Friday, August 9, 2013

Oxyginberry Beverage: Testimonial for speedy wound receovery!

It happened during my wedding banquet day, one of my guests accidently moved his chair and knocked on my toe during the group table photoshooting! 

Guess what happen? The whole piece of my toe nail came out!! It's bleeding and my toe was in pain! My family helped me put up the dressing on the wound with the plaster to temporarily stop the bleeding and cover the wound.

When I reached home and rest, I quickly applied Oxyginberry Essence on top of my wound and drank 1 pack Oxyginberry Beverage on that night. 

I did the same on the next following days. 

See what happened within 4 days?  

Isnt that wonderful? 

My toe was fully recovered! 

I don't have to suffer the pain anymore, and the inconvenience while taking shower which i have to keep lifting my leg to avoid the wound from the water.

Now i just need to wait for the nail to grow back.

Thanks to Oxyginberry Essence and Oxyginberry Beverage!!

I've been using both for more than 5 years as my daily health and beauty maintenance secret weapon.

Now they are also helpful on my wounded toe!!

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