Monday, October 24, 2016

Is Wheat Flour a Silent Killer in your food?

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Thanks to Dr Chen's Previous session on Folic Acid, which I've learned that fortification of folic acid into FLOUR which may cause harm in our body. 

  • Excessive intake of folic acid (synthetic) into our body may cause the bad cells to escalate the mutation process to become cancer cells. 
  • Therefore, avoid taking too much foods that are rich in synthetic source of vitamins and minerals, such as bread, cereals, biscuits and drinks that have been fortified with synthetic vitamins and minerals. 

With the possibility of exceeding the daily required intake of vitamins from the daily foods unknowingly, do you agree that taking Vitamin pills will even bring up the level of synthetic intake to the body knowingly?

This is because many toddlers and kids' VITAMIN PILLS are made synthetically using chemical sources. 

As a wise parent, do you prefer synthetic or wholesome foods to nourish your child's immunity and body?

Check out superfoods from WHOLESOME source to nourish your kids' body and immune system: 

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