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Impressive health seminar - Live! With Dr Chen chapter 1

It was another fantastic session of Dr Jau-Fei Chen in her Live with Dr Chen (Chapter 1) last Saturday on 15-Feb at MBS. 
The whole conference room was full! 

Dr Chen has shared selflessly in the talk about the health knowledge which are of our interest in common.

The below are the topics that she shared with us. 

We know that you are specialized in the research of Nutritional Immunology, can you explain with us what is Nutritional Immunology?

2. 大家都说要提升免疫功能,免疫力是否越高越好?
Everyone is saying wanting to increase immunity, is it true that the stronger the immunity, the better it is?

3. 免疫力好是不是就不容易生病?
Does it mean that good immunity means not easily falling sick?

4, 有没有一种药物可以提高免疫功能呢?
is there any medicine to increase immunity?

5. 既然没有药物可以提高免疫功能,哪一种东西对免疫系统好,可以提高免疫力?
Since there is no medication to increase immunity, what is good for immune system which can increase immunity?

6. 您刚刚有提到植物营养素,抗氧化剂,多糖体,那是什么?
You just mentioned about Phytochemicals, Antioxidants and Polysaccharides, what are they all about?

7. 如果你说植物比较好,比如说大豆对健康有益,是否意味着大豆油也健康的?葡萄籽是非常健康,富含抗氧化剂,那么葡萄籽炸的油是否健康?
If you mentioned that plants are better, for eg soy bean is good for health, does it mean that soya oil is healthy also? Grape seed is an excellent source of high antioxidant, then grape seed oil is good?

Plant food is healthier, then how about fish? We usually say that fish meat is healthier than chicken and beef, does fish has cholesterol?

9. 我吃鱼油,鱼肝油好不好?
Is it good to take fish oil or cod liver oil?

10. 素食者可选择亚麻籽来补充Omega3吗?我们常常听人说吃坚果,请问是OK吗?尤其核桃里面也含Omega3?
Can vegetarians choose to use flax seeds to supplement Omega 3?
We always hear people mention about eating nuts, is it ok? especially the walnuts which contain Omega 3 too?

11. 我知道您也是研究癌症的,像APPLE 电脑的Steve Jobs,简直是天才,他那么聪明,那么有钱,也得到癌症,您可不可以跟我们谈谈他的癌症呢?
I know you are also doing research on Cancer, like Apple Steve Jobs, he was a genius, very smart, and very rich, he also had cancer. Can you share with us about his cancer?

12. 癌症可以预防吗?有人说吃太补也可以补到癌细胞,是这样吗?应该要怎样预防癌症?癌症一得到,就没希望吗?
Can cancer be prevented? Some people mentioned about nourishing our body will nourish the cancer cells too, is it true? How can we prevent cancer? Once a person get diagnosed with cancer, does it mean it is hopeless?

13. 老人化社会来临,我们来谈谈老化的问题。老人痴呆症(Alzheimer)好像得到的人越来越多,像美国前总统雷根,老人痴呆症可以预防吗?它是怎么形成的?
Aging problem has become a hot topic with the advent of elderly society. Alzheimer seems to be on the rise, for eg  Former President Ronald Reagan. Can Alzheimer be prevented? How does it develop?  

14. 帕金森氏症(Parkinson's Disease) 到后期也会失智,他们有什么不一样?像回到后来的男主角米高福克斯 (Michael Fox)世界拳王MohammadAli也得到帕金森氏症,这个疾病跟饮食有关吗?
Parkinson's Disease at the later stage will cause dementia too. What's the difference between Parkinson's and Alzheimer? Example of people who had Parkinson's are Michael Fox (actor in the "Back to the future") and Mohammad Ali (world champion boxer). Is this disease related to diet?

15. 我身边很多朋友有高血压,都在吃医生开的降血压的药,是不是只要使用降血压的药物,就不会中风?
I have many friends who are diagnosed with high blood pressure and they are taking medicine prescribed by doctor to reduce the level. is it true that by taking the medicine, one will not get stroke?

16. 有不少女性朋友都喜欢上SPA泡温泉,泡温泉会不会让血压上升?
There are a few ladies who likes to go for SPA/ hot spring bath, will this increase high blood pressure? 

17. 经常在医院健康检查时都会做骨质密度的检测,好像通过的人很少,经常都是不合格的,是不是代表人普遍都有骨质疏松症呢?
It has become common that majority fails to pass the Bone Density testing, does it mean that majority has osteoporosis?

18. 市面上有很多种水,碱性水,电解水,纳米小分子水,纯水,矿泉水,我们究竟该喝什么水?一天应该要喝多少水?
There are many different types of water in the market, like alkaline water, electrolyzed water, small molecule nano water, pure water, distilled water etc. which type of water shall we drink? how much water intake daily?

If you wish to learn about the above topics, do contact me. 

Not only learning the health knowledge, I also received a magazine and a bottle of O-Seed for free as a Early bird door gift. Excited about it. It really worth the ticket price. =) 

What is O-SEED? 

OSEED capsules are a wholesome source of plant-based omega-3 fatty acids ALA to support heart and brain health. They are made from chia seeds and kiwi fruit seeds.

It promotes good health in these ways:
• A safe and convenient source of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). 
• Made from a unique combination of chia seeds and kiwi fruit seeds, both excellent sources of ALA.
• Has more omega-3s than omega-6s (healthier).
• High in antioxidants.
• Excellent source of natural vitamin C.
• Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
• Does not contain animal products, byproducts or derivatives, starch, gluten, preservatives, yeast, wheat, corn or dairy.

What benefits does it have over fish oil supplements?

It has the following benefits:
• Rich in ALA, an omega-3 essential fatty acid found ONLY in plants.
• No fishy smell and aftertaste.
• No risk of toxic contaminants.
• No unpleasant side effects associated with fish oil supplements, e.g. diarrhea, abdominal bloating, nosebleeds.
• Fish oil may interact with medications, e.g. blood thinners, aspirin and high blood pressure drugs.
• An overdose of fish oil can lead to increased risk of stroke and cancer.
• Will not deplete vitamin E.
• Zero cholesterol.
• Lower in calories. Each capsule has 2 calories. One tablespoon of cod liver oil has 122 calories.
• Has healthful antioxidants, phytochemicals and polysaccharides.
• Eco-friendly. Does not use blubber from endangered species of whales and seals. Dolphins may end up in fishermen’s nets with tuna, which is used in fish oil supplements.


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