Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Why Choosing Soy Milk instead of Cows Milk?

Why Soy Milk is getting more preferance from Parents compared to Cow's Milk nowadays.

I personally prefer soy milk than cow's milk for the below reasons:

What's the hidden risk/ danger of cow's milk? 

1. Cause Allergies

  • Dairy milk protein is the most likely cause of allergy-related asthma.
  • Casein (a protein in cow's milk) and lactoprotein (a protein in breast milk) are completely different proteins. 
  • The human body can digest, at most, 50% of animal protein (Casein), the remaining is left in the body and cause allergy, whereas our body can digest up to 90% of breast milk. 
  • Research shows that compared to children who grew up on breast milk, a higher percentage of children who grew up on cow's milk have allergies. 
  • A child who grow up with allergies will be affected in many areas due to side effects of medication used, e.g. inhaler, steroids. These medication will affect their normal growth. The itchiness and absence from school will affect their learning process also. 

2. Cause Calcium Loss - leads to Osteoporosis (instead of strengthening the bones) 

  • Animal protein is acidic, hence the body will dissolve BONE material to provide calcium and phosphate to neutralise the acidic protein. This causes calcium loss from the bone. 
  • Animal proteins have a very high content of sulfur-containing amino acids such as methionine and cystein, which have a powerful effect on the kidney's calcium excretion. 
  • Thus, animal protein is MORE likely to cause calcium loss than plant protein. 

3. Excessive animal protein intake is linked to cardiovascular diseases and cancer. 

  • Cow milk contain animal hormones that increase the risk of getting cancer such as breast cancer and prostate cancer. 

4. Intake of Antibiotics from cow's milk 

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In Summary, Animal Protein:
  • High in Fats and Calories
  • The human body cannot break down animal protein effectively 
  • Excessive consumption burdens and damages the liver and kidney
  • Difficult to digest 
  • May cause allergies
  • High in saturated fats 
  • High in Cholesterols
  • Long term consumption may increase risk of diseases including atherosclerosis, fatty liver, heart attack, and even cancer
  • Excessive consumption increases calcium loss from the body 
  • Increases risk of osteoporosis 

Is there a better choice? 

Yes, we can go for soy bean to get the protein source for our children.

Compared to animal proteins, plant proteins such as soy protein are more easily absorbed by the body. 

Plant proteins provide the body with essential nutrients but with less fat and fewer calories. 

Besides, soy is rich in phytochemicals to effectively boost immune functions. 

The American Diabetes Association hails soy as the ideal source of protein for diabetics as soy does not burden the kidneys. Soy protein is a plant protein. Hence, it does not contain any animal hormones or fats, making it the healthier choice.

In summary, Soy Protein:
  • Low in calories 
  • Easily broken down and absorbed
  • Does not burden health
  • Easily digested 
  • Does not cause allergies
  • Cholesterol free
  • Can increase bone density and enhances calcium retention 
  • Research shows that replacing animal protein with soy protein can lower calcium loss by 50%.

As a convenience to get Soy Protein from wholesome Soy, 

1. Check out NUTRIFRESH food product from E.Excel 

  • a wholesome food made by Organic and Non-Genetically Modified Soy Bean and more than 15 different types of fruits and vegetables for plant-based protein and basic vitamins and minerals. 
  • Ingredients:
    Soya bean + grape + banana + pineapple + asparagus + barley + broccoli + cabbage + cantaloupe + carrot + citrus peel + honeydew + peas + pear + peach + grapefruit + lemon + rice powder
  • No preservatives 
  • NUTRIFRESH is one of the most common product among parents to get for their kids.

  • How to prepare healthy meal using Nutrifesh:

    Preparing Nutrifresh for your baby

    Nutrifresh Puree (Part 1)

    Nutrifresh Puree (Part 2)

  • Some Testimonials:

Nutrifresh has been my nephew's favourite drink also =) 

2. Check out PHYTOFIT wholesome food product from eLEAD GLOBAL

  • a wholesome food made by Organic and Non-Genetically Modified Soy Bean for plant-based protein and basic vitamins and minerals. 
  • Ingredients:
    Soya bean + Raspberry + Strawberry
  • No preservatives 
  • How to prepare the PhytoFit beverage in a minute? Watch the below video 

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May all kids and babies are growing up healthily! :)

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