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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

All Work and No Play - what impact to your health and life?

"80 percent of professionals ar working longer than their contractual hours...72 percent of respondents still tune into work when they are out of the office, continuing to work from home or on mobile device."

"You fear for the consequences if you don't stay attached to it without a break. You may justify this to yourself by harbouring irrational thoughts of being indispensable at  work. In effect, Work begins to manage you rather than you managing your work."

"Some people do not feel they can take an annual vacation, in part out of fear that their workload will be overwhelming when they return."

"Workaholism will have adverse effects on your health and life."
- extracted from the above article 

I think this work-life balance issue worth us to take note also. 
Many of times we are caught in the rat race, family commitment to make more money, inflation pressure, expensive living standard etc... that we have no choice but to engage into this kind of work life. Otherwise we may be dropped out due to stiff competition. 

But this will greatly affect our health due to work stress, irregular meals, unbalanced diet and lack of exercise and sleeping. 

Hence, Making a right choice is more important than working hard. When you have choose the right direction, then only you put on your hard work, the results will be awesome! 

When we have a choice to choose our desired lifestyle, which one will you choose?

Stressed work life with more money but lacking of time and health to enjoy the fruits of success?


Ultimate Freedom Lifestyle which consists of Financial Freedom (continuous cash flow even when you retire), Time Freedom and Health freedom (free of diseases)?

The choice is on your hand. Make your life meaningful and fruitful by making the right choice to lead the lifestyle that you desire. 

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Evernew Orange Fruit Cup and Coconut Trees Fruit Platter

Did a healthy fruit cup using Evernew Orange for myself :)


1. Slice the orange from top to separate in five. Scoop the orange and set aside. 

2. Cut the kiwi fruit into small cubes and mix with strawberry, cherry and blueberries.

3. Mix the Evernew Orange with orange juice. Stir evenly and add in all the ingredients in Step 2. Fill into the orange cup. 

4. Decorate with cherry, blueberries and strawberry on top.

Also did a healthy fruit platter "COCONUT TREEES" for my girl :) 

Does it look like 2 coconut trees? :)

I use Evernew Orange as the "soil base" of the coconut trees. 

When Emily saw this platter, she was very excited at her BIG dessert with different colours. :p 

But she only managed to eat a little. The below is the deformed coconut trees after her dessert time! haha! I finished the rest of it. 

I'm happy to see her growth milestone! 

Happy Emily! :) 


Friday, October 31, 2014

Beware of Essential Oil impurities

"Pregnant ladies and infants should avoid taking essential oil if possible. If really required to use, please ensure the essential oils are free of impurities. Please consult specialists before using essential oils." - extracted from the above article. 

How to be a wise consumer in using household items, skin care and essential oils?
Read more:

Singapore - A Nation of Pill Poppers?

"Some supplements may also interact with prescribed or over the counter medications"
"High daily doses of certain vitamin pills can cause more harm than good to the body"
"High doses of vitamin C have been known to cause kidney stones"

Side effects of VITAMIN PILLS:

  • Toxic truth about vitamin supplements:
  • Safety concerns on synthetic vitamin:
  • Vitamin Pills may shorten lifespan
  • Where do Vitamin Supplements come from:

  • OMEGA 3:



    Friday, August 9, 2013

    Health maintenance after a sumptuous steamboat

    Had a great steamboat gathering with ex-housemates today! A sumptuous meal with a great spread prepared by them - ranging from meatballs, fishballs, vegetables, mushrooms, fried Old Chang Kee's food, fish meat, scallop, prawns etc!! A very filling and satisfying dinner!

    After reaching home, I had a bottle of Millennium sparkling drink to aid my digestion after eating too many delicious meals especially meat. Cactus ingredient in Millennium Sparkling drink is very good at neutralizing animal hormones from meat to prevent harming our health. Felt very refreshing also after taking this healthy soft drink! ;)

    Millennium Sparkling drink is definitely the best replacement of sweet and unhealthy soft drinks as it is:
    • Natural botanical ingredients: Cactus, Lime, Stevia
    • No added preservatives
    • Low in calorie (only 50 calorie per can)

    E.Excel Testimonial from a senior citizen (86 years old)

    Do you think E.Excel Wholesome Food can help senior citizen? 

    Definitely will. 

    Let's see below testimonial from a senior citizen aged 86 years old.

    I am 86 years old this year. Since young, I have been selling Yong Tao Fu in Kuala Lumpur. 

    Due to long hours of work, I developed many illnesses: High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, and Diabetes, relying on medicine everyday of my life! 

    I have undergone 3 surgeries before - removed ovary, thyroid gland, and cataract.

    At the age of 74, due to high blood pressure and admitted to hospital, I was forced to retire. 

    3 years later after my retirement, one day, when traveling with my son, I suddenly felt excruciating pain till I had to lie on the floor. 

    I was brought to seek medical help immediately by my son on wheel chair. Doctor diagnosed that my cartilage in my knee was gone, my knee was inflamed badly, and swollen. 

    I was on medication to reduce the swelling. I was helpless as no medication can help to cure although I have been doctors including specialist.

    Fortunately, after my daughter's friend knew about my condition, she shared with me E.Excel food ART. I have been taking it for 3 years, and added other E.Excel foods for eg. Celebration, Millennium, Encore, Refresh, Nutrifresh and Noco

    Now I have even added G-ART, Oxyginberry Beverage, Orchestra after it was launched!

    I am very confident on the products.

    Today, I do not have to walk with stick, I can even walk staircases till 4th floor without panting. my body bone has become stronger also. I can even do housework and cooking, travelling everywhere I like, my life is very wonderful!

    I am very thankful of knowing E.Excel, allow me to still be able to go everywhere, unlike other elderly who need other people's care. 

    Although having tough life for the first half of my life, I feel I am getting happier and happier, social circle is also getting bigger and bigger due to E.Excel. 

    I also expanded my horizon, and my life has become more meaningful too. 

    I feel that we must be positive as human being, it's very important. 

    Bringing health and joy to people around us - why not?? 

    I always share with people, we elderly has not much request, we just hope to be able to "eat well, sleep well, walk well, release well", we feel very blessed already.

    Warmest Regards, 

    Oxyginberry Beverage: Testimonial for speedy wound receovery!

    It happened during my wedding banquet day, one of my guests accidently moved his chair and knocked on my toe during the group table photoshooting! 

    Guess what happen? The whole piece of my toe nail came out!! It's bleeding and my toe was in pain! My family helped me put up the dressing on the wound with the plaster to temporarily stop the bleeding and cover the wound.

    When I reached home and rest, I quickly applied Oxyginberry Essence on top of my wound and drank 1 pack Oxyginberry Beverage on that night. 

    I did the same on the next following days. 

    See what happened within 4 days?  

    Isnt that wonderful? 

    My toe was fully recovered! 

    I don't have to suffer the pain anymore, and the inconvenience while taking shower which i have to keep lifting my leg to avoid the wound from the water.

    Now i just need to wait for the nail to grow back.

    Thanks to Oxyginberry Essence and Oxyginberry Beverage!!

    I've been using both for more than 5 years as my daily health and beauty maintenance secret weapon.

    Now they are also helpful on my wounded toe!!

    To find out more about Oxyginberry Beverage:

    Warmest Regards,