  • Children with special needs to reach potential
  • Adults with disabilities to integrate into society
  • Relationships of families in difficulty to stay strong
  • Elderly to age gracefully in the community 

E.Excel has actually brought a group of less privileged children joining the event too! 

With the help of the volunteers and donations of food coupons, the children had enjoyed their day also! 

I have donated food coupons to them also,

Coming to the end of the event, it's an exciting moment - Lucky Draws! 

I was lucky enough to win a lucky draw and brought back the following prizes! =) 

After the lucky draws, it was followed by Children's performance at stage! 

The entire Family Day event ended with a stunning fireworks at around 8.30pm!! 

Everyone was very happy including my family members! 

It was indeed a very joyful yet meaningful day! 

Thanks E.Excel for having us and providing me the platform to contribute back to the society. 


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