Friday, August 9, 2013

Health maintenance after a sumptuous steamboat

Had a great steamboat gathering with ex-housemates today! A sumptuous meal with a great spread prepared by them - ranging from meatballs, fishballs, vegetables, mushrooms, fried Old Chang Kee's food, fish meat, scallop, prawns etc!! A very filling and satisfying dinner!

After reaching home, I had a bottle of Millennium sparkling drink to aid my digestion after eating too many delicious meals especially meat. Cactus ingredient in Millennium Sparkling drink is very good at neutralizing animal hormones from meat to prevent harming our health. Felt very refreshing also after taking this healthy soft drink! ;)

Millennium Sparkling drink is definitely the best replacement of sweet and unhealthy soft drinks as it is:
  • Natural botanical ingredients: Cactus, Lime, Stevia
  • No added preservatives
  • Low in calorie (only 50 calorie per can)

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