Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Are You Happy?

My dear friends, 

Are you happy?

Do you stay positive when you face challenges in your life?

Many researches have shared that cultivating a positive thought will allow you attract more good things into your life and make you happy! 

Just like the water that gives a highly organised crystal when you say or think "I love you" to it, 
and it gives you an ugly crystal when you say or think "You're ugly" to it.

Your thoughts affect the world around you, which includes your HEALTH.

Live a Nutritional Immunology Lifestyle with positive THOUGHTS. =)

I would like to end the post by sharing the below:


Faith begins by believing your heart that what is right has a chance.

Faith is knowing in your heart that good can overcome evil, that the sun can shine in a rainstorm.

Faith is peaceful and comforting, because it comes from within where no one can invade your private dreams.

Faith is not something you can demand or command, it is a result of commitment or belief.

Faith is believing in something you cant see or hear, something deep inside that only you understand and you control.

Faith is trusting in yourself enough to know that no matter how things turn out, you make the BEST of them.

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