Monday, August 19, 2013

Dinner at Jerry's BBQ and Grill

Had a sumptuous dinner at Jerry's BBQ and Grill restaurant with my hubby yesterday! A belated birthday celebration - supposed to be a French dinner at MBS but due to some clashing of time arrangement, ended up with American dinner! haha 
nvm it's still a great dinner moment =) 
We had a very full dinner too with the big servings!

I immediately drank a pack of Millennium (my cactus beverage) after taking so much meat over the dinner too! haha
Felt more relieved from removing the harmful animal hormones...hehe
Wondering western food is always of such big serving and a lot of meat with little vegetables. No wonder the chronic diseases (such as diabetes, cancer) rate is increasing much higher than of the Asian countries.

However, in recent years, chronic diseases cases in Singapore is also on the rising trend. Yesterday read the newspaper article stating that within 10 years, terminal stage kidney patients cases are multiplied. It is estimated that in year 2016, there could be an increase of more than 500 kidney patients.  Diabetes is the main culprit that caused kidney failure disease. As we know, majority of diabetes are due to incorrect dietary habit by eating too much high calorie food, rich in meat which cause obesity etc.

I feel blessed that there are such convenient healthy plant food products for me to consume whenever I am having 'not so healthy' diet. =)  

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