Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Baby reached 2 month milestone

My baby has reached 2 month milestone. She started knowing how to smile back to me when I smile at her. =) 

Felt so relieved and happy to see growing healthily. Her skin is very good too. :) 

Indeed nourishing baby started from mummy's womb is important.
I'm glad I started nourishing her with wholesome plant food since pregnancy. 

Attended many baby fairs earlier and was given many free gifts or sample packs from the fairs and hospital earlier. I still choose to let my baby girl to use E.Excel Elemente baby series ranging from baby shampoo, conditioner, shower cream, lotion and powder due to the safety reasons.

Why do babies specifically need to use Elemente Baby products?
A baby’s skin is in its developing stage, with very different functions and structure from adult skin, so it needs to be cared for using gentle and non-irritating baby care products. The surface of baby skin has an acidic protective layer known as an acid mantle to help prevent bacterial infection and maintain skin suppleness and smoothness. Cleansers that are alkaline or contain soap have stronger cleaning action, but will damage the acid mantle, causing delicate baby skin to roughen, dehydrate or show signs of allergy. Elemente Baby products are non-alkaline, soap-free, low-irritation and hypoallergenic, making them ideal for protecting baby’s delicate, fragile skin.

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