Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Simple rules when buying health foods

After years of being in health industry, there are few tips for us as consumer to take note in choosing a right health food. 

I feel pity when seeing friends spending a lot of money of health products just because of advertisements but not really knowing the ingredients, safety.. We have heard of cases of people including celebrity who ended up harming their health after taking certain slimming products. 

As a wise consumer, when we select health food in the market, the below are some simple steps we need to do: 

1. Check the ingredients - what is it made of? It's important to have the ingredients from wholesome plant food, not vitamin supplements to ensure no side effects. 

2. Check who is the manufacturer and the distributor - it's important to have the manufacturer and distributor the same to ensure quality consistency and safety, price controlling. A company which self-produce, self manufacture and self-distribute is a reliant company. 

3. Check on the bar code. The bar code is like a birth cert of the product which stores the information of all the process steps from raw ingredients to the final products. 

Do start doing so whenever buying any products in the market. The pruducts can tell many things to us. 


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