Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Welcome to Healthy Wholesome Food Blogspot

Welcome to Healthy Wholesome Food Blogspot - a place where you can learn and enquire about health and beauty knowledge based on Science of Nutritional Immunology - a science which studies the link between nutrition and immune system.

  • Aim to add values to people to become a wiser consumer in attaining good health.
  • Provide fast and convenient solutions for people who wish to take wholesome plant foods  

"In the past years, many researchers around the world have studied many different phytonutrients in many different plant foods, from the ordinary tomato to exotic mushrooms. Significant inroads have been made into the knowledge of how these different phytonutrients affect our bodies. But there are literally thousands of different plant foods and thousands of phytonutrients left to be thoroughly studied. Every day new studies validate the connection between nutrition and a healthy immune system. The Science of Nutritional Immunology is making tremendous strides in research and development to improve health and longevity for people around the world. "
"Since the beginning of time, man has been eating those natural foods he gathers from his environment - fruits, vegetables, herbs, roots, seeds, nuts and grains. Our bodies are programmed to accept these natural substances and reject unnatural substances."
"Sound, natural, wholesome plant foods sustain us and provide the phytochemicals, antioxidants and polysaccharides we need to support our immune systems."


1. Nutritional Immunology
2. Delay Aging 
3. Healthy Weight Management
4. Nourishment for Heart and Liver
5. Glucosamine for Healthy Joints
6. Diabetes
7. Cancer
8. Eczema
9. Dementia
10. Women's Health

11. Kids' Health

12. Emotion Health

13. Omega-3
14. Iron

15. Folic Acid

16. Vitamin Supplements
17. Probiotics
18. Traditional Chinese Medicine

20. Unique Plant Ingredients
21. Food Recipe Using EE Healthy Fast Food

22. Customers' Favourite Choices

23. Testimonials

24. Be a Wise Consumer

25. Safety Measures on Food
26. Events
27. Everything about My Baby Girl

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