Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Why I choose Nutritional Immunology for myself and family?

If you were with me that year in 2007, you will be seeing me as a very hardworking employee, readily to do overtime whenever needed. 

Right after graduation from NUS in chemical engineering, I stepped into working world and worked as a chemical engineer in first top engineering firm in Singapore.

Due to long hours of working and stress and improper diet, I became falling sick very often. 

Almost every month I had to take MC after getting flu, cold or fever

I didn't realise the severe impact on my job performance until my BIG boss asked me to his room and started questioning on my MC record. Basically i have taken 20 days of MC in my first year of working. 

I started to seek for alternative way to improve my health, but my condition didn't get better. 

While I was looking for better alternative, my colleague shared with me on Nutritional Immunology. 

I was amazed by her sharing with the fact that immune system is the BEST DOCTOR in the world and what it needs is nutrition from wholesome plant food source, not from medicine and vitamin pills. 

Taking antibiotics will make body to have superbug as the bacteria will be immune to the medicine. 

I started taking Nutritional Immunology wholesome food products such as Symphony of Excellence, Oxyginberry Beverage, Nutrifresh, Evernew and so on.

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  • Oxyginberry Beverage


To my amazement, I was not falling sick for a couple of months continuously. This is a HUGE improvement on my health. 

I was thankful that my colleague shared it with me and my health condition improved tremendously. Otherwise, I could have still suffering from frequent cold and fever helplessly. 

Why I Choose Nutritional immunology products (E.Excel products)? 

1. Wholesome Plant Food products

  • Made of Superfoods - enhance immune system (based on Nutritional Immunology) 
  • What is Nutritional Immunology?
  • Wholesome, Not synthetic pills 
  • By Dr Jau-Fei Chen, a world-renowned Nutritional Immunologist. Dr Chen has received many awards and recognitions world-wide. She has written many books also. Her newly-launched book "Nutrition. Immunity. Longevity" has received good responses also! 

2. Safe 
  • Wholesome, not synthetic pills 
  • Made from plant super foods 
  • NO preservative, NO artificial colorings
  • NO fortification of synthetic vitamin and minerals
  • Received "Food Safety Excellence Award" from Singapore AVA consecutively for 11 years since 2004.
  • Has been used by many people for more than 2 decades
  • No product recall until today

  • Wholesomeness and nutrients of plant foods are maintained using Freeze-Drying method


  • All E.Excel manufacturing plants are GMP (Good Manufacturing Plant) certified 


3. Convenient 

Prepared in minutes. Using cold/ warm to mix. 

4. Effective

  • See who have benefitted? 

  • Soon, my parents were also switching their vitamin pills to Nutritional Immunology wholesome products. 
  • With the knowledge that I have learnt, I was glad that when I was pregnant, I know how to really nourish my body and my baby in the womb. 
  • How I use E.Excel wholesome food products during pregnancy?

  • My baby girl has also benefited from the nutritional immunology products too. I started giving her since 2nd month. 
  • How I use E.Excel wholesome food products for my daughter?

In Conclusion, Thankful to Nutritional Immunology! 

It allows me to grow as a wiser consumer and mother, protecting my family's health with right knowledge and wisdom!



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