Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lets practicing gratitude

I was grateful for my husband coming to fetch me back home, with mother-in-law's help to take care of our baby at home yesterday's late night. 

When reaching home and I took over to attend to the baby, my mil handed 2 new t shirts over, telling me one for baby and one for me. They got it during the return trip from Malaysia. I felt so thankful upon receiving the gift from her. Instead of the daughter in law to get her Smth, now it's the opposite way. Must reflect and review already!! Haha 

I feel whole-heartedly grateful for my understanding and helpful in-laws. Definitely same for my husband. 

Everyday when we wake up, do we feel grateful to what we have on our life? Our family, relationships, health, money etc.. I think it is a good way to welcome a brand new day by feeling grateful to at least 5 things in our life daily. I started practicing them now.

I feel that this helps us to relieve and in fact block negative emotions as there is no space for us to get angry when we practice gratitude. This promotes a healthier living also as our immune system is affected by our emotion. When one gets angry, stressed up, frustrated, pur immunity will drop by 80% within just half an hour's time, this also means the risk of getting diseases including cancer increases by 100%. Hence, maintaining healthy and positive emotion is one the keys to a healthier immune system thus leading to better health. 

A good book that I always recommend people to read which is related to gratitude. 

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