Saturday, April 5, 2014

Recipe #1: Healthy Aromantic Macaron Recipe (English)

Healthy Aromantic Macaron Recipe 

Yields about 18-20 filled macarons 


90 g icing sugar - fine grade. Recommended brands: SIS, Redman 
90g Super Fine Ground Almonds
33 g Egg Whites
90 g Fine Sugar
2 Teaspoon water 
33 g egg whites


1. Sieve together icing sugar and almonds with 33 g egg whites into a bowl to form a dough.

2. Boil the sugar and water in a pan to 118 degC, soft ball stage. 

3. Whisk 33 g egg whites at medium speed till white. 

4. Pour hot syrup from step 2 onto egg whites in the mixer.  Continue to whisk till cooled. 

5. Fold the meringue into almond mixture. Fold the whole mixture a few times more if it is too firm. 

6. Pipe batter into rounds of approximately 3-4 cm in a diameter using 10mm plain nozzle. Tap tray on the table to flatten the batter. 

7. Close oven door. Continue to bake a further 6 mins till the top is crisp and hard. 

8. Cook. Sandwich 2 pieces of macarons with the fillings below and chill.

9. Best savoured after 24 hr of filling. 

Chocolate Filling:


80 g Dark Chocolate 
80 g Whip Cream 
3 packs Aromantic Powder 


1.  Mix dark chocolate with whip cream using steam cooking method. 

2. Pour 3 packs of Aromantic Powder and stir evenly.

Aromantic Powder

3. Cool it in the fridge for 20 minutes and take out to be ready as filling.

Happy Baking!! =)

Why I Choose Aromantic Powder?
  • To get healthier source of Calcium and Amino Acids
  • Read more:


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