Thursday, June 18, 2015

Healthier Aromantic Cupcake using E.Excel Blended Cooking Oil

My first attempt of making cupcake. 

Aromantic Cupcake using E.Excel Blended Cooking Oil

I have been searching for a healthier recipe in the internet, as i wished to make ones for my daughter. 

After searching, I realised that it requires butter or margarine as the basic ingredient. 

Thanks to Dr Jau-Fei Chen and E.Excel for newly-launched E.Excel Blended Cooking Oil!! 

I can easily replace the butter with this cooking which are very low in Omega 6 and exceptionally high in Omega 3 as it's made of Macadamia Nut!

Due to very high smoke point, I can bake it with relief without having concern of exceeding the smoke point. 

Besides that, I have added Aromantic powder to make the cupcake taste even better! =)

Aromantic Powder

E.Excel Blended Cooking Oil

So, Why I choose E.Excel Blended Cooking Oil?

  • Ingredients: 95.5% Macadamia Nuts and 4.5% Perilla Seed Oil

  • Very Low in Omega 6 to prevent body inflammation which may lead to heart diseases or even cancer.  
  • High Smoke Point - which is good to prevent our cooking temperature exceeding the smoke point, Once exceeded, the oil will break down and produce toxins and even carcinogenic. FDA states that "Cooking oils must not be used to the point where they exceed their smoke points."
After learning this fact, imagine when our cooking oil start to become smoke on the frying pan, actually it's a very dangerous thing as it starts to become toxic in our dishes.

Therefore, i have changed my cooking oil to the EE Blended cooking oil already although it's generally higher price than other cooking oils

Why I Choose Aromantic Powder?

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