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Sunday, July 19, 2020

Thank you Dr EE for an informative health sharing .

Thank you Dr EE for your awesome and informative sharing as always to educate the public on immune system and how to be a wise consumer. 

Over the years, Dr Chen and her daughter Dr EE, have been giving many Nutritional Immunology talks with the latest health information and nutrition misconceptions .

Knowledge is indeed power. 

 I greatly benefited from the talks, as a wiser consumer. 

Join me next session, to learn more about Nutritional Immunology. 

Contact/ whatsapp me at +65- 9090 9942 for more upcoming health talks by Dr Chen and Dr EE. 

Best Regards, 
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Monday, October 24, 2016

Is Wheat Flour a Silent Killer in your food?

Read an article on Wheat Flour 

Thanks to Dr Chen's Previous session on Folic Acid, which I've learned that fortification of folic acid into FLOUR which may cause harm in our body. 

  • Excessive intake of folic acid (synthetic) into our body may cause the bad cells to escalate the mutation process to become cancer cells. 
  • Therefore, avoid taking too much foods that are rich in synthetic source of vitamins and minerals, such as bread, cereals, biscuits and drinks that have been fortified with synthetic vitamins and minerals. 

With the possibility of exceeding the daily required intake of vitamins from the daily foods unknowingly, do you agree that taking Vitamin pills will even bring up the level of synthetic intake to the body knowingly?

This is because many toddlers and kids' VITAMIN PILLS are made synthetically using chemical sources. 

As a wise parent, do you prefer synthetic or wholesome foods to nourish your child's immunity and body?

Check out superfoods from WHOLESOME source to nourish your kids' body and immune system: 

Best Regards, 
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Sunday, October 23, 2016

COCONUT OIL is NOT SUPERFOOD you think it is!!!

Coconut oil is believed by many parents that it is good for boosting their kids' immunity, promote bowel movement & other health benefits. 

However, an article appeared on Straits Times dated 21 October 2016.

While coconut oil is a healthier alternative to butter or lard, it is not as good as unsaturated plant oils, such as canola oil.
"It would be dangerous, and rather silly, to replace your extra-virgin olive oil with coconut oil," said New Zealand Institute of Chemistry oils and fats specialist Laurence Eyres in an interview with The Washington Post earlier this month.
There is also no conclusive evidence that coconut oil aids weight loss, according to experts. It might even be counterproductive to consume large quantities of coconut oil in hopes of losing weight, as the oil is high in calories.
The same goes for the claims that coconut oil cures Alzheimer's disease or prevents diabetes, as there are limited studies to back these claims.
The bottom line? Coconut oil is not a miracle food. Use it as a replacement for butter and lard in cooking or baking, but for regular use, stick to olive, canola and other non-tropical oils.


For me, I personally don't consume coconut oil to promote health as: 

it's high in calories, just like other cooking oils. 

However, In terms of cooking, I am still using Cooking Oil, How to choose a healthier cooking oil?

Check Below: 

"Be A Wise Consumer"

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

How do you rinse your fruits at home?

1st photo: BEFORE
2nd photo: AFTER

Do you spot any difference between the BEFORE and AFTER PHOTOS?

This is the effect after using VEGEWASH on the grapes =) 

It has been my routine that i will always use Vegewash to rinse my fruits and vegetables before consuming so to cleanse away the pesticides, herbicides, microbes and harmful substances on the fruits. 

Vegewash is definitely as MUST product in my kitchen =) 
-->  Click HERE to learn more about the ingredients of Vegewash and functions! 

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Recall of Manuka Honey due to non-approved additives found

Another case of health product recall in Singapore. 

SINGAPORE: The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) on Friday (Feb 26) announced a recall of Evergreen manuka honey products from New Zealand.
AVA noted that New Zealand's Ministry of Primary Industries has posted an advisory that Evergreen Life Limited is recalling the products. There is information to suggest that non-approved substances dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and methylglyoxal (MG) may have been used during the processing of the honey, AVA said.

  • As a wise consumer, we need to always be aware of the food safety. 

  • On top of non-approved additives found in honey, do you know that traces of antibiotics could be found in honey too? This is due to the misuse of antibiotics from the bee producers who would like to prevent bees from falling sick. 

  • Overuse of antibiotics can cause superbug in our body.

That's the goal of Nutritional Immunology that always equip the consumers in the market with right knowledge so we can all make a more informed choice in maintaining our good health. 

If you need any advice related to the health products that you are using now, kindly contact me via message or email. Thank you.=) 

Warmest Regards, 
Nutritional Immunology Consultant

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Vitamin C in Baby Foods - is it good?

While i was searching for more information on baby foods, I was reminded to share with all on the ingredients on baby foods once again.

Many baby food products may claim to be FREE of preservatives. However it can last for quite some time. 

Have you ever wondered HOW?

It's because Vitamin C has been fortified into the baby food. 

"Ascorbic acid (commonly known as Vitamin C) neutralizes oxygen when it comes into contact with it. 

Oxygen allows foods to continue to ripen, an aging process similar to the one people go through that ends in death. 
Oxygen is also vital for many microorganisms to thrive, some of which cause decay. 

Ascorbic acid slows or neutralizes these events. The substance blocks cured meat’s propensity to form carcinogens called nitrosamines, for example. In the process, the vitamin also preserves the flesh’s red color. In addition, ascorbic acid preserves flavor. "

Do you check the ingredient label of the baby foods?

What's the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C for Children?

The recommended daily intake by the U.S. Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine 
for infants 0-12 months old is the amount of vitamin C in human milk; 
for children 1-3 years old, it is 15 milligrams; 
for children 4-8 years old, it is 25 milligrams; 
for children 9-13 years old, it is 45 milligrams; 
and for adolescents 14-18 years old, it is 75 milligrams for boys and 65 milligrams for girls. 
The tolerable upper intake levels (UL) for vitamin C are 400 milligrams daily for children 1-3 years old; 
650 milligrams daily for children 4-8 years old; 
1,200 milligrams daily for children 9-13 years old; 
1,800 milligrams daily for adolescents and pregnant and lactating females 14-18 years old

Common side-effects of Vitamin C overdoes

  • Relatively large doses of vitamin C may cause indigestion, particularly when taken on an empty stomach.
  • When taken in large doses, vitamin C causes diarrhea in healthy subjects. 
  • In one trial in 1936, doses up to 6 grams of ascorbic acid were given to 29 infants, 93 children of preschool and school age, and 20 adults for more than 1400 days. 
  • With the higher doses, toxic manifestations were observed in five adults and four infants. The signs and symptoms in adults were nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, flushing of the face, headache, fatigue and disturbed sleep. 
  • The main toxic reactions in the infants were skin rashes.

There is a difference between Man-Made vitamins vs vitamins from wholesome food source

The above comes from man-made vitamins therefore side effects can be observed. 
However, when we consume oranges (vitamin C source) than our body require, we will never suffer side effects as stated above. 

Read more on:

Let's all be a wise parent by being a wise consumer. =) 

May all children grow healthily and happily. 

If you wish to learn more about super foods for baby/ children, please contact me via whatsapp or email. I can advise you and share with you related information. 

Thank You. 

Your Nutritional Immunology Consultant

Friday, May 8, 2015

Be a wise consumer - Read ingredient label

Recently, I saw a post in FB from a friend which shared that after taking a joint (glucosamine) supplement of a particular brand, the joint pain improved a lot, means not as painful as before. 

I was very curious, hence googled to search some information about it! 

The below is the info I obtained about this glucosamine supplements:

I decided to search more info about what boswellic acid which the company claimed to improve joint functions in 7 days! 

That's amazing isn't it? 

To my surprise, this is what I found:

Boswellia, also known as Indian Frankincense, is an herbal extract taken from the Boswellia serrata tree.
Resin made from boswellia extract has been used for centuries in Asian and African folk medicine to treat chronic inflammatory illnesses, as well as a number of other health conditions. It is available as a resin, pill, or cream.
Studies show that boswellia may reduce inflammation and may be useful in treating:
  • osteoarthritis
  • rheumatoid arthritis (RA)
  • asthma
  • inflammatory bowel disease
Besides being an effective anti-inflammatory, boswellia can be an effective painkiller and may prevent the loss of cartilage. Some studies have found that it may even be useful in treating certain cancers, such as leukemia and breast cancer.
Boswellia may interact with and decrease the effects of anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen and other medications. Talk to your doctor before using boswellia products, especially if you’re taking other medications to treat inflammation.
Important: Boswellia may be an emmenagogue and abortificient. This means it can stimulate menstruation and induce miscarriage by increasing blood flow in the uterus. Pregnant women are advised to avoid this herb.
After reading the above, boswellic acid can be chemically extracted from the boswellia herb. No doubt it has good anti-inflammation properties.

HOWEVER, what I also saw is the side effects from using the acid. It acts as a painkiller too. And interact with other medications and can induce miscarriage among pregnant ladies. 

I was thinking that's the reason why my friend has less pain in her joint after taking the supplement as it has pain killer effect. 

So what if she stops taking the supplement, will the pain come back? Probably yes...

What we are more worrying is the long term consumption of this glucosamine supplement will endanger a person's health:


1. Boswellic acid a not natural plant, it has become some form of chemical as it's chemically extracted out, no longer wholesome. 

2. What if the person taking medicine for eg ibuprofen that treat her inflammation and at the same time taking this supplement too? chemical interaction which leads to serious side effects.

3. Since it's a chemical form, it causes side effects especially on liver and kidney when consuming on long term. 

4. For Glucosamine and chondroitin supplements which either come from crab shells/ shrimp shells/ made in laboratory - chemically synthesized, it will give side effects such as leading to diabetes problems as these ingredients will cause the pancreatic cells to die off.

Read below for more details:

5. The claim stating the product's effectiveness to be seen within 7 days has not been evaluated by US FDA. 

So, we must be a wise consumer to always learn to read the ingredient labels.

Some unsafe ingredients may be hidden without being marketed out for consumers' information, instead the company will over exaggerate on the effectiveness to catch consumer's attention. 

Best regards,

Friday, October 31, 2014

Are you looking for Collagen Product?


Let me do a summary of the above newspaper article, which contrary to many people's belief:
  • Oral Supplement is NOT effective, 
  • Collagen break down (result in ageing) in our body is due to free radical attack. In other words, ageing is caused by free radical attack.
  • Cannot be absorbed by skin as the collagen molecules are too large.
  • Collagen is usually derived from cows and can result in allergic reaction.
  • Eating more fruits and vegetables rich in ANTIOXIDANT can help by removing free radical.

The main objective of many people are looking for collagen products in the market is to slow down ageing

We have also understood that ageing is actually caused by free radical attack. 

Hence, the best way to slow down ageing is to take Superfoods that enhance self-production of collagen in our body.  

  • What super foods that enhance self-production of collagen?

Best Regards,
Nutritional Immunology Consultant
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Friday, September 12, 2014

Great experience interviewing world renowned Nutritional Immunologist,Dr Jau Fei Chen

I was invited as an emcee and interviewer of Live! with Dr Chen Chapter 3 @ Orchard Hotel on 17-Aug-14. 

There are about 2000 people who are attending the session. 

It was an awesome experience interviewing Dr Jau Fei Chen who is the founder of Nutritional Immunology. 

Who is Dr Chen?

This is one of the reasons why I like my business so much! 

It allows me to have so many great exposure experiences which i would never get in my job. 

Best regards 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Beware of harmful chemical ingredients in our household items

Do you know what are the chemical burdens to our body? 

Do you think that things that we use topically are less or more harmful than the food that we consume? The answer is it may be more harmful. 

You may be surprised to learn that substances that we breath in or absorb through the skin may go directly to our blood stream if the substances are very tiny, therefore affecting our body system if the substances are harmful. 

Whereas food that we eat at least will go thru our stomach to let gastric juice to kill the germs for us first. Hence, always beware of the harmful chemical ingredients in our house hold items. 

1. Fluoride - Found in toothpaste and drinking water. Research has revealed that fluoride increases cancer risk. 

2. Formaldehyde - In disinfectants, shower gels, body lotions. Classified as a human carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. 

3. Lead and Mercury - In whitening skin care and toys. Could harm nerves, digestion, urination, endocrine system, bones and others. Lead in placenta and breast milk can harm fetuses and infants. 

4. Nonylphenol - In cosmetics, plastics, pesticides. Could cause low sperm counts and malformed genitalia. 

5. Perchloroethylene (perc) - In dry cleaning solvents. Linked to increased risk of certain cancers. 

6. Phenol - In plastics, paints and some medicines. Could harm brain, nose, throat, lungs and heart. 

7. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) - Found in Shampoos, toothpaste, foaming bath oil. In 1983, the Journal of American College of Toxicology reported that animals exposed to SLS experienced eye damage, depression, laboured breathing, diarrhoea, severe skin irritation and corrosion and death. 

8. Triclosan - Found in toothpaste, hand wash, shower gels, toys, clothing. Research from the US shows that triclosan mixed with chlorinated water releases chloroform. When absorbed chloroform thru the skin, it may cause depression, liver disorder and even cancer. 

9. Turpertine - In show polish, paint thinner. Breathing or swallowing turpentine causes kidney and bladder irritation. 

10. Vitamin C - Found in whitening skin care. Too much cause redness, swelling and sensitive reaction. 

In fact, many times, unknowingly, the infants are already exposed to chemical pollution in the womb!! 

The EWG (The Environmental Working Group) has shown a study's result that 232 different chemicals in the cord blood of 10 babies who were exposed to the substances while still in the womb. 

The study tested for chemicals found in nearly every American household. The findings represented the first reported detections in American newborns for 21 contaminants. Among them:

1. Bisphenol A (BPA) - to make polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins that are made into hard plastic infant formula bottles, water bottles, metal food cans, safety helmets, glasses, TV, computer, CDs. BPA is linked to cancer, cognitive and behavioural impairment, endocrine system disruption, reproductive and cardiovascular system abnormalities, diabetes, asthma, and obesity.

2. Tetrabromobisphenol A (TBBPA) - fire retardant for circuit board. Interferes with thyroid function and may inhibit the production of T cells to fight viruses and bacteria.

3. Perfluorobutanoic Acid (PFBA or C4) - used to make non-stick, grease-, stain- and water-resistant coatings for consumer products. It is linked to cancer, birth defects and infertility.

4. 8 Previously undetected polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) - used in industrial lubricants, coolants and insulating materials. According to the US government and academic scientists, PCBs have been shown to damage the immune system, disrupt the endocrine system and developing brain.

To date, EWG studies have found out 414 industrial chemicals, pollutants, and pesticides in 186 people from newborns to grandparents.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has only tested about 200 of its inventory of more than 80000 chemicals in the market and has banned only 5!!

It takes more than food safety to be healthy!! 

We have a choice indeed to safeguard our family's health by choosing the personal care and household products that are safe.

Be a wise consumer. Always check the ingredient label upon getting any product in the market. Make sure at least it's free of harmful chemicals as listed above.

"Eat Healthy, Feel Heathy, Be Healthy!" 

Warmest regards, 


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Do you think Replacement Therapy works?

Many of people nowadays are going for Replacement Therapy when their body is lacking of certain component for example, hormone, collagen, glucosamine....

Lacking of hormone especially during menopause - use Hormone Replacement Therapy - injecting chemical hormones into body to 'replenish' naturally produced hormones 

Lacking of collagen as we age which affected many parts of our body (joints, sagging of internal organs and muscle, skin sagging and wrinkled) - eat animal collagen or animal placenta

Lacking of glucosamine in our body - take glucosamine pills made by chemicals (made in lab) or shells from shellfish (crabs, shrimps, lobsters)

Have you ever wondered that do this methods really work????
Do they bring side effects after 2 years down the road???

Replacement Therapy - when we use it on long term basis, there will be side effects within our body cells. 

In our body,  we know WHICH hormone we are supposed to produce and WHEN to produce,  Just like a woman experiencing menopause, she can choose to use Hormone Replacement Therapy. However, after 1 year of using HRT, this woman will face increased risk of getting breast cancer by26%, stroke by 41%!!

As a woman, if tonight she quarrels with her husband and not sleeps well, the hormone that she produces that night will be different. When we use HRT and inject the chemical hormones inside. we may have exceeded the amount of my body requires. This leads to consequences of higher risks of getting cancer as CHEMICAL hormones increases cancer risk. 

As we age, we start seeing wrinkles. This is because my body experiences loss of collagen. 
If today there is someone telling you that you can use EXTERNAL COLLAGEN (animal) to replenish your body's collagen, you can tell her/ him that it's IMPOSSIBLE. Why?
The logic is very simple. Do you think that we can use animal kidney to replace human's kidney? No. Why not? Even we can't simple take other people's kidney for transplant as our body has an IMMUNE SYSTEM which will REJECT the external source. Once rejection takes place, do you think your body will see inflammation?

Where does collagen come from? Some people may tell you to eat more pig's throttle as it is rich in collagen. However, do you know what when the animal collagen goes into your stomach, it will be digested to amino acid, no longer in the collagen structure anymore? Where do we think that we can replenish our collagen with the animal collagen?? Furthermore, the animal source like shark, cows, may be infected and contaminated with heavy metals. We will expose to health risk if we eat it into our body. 

The animal collagen which exist in the skin care products - do you think our body can absorb the collagen thru topical use? Again, it's impossible as the molecular structure of collagen is too large that the skin pores can absorb. 

Our body is very wonderful machine. To replenish collagen in your body, you SHOULD let your body to SELF-PRODUCE collagen within your body. Only your body knows very well that how much collagen you need. Each individual's collagen is different from each other.  When your body cells are young, you can self-produce your own collagen! Taking plant foods which are rich in antioxidants will help your body cells young therefore can self produce collagen within your body. 

Glucosamine has become so popular nowadays and highly recommended to consume to protect joint health. However, the medical journal from UK has publish one finding after doing a survey on a 3800 people who cotegorized into 2 groups. One group is taking glucosamine pills and the other group is taking placebo. Both groups do not know what they are taking. After taking for a while, the result shows that glucosamine doesn't improve the joint condition and the pain level. So it tells that if someone after taking glucosamine and feedback that their pain reduces, it means it's just a placebo effect. 

The side effect of glucosamine is the person will develop into diabetes after taking glucosamine pills. 
Why? The logic is very simple. Glucosamine itself doesn't exist in the mother nature. It only occurs when your body is taking plant food rich in Glutamin such as brown algae, your body will then convert glutamin into glucosamine within your body, which further converted into glycosaminoglycans (which is a major component in our cartilage).

Do you also know that those glucosamine which use crab shell or shrimp expedite the fast growth of these shrimps, do you think the farmers will put fast growth hormones into the water? Now we are eating their shells...we are indirectly eating the fast growth hormones also. 

When we go to hospital, after checking and found out that our body is lacking of certain enzyme, we will then rush to pharmacy to grab the probiotics or certain enzyme products - hoping to replace the enzymes that our body is lacking. Initially, we may find out that the product works!
However, it's important to understand this fact that - our body CAN PRODUCE own enzymes. If we to use external source of enzyme to replenish body's enzyme, do you know that your body will feel lazy to self-produce the enzyme next time? Hence, dependency happens as your body will forget how to produce for you already. 
Same logic applies when a person who sits on wheel chair for 1 year and after that, he can't walk anymore as the leg muscle will degenerate and lose the ability of walking!

When a healthy person keep taking injection of external insulin, initially everything looks fine. However, after  a while, this person will develop diabetes, because the body forgets how to produce insulin itself already.

Omega 3: 
When we go to pharmacy, you may be approached by someone to get fish oil to replenish your omega 3 within your body. Fish can produce DHA and EPA (Omega 3), and Plant has only ALA (another form of Omega 3). Do you know that fish eats seaweed (which has ALA) to produce DHA and EPA within its body? Actually, do you think that human's body should be more wonderful that fish? When human takes chia seed and kiwi seed (rich in ALA), we can also produce EPA and DHA.

However, it became a norm that we tend to reply on replacement therapy to protect our health nowadays. We may justify that since all these fishes can produce EPA and DHA, i eat the fish will do. With this practise, human didn't realise that they start depending on these animal sources and create imbalance within the body which will bring many negative consequences in the long run. 

Living in the society where health info from advertisement, TV, radio, newspaper is so abundant, we really need to be a WISE consumer in CHOOSING THE RIGHT INFO and KNOWLEDGE to practise. 

NUTRITIONAL IMMUNOLOGY - which always pioneers in the latest findings of health information, led by Dr Jau-Fei Chen keeps educating consumers and public on the right health knowledge, and allows the public to be a wise consumer! 

The above information - learned form Dr Chen thru one of her "Live! With Dr Chen" Health Seminars held in Singapore.

Warm regards,