Thursday, August 25, 2016

Indoor Playground Bonding Time!

I brought both of my kids to one of the indoor playgrounds near to my house. 

A good time for both of my kids to have fun! Happy Growing!! =) 

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Monday, August 22, 2016

OXYGINBERRY - Wonders of 6 Superfoods rich in antioxidants

WHY Oxyignberry Beverage?

First, Oxyginberry Beverage consist of 6 Superfoods (Ginseng berry, cactus fruit, cactus, grape seed, rose and seaweed) rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals.

1. Ginseng Berry 
  • Super-Antioxidant - prevent free-radical damage 
  • Increase skin hydration, prevent fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin softness and fineness
  • Improve blood circulation for better concentration and memory 
  • Helps body utilise oxygen more effectively
  • Improve quality of sleep 
  • Sooth emotion
  • Aid slimming process - increase metabolism 
  • Regulate glucose level - prevent diabetes

2. Cactus 

  • Rich in phytochemicals - more than 10,000 different types of phytochemicals 
  • Nourish immune system to prevent diseases 
  • Anti-infllammatory - Speed up wound healing, inhabit arthritic inflammation 
  • Anti-viral
  • Anti-cancer - prevent cancer-causing hormones from attaching to normal cells
  • Contain flavonoids - protect neurons against oxidative injury
  • Reduce oxidative damage and liver and kidney toxicity as a result of a toxin from foodstuffs
  • Enhance phagocytic activity - better cleansing in the body 
  • Rich in nutrients such as beta-carotene, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron. 
  • Decrease cholesterol and triglycerides levels - prevent hardening of blood vessel and therefore prevent stroke
  • Regulate blood sugar level, stabilise diabetics' glucose level
  • Cell repair and cell renewal
  • Improve skin condition - speed up collagen formation 

3. Cactus Fruits

  • antioxidant – promoting cell repair and renewal

  • High in Vitamin A, B1, B12, D3 and riboflavin - promote skin repair and regeneration, soften the skin

  • 4. Grape Seeds

  • Super antioxidant (OPC) – 20 times more powerful than Vitamin C, 50 times more powerful than Vitamin E

  • A significant 62% reduction in oxidative damage, according to a study compared grape seed and vitamin C by having cell incubated in both medium. Vitamin C did not show any significant reduction. 

  • protect cells against oxidative damage by the free radicals, therefore improve inner health and slow down ageing 

  • Protect vision - slow down diabetic retinopathy by strengthening blood vessels and improving blood circulation in the eyes.

  • Protect against cataract formation

  • Helps speeding up wound healing with less scarring

  • Support collagen structure, decrease UV damage to skin, promote youthful and radiant skin

  • 5. Rose 

    • antioxidant – help prevent oxidative damage, promote wound healing, encourage phagocytic activity, boost immune system
    • Anti-bacterial, anti-microbial properties
    • Lighten skin pigmentation, gives a fairer and smoother skin
    • Relieve feminine health problems 
    6. Seaweed

    • Rich source of minerals, trace elements, amino acids, antioxidants, phytoestrogen, polysaccharides, and enzymes
    • Contains fucoidans, meroterpenoids - antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory 
    • eliminates toxin from our system, prevent blood clotting in the uterus
    • Anti-aging skin care
    • Anti-cancer
    • Help chronic joint-diseases 
    • Promote wound healing
    • Stimulate collagen formation and cellular turnoever 
    • Help skin repair, improve skin elasticity and firmness 

    Second, Oxyginberry is formulated based on the Science of Nutritional Immunology research. 

    Science of Nutritional Immunology studies the link between foods and immune system, and it's pioneered by Dr Jau-Fei Chen, who is the world-renowned Nutritional Immunologist from US. 

    When we select the superfoods in the Oxyginberry, a few criteria are being taken care of. 

    1. Species
    Ginseng berry we used are harvested from american ginseng and Ji Lin ginseng, and not korean ginseng.   

    Korean ginseng is not suitable for daily consumption due to its heaty nature.
    However American ginseng and Ji Lin ginseng are food grade which can be taken by all.  

    2. Part

    We use the grape seeds from the grapes as the seeds have the highest antioxidant level compared to the meat and the skin. 

    3. Harvesting time 

    Cactus and Cactus Fruits need to be harvested after 10 years growth to ensure high nutrition values. 

    4, Food Synergy

    Together these 6 super foods in Oxyginberry are combined to create a SYNERGISED food, which can be consumed daily by all, for a great health benefit. 

    Third, Food Safety of Oxyginberry Beverage

    • Organic (free of pesticides) and non-genetically modified plant ingredients.
    • Free of preservatives, synthetic minerals.
    • Tested and free of heavy metals such as mercury, copper, lead, arsenic, and cadmium.
    • Tested and free of at least 1822 toxins including narcotics, steroid drugs, banned drugs like Fenfluramine and human growth hormones.
    • Received "Food Safety Excellence Award" from Singapore AVA for consecutive 12 years since 2004.
    • The E.Excel food manufacturing plants are GMP-regulated. 
    The below are the certificates received from AVA:

    I was priviledged to take a photo with Ms Khoo, who is the GM of E.Excel Manufacturing Plant Singapore. 

    Forth, Oxyginberry Beverage is perfect for:

    1. Men - hero of the family to stay healthier, stronger and more energetic and alert to handle work and making quick decision during critical hour, prevent chronic diseases such as high cholesterol and diabetes

    2. Women - slimmer, prettier, and healthier, fair complexion, muscle more toned up, prevent internal organs from sagging especially womb

    3. Children - healthier immune system, better concentration,  better eye sight, grow up stronger, healthy and intelligent

    4. Elderly - more active and quality lifestyle, prevent degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis, macular degeneration, stroke 

    5. Pregnant ladies/ mother-to-be - look radiant, keep mummy energy up throughout the day, ensure enough nutrients to the baby, strengthen womb and support the uterus, regaining pre-pregnancy figure easily

    Grab these 6 precious SUPERFOODS for your daily diet through Oxyginberry Beverage/ Capsules as they work in SYNERGY to rejuvenate your body!!

    Check out Testimonials of OXYGINBERRY as below:

    Let's start Oxgyinberry today! 

    Wealth without health is meaningless. 

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    A Great Family Outing Venue ~ ESPLANADE!

    A great performance at the stage at Outdoor Theatre @ ESPLANADE

    The singers were singing the english and mandarin oldies too! 

    ESPLANADE has been the favourite hang out place for my family! 

    More information: 

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    Tuesday, August 9, 2016

    Vegewash - another step to Pesticide-free!

    As we are concerned on the pesticides on the fruits and vegetables, 
    we can now have a solution to cleanse away the residue of pesticides

    My answer to the brand choice is: 

    Vegewash from E.Excel 
    • Environmental safe
    • Derived from plant sources: water soluble agents from corn, Hawaiian white ginger, cucumber, lemon extract, Gwei-Hua. 
    • Finest organic ingredients
    • No animal byproducts

    It can be used as a detergent to wash my baby's bottles =) 

    As we know, many of the liquid cleansers are made of chemicals! 

    For example, 

    The below is the ingredient list from one of the liquid cleansers for baby bottles sold in the market. 
    IngredientsPurified water (Aqua), Sodium Citrate, Alcohol, Propylene Gylcol, Sucrose Laurate, Potassium Carbonate, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Fragrance

    Some even contain triclosan which can cause cancer. 

    What is triclosan?

    I feel safe using Vegewash as even it is not completely cleansed off from the baby bottles, it's still safe. 

    And I MUST SHARE that recently I even use Vegewash to wash my kitchen ware!! 

    It's so effective and fast in removing the oil stain from the plates! :D 

    Contact me via Whatsapp +65-9090 9942 for further info. 


    Start protecting our family health by equipping ourselves with right knowledge. 

    Best Regards, 
    Nutritional Immunology Consultant 

    Are You Happy?

    My dear friends, 

    Are you happy?

    Do you stay positive when you face challenges in your life?

    Many researches have shared that cultivating a positive thought will allow you attract more good things into your life and make you happy! 

    Just like the water that gives a highly organised crystal when you say or think "I love you" to it, 
    and it gives you an ugly crystal when you say or think "You're ugly" to it.

    Your thoughts affect the world around you, which includes your HEALTH.

    Live a Nutritional Immunology Lifestyle with positive THOUGHTS. =)

    I would like to end the post by sharing the below:


    Faith begins by believing your heart that what is right has a chance.

    Faith is knowing in your heart that good can overcome evil, that the sun can shine in a rainstorm.

    Faith is peaceful and comforting, because it comes from within where no one can invade your private dreams.

    Faith is not something you can demand or command, it is a result of commitment or belief.

    Faith is believing in something you cant see or hear, something deep inside that only you understand and you control.

    Faith is trusting in yourself enough to know that no matter how things turn out, you make the BEST of them.

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    Saturday, August 6, 2016

    Looking forward to Nutritional Immunology Seminar in September 2016!!!

    Back by popular demand, 

    Dr Jau-Fei Chen, the world-renowned Nutritional Immunologist is coming to Singapore again on 10-September (Saturday) to give a Nutritional Immunology seminar!

    Hot topics to be covered are as below: 

    If you are a health conscious person, or parents who are concerned about your family and kids' health, 

    Don't miss this opportunity to learn from Dr Chen personally on the LATEST health knowledge. 

    Dr Jau-Fei Chen's profile: 

    If you are keen in ordering tickets for the seminar or find out more information, 
    kindly contact me ASAP at +65-90909942 for more enquiries as tickets are limited! 

    Thank you! 

    "Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.
    Always keep learning! It keeps you young!"

    Best Regards, 
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    Tuesday, July 19, 2016

    Parents looking for Natural remedy besides medicine intake for children

    Many parents will ask are here any other alternatives besides than resorting to western treatment when our child fell sick?

    • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)?
    • Chinese Massage - Tui Na
    • Taking more fruits and Vegetables?
    • But why there is not much improvement to their frequent fever and cough?
    • How can I build their immune system?

    As a mother of 2, I can relate totally to the anxious feeling of the parents. 

    We feel heartache when seeing our children have to suffer from sickness. 

    What can we do best for them so that they can grow healthily?

    After years of seeking for health improvement during my teenager's days and early working life, 
    I finally found a solution to it - that is through the Science of Nutritional Immunology. 

    • See: Goals of Nutritional Immunology

    When i was a teenager, my mom has frequently brought me to clinic due to frequent colds and fever. 
    I always suffer from stomach wind especially during travelling. 

    I keep wondering why my health was so bad? What caused all these illnesses? 

    After chancing upon Science of Nutritional Immunology, many of the health questions were answered.
    I have found the reasons to these diseases and solution for the improvement too. 

    Since practicing Nutritional Immunology Lifestyle, i have never suffered from stomach winds, colds and fever frequency had greatly reduced. 

    I am no longer having to use western medicine as i realised there are side effects from medicine intake.

    • See: What are the side effects of common western medicine?

    Thankfully, I practice the same to my children also. 

    Seeing them growing healthily make me feel very relieved and happy. 

    Right nourishment from quality superfoods are important to their immune system.

    I'm happy that my elder girl (coming to 3 years old) and my younger boy (coming to 1 year old) have been medicine-free since infancy!! 

    Once in a while, they will fall sick, such as mild fever. 

    With Nutritional Immunology foods, they recovered fast!

    Example, fever usually subsided the next day. I did not give them any western medicine, just more diligently feed them Nutritional Immunology wholesome foods and practice Nutritional Immunology Lifestyle

    They did they can recover from the sickness without having to use western medicines. 

    • See: What are my natural remedies for my children?

    Also some videos i took when my elder girl was still very young. 

    **If you are looking for a better alternative for your children to be medicine-free, you can choose to build their immune system through Nutritional Immunology Lifestyle and wholesome plant foods!

    Feel free to contact me to learn more about it! 

    Wishing all the children are growing healthily and happily. :) 

    Remember, We are what we eat!
    Without good health, wealth becomes meaningless. 
    Stay healthy, Stay fit, live a disease-free lifestyle 
    Together, we can enjoy a quality lifestyle

    Best Regards, 
    Nutritional Immunology Consultant

    What are the side effects of Western Medicine?

    I remember once I ever heard one of Dr Chen's shadings that asked, "do you ask your doctor what medicine you are going to prescribe to me and what are the side effects?" 

    Or you just simply accept what doctor prescribed to you without first checking on the side effect it could bring to you?

    Look at the below table to learn about the SIDE EFFECTS of some of the COMMON western medicines example: 

    • Cough medication
    • Fever medication
    • Antiobiotics
    • Steroids
    • Painkiller

    Medical advancement have indeed brought mankind a false sense of security. 
    Medicine are viewed as safe substances that can quickly treat illnesses. 
    Unfortunately, a side-effect free treatment is a rarity. 
    Once immune system is damaged, the road to recovery is a long and difficult one. 

    For example:

    • Side effects of popular heartburn pills

    One plant has been looked after properly with right nourishment daily and it is very healthy. 
    Another plant has been neglected or receive wrong nourishment for a period of time. 

    So same for our immune system. 
    For an immune system to stay healthy, it requires our effort to provide right nourishment to it on daily basis.

    We are What We Eat. 

    Prevention is still better than cure.  

    --> THE BEST WAY to stave off illnesses is through proper nutrition on a daily basis.

    Start building a strong immune system from a young age!

    Be a wise consumer. 
    Taking good care of our health is our own responsibility.
    Together, we stay healthy 

    Best Regards, 
    Nutritional Immunology Consultant