Friday, August 9, 2013

E.Excel Testimonial from a senior citizen (86 years old)

Do you think E.Excel Wholesome Food can help senior citizen? 

Definitely will. 

Let's see below testimonial from a senior citizen aged 86 years old.

I am 86 years old this year. Since young, I have been selling Yong Tao Fu in Kuala Lumpur. 

Due to long hours of work, I developed many illnesses: High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, and Diabetes, relying on medicine everyday of my life! 

I have undergone 3 surgeries before - removed ovary, thyroid gland, and cataract.

At the age of 74, due to high blood pressure and admitted to hospital, I was forced to retire. 

3 years later after my retirement, one day, when traveling with my son, I suddenly felt excruciating pain till I had to lie on the floor. 

I was brought to seek medical help immediately by my son on wheel chair. Doctor diagnosed that my cartilage in my knee was gone, my knee was inflamed badly, and swollen. 

I was on medication to reduce the swelling. I was helpless as no medication can help to cure although I have been doctors including specialist.

Fortunately, after my daughter's friend knew about my condition, she shared with me E.Excel food ART. I have been taking it for 3 years, and added other E.Excel foods for eg. Celebration, Millennium, Encore, Refresh, Nutrifresh and Noco

Now I have even added G-ART, Oxyginberry Beverage, Orchestra after it was launched!

I am very confident on the products.

Today, I do not have to walk with stick, I can even walk staircases till 4th floor without panting. my body bone has become stronger also. I can even do housework and cooking, travelling everywhere I like, my life is very wonderful!

I am very thankful of knowing E.Excel, allow me to still be able to go everywhere, unlike other elderly who need other people's care. 

Although having tough life for the first half of my life, I feel I am getting happier and happier, social circle is also getting bigger and bigger due to E.Excel. 

I also expanded my horizon, and my life has become more meaningful too. 

I feel that we must be positive as human being, it's very important. 

Bringing health and joy to people around us - why not?? 

I always share with people, we elderly has not much request, we just hope to be able to "eat well, sleep well, walk well, release well", we feel very blessed already.

Warmest Regards, 

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