Saturday, August 10, 2013

Safety concerns on Synthetic Vitamin Supplements (vs. Wholesome Plant Food Products)

Attended a baby seminar few weeks ago at KKH and I was given many goodie bags.
What are inside the goodie bags? A lot of baby stuffs for eg. baby magazines, baby lotions, flash cards for baby, baby shampoo and also vitamin supplements sample for mommy-to-be also.

After looking at the ingredients of the supplements, I know that they are made synthetically. I threw all of them as I know I'm not going to consume them although it seems a bit wasted.

It's always wise to first look at the ingredients of the health products before we consume it.
For example, the below product which I got from the seminar:

Very obvious, you can see it's made of calcium carbonate and vitamin D3 - synthetic. There are side effects by taking calcium pills.

See the below links and attached to find out the side effects:

According to the study published in the Journal of American Medical Association, 3 types of supplements, Vitamin A, E and Beta Carotene could increase the risk of early death. See below for more details.

The American Dietetic Association, US National Academy of Sciences and the British Heart Foundation maintain that the best way to obtain vitamins is through wholesome foods, and that vitamins in pill form should not be used to substitute a balanced diet.

This is another example of chemical supplement - glucosamine sulphate which I got from the goodie bag also.

You can find out more info about glucosamine supplement from the below link:

People that use vitamin supplements likely start with good intentions. But where do these products actually come from? Are vitamin supplements any more natural than white flour or pharmaceuticals?
The below link tells you the details:

Hope thru the above information, we and our friends/ family can become a more well-informed consumers when we are choosing a supplement in the market.

We have to be aware and alert of the ingredients of the product we are getting as some ingredients may be a silent killer and harm our health unknowingly and bring side effects when we consume in the long term.

Choosing a right health food is also important. Wholesome plant food WITHOUT being fortified with any vitamin/ mineral supplements is of the most ideal choice to nourish our immune system. Don't load Our immune system with unwanted 'nutrition'.
We are what we eat. All of us taking health food in hope to get a better health thru convenience. So let's be wiser consumer together!

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