Thursday, August 25, 2016

Heart-Felt Gratitude

Thank You, Dr Jau-Fei Chen

We just celebrated E.Excel Convention 2016 in Singapore Indoor Stadium. 

Dr Chen. not only a founder of E.Excel, but also a mother of 3 children. 

She has pursued excellence in both her family life and career for the past 29 years. 

Thank you Dr Chen for your great mission for sharing Nutritional Immunology to create a disease free world. 

Thank you Dr Chen for giving me the opportunity to work together with you in sharing the same mission. 

I am very grateful that my children are able to grow healthily with the gift brought by Science of Nutritional Immunology. 

I am very grateful that I am in control of my time and finances with the platform given by Dr Chen. 

Thank you Dr Chen for transforming an ordinary me to lead an extraordinary life. 

"Believe in your dreams, and it may come true

Believe in yourself, and it will come true."
Together, we achieve more! 

Best Regards,

Nutritional Immunology Consultant & Ultimate Freedom Trainer 

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