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3 Step-Solution for your child to improve from eczema

How does Science of Nutritional Immunology explain and help on the eczema?

What is Eczema?

See the below from different sources of information about eczema definition and cause.

1. Excellence Magazine Volume 9

  • Affecting about 10% of infants and 3% of the total population in the United States, eczema suffered have to endure the inflamed skin conditions that can include redness, blistering and oozing of the skin. The exact cause is unknown but many researches suspect genetic abnormality and a malfunctioning immune system. 

2. Source:

  • Eczema is a common skin condition marked itchy and inflamed patches of skin. It is also known as atopic dermatitis. It is more common in babies and young children. It occurs on the faces of infants, as well as inside the elbows and behind the knees of children, teenagers, and adults. 
  • It is caused by an overactive immune system. 
  • Up to 20 percent of children and one to three percent of adults develop atopic dermatitis, according to the American Academy of Dermatology.
  • In rare cases, atopic dermatitis can first appear during puberty or adulthood. It affects males and females equally. 
  • The exact cause of atopic dermatitis (eczema) is unknown, but it's likely due to a combination of dry, irritable skin with a malfunction in the body's immune system. Stress and other emotional disorders can worsen atopic dermatitis, but they don't cause it.
In fact, eczema is one of the auto-immune diseases, which mean the immune cells attack own organ (in this case, it is skin).

1. What is Auto-Immune Disease?

  • There are at least 80 types of auto immune diseases. They can occur in many organs and cause various symptoms. 
  • Auto inmune diseases result from a confused immune system attaching normal body tissues. 
  • This is unlike a normal functioning immune system that only attracjs substances that are harmful to the body such as bacteria, viruses, toxins and cancer cells. 

2. How does consuming Meat, Dairy products increase the risk of auto-immune disease?

- Eating meat and dairy products raises the risk of auto immune diseases. 

Example those who consumed the most dairy products had almost twice the risk of deceloping inflammatory polyarthritis as those with the lowest consumption. 

  • The intestinal lining can become inflamed due to the intake of substances such as alcohol and drugs. 
  • The intestinal inflammation will lead to LEAKY GUT SYNDROME which cause most of the auto-immune diseases. 

  • Inflammation causes the release of chemicals that dissolves the membranes of intestines. 
  • Food is digested in the stomach and intestines and broken down into small molecules that pass through intestinal walls to enter the blood streams.
  • The intestinal wall acts as a filter and protective barrier
  • If this filter is 'damaged' (a common occurrence during inflammation), there will be increased permeability (commonly referred as a LEAKY GUT).
  • This allows incomplete digested big molecules to pass through the intestinal walls into the blood streams. 
  • When these incomplete big molecules accumulate in certain organs, they stimulate the immune system to react by initiating the inflammation responses. 
  • While attacking these foreign substances, the immune system may mistakenly attack the neighbouring organs, thereby leading to the auto immune diseases. 

3. What are other risk factors?

Drugs, gender, smoking 

4. How to reduce the risk of auto-immune diseases? 

Fortunately recent evidence indicates that decreasing intestinal permeability by eliminating certain substances from the diet may be helpful. 

With the changes in eating habit, and lifestyle change, the auto-immune diseases will improve and be prevented. 

5. Long term use of medication will not be an ideal solution.

In fact, after understanding about the root cause of eczema which is due to malfunctioning of immune system, we can go for natural remedies to improve the condition through 

6. What are the natural and safer solution to eczema? 

3 Step-Solution to improve your eczema:

Step 1: Eliminate meat and dairy products from diet (including cows milk)
Step 2: Keep a diet low in fats and vegetable oils (including biscuits, cakes)
Step 3: Take high antioxidants and phytochemicals superfoods to balance out the immune system
Oxyginberry Beverage which is made by cactus, cactus fruits, ginseng berry, grape seeds, rose and seaweed are rich in disease-fighting nutrients. 
It's perfect nutrition for people who are suffering from eczema. 

7. How did a kid with eczema improve her condition from eczema through Oxyginberry?

8. How does a lady with serious psoriasis improve her skin condition after taking Oxyginberry?

9. A lady with eczema problem improved her skin condition after Oxyginberry. 

9. More info about Oxyginberry:

We are what we eat!

When you eat healthily, your newly newly regenerated cells will be healthy too. 

Healthy Cells -> Healthy Tissues --> Healthy Organs --> Healthy Body Systems --> Healthy BODY 

Eventually, with the right nutrition, your body will get healthier through the above way, 

Start with Oxyginberry NOW. 

Nourish your body cells with the 6 superfoods rich in high Antioxidants and Phytochemicals. Your immune system and skin system will have the chance to improve eventually. Long term relying on medicine will harm your body and it's not addressing to the root cause.

Let's all be a wise consumer. =) 

If you wish to learn more about superfoods for eczema, kindly contact me via message or email. Thank you. 

May everyone stay healthy and happy! 

Best regards, 
Nutritional Immunology Consultant

Recall of Manuka Honey due to non-approved additives found

Another case of health product recall in Singapore. 

SINGAPORE: The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) on Friday (Feb 26) announced a recall of Evergreen manuka honey products from New Zealand.
AVA noted that New Zealand's Ministry of Primary Industries has posted an advisory that Evergreen Life Limited is recalling the products. There is information to suggest that non-approved substances dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and methylglyoxal (MG) may have been used during the processing of the honey, AVA said.

  • As a wise consumer, we need to always be aware of the food safety. 

  • On top of non-approved additives found in honey, do you know that traces of antibiotics could be found in honey too? This is due to the misuse of antibiotics from the bee producers who would like to prevent bees from falling sick. 

  • Overuse of antibiotics can cause superbug in our body.

That's the goal of Nutritional Immunology that always equip the consumers in the market with right knowledge so we can all make a more informed choice in maintaining our good health. 

If you need any advice related to the health products that you are using now, kindly contact me via message or email. Thank you.=) 

Warmest Regards, 
Nutritional Immunology Consultant

How to do Detoxification within our body?

Why we need to do cleansing in our body?

Take an example on slimming: 

REBOUND happens as toxins remain in the body

NO REBOUND happens as toxins removed out from body. 

How can we effectively detox without any side effects or negative consequences to our health?

External Toxins:

  • Pollution - air, water and food contamination
  • Medicine
  • Smoking 
  • Chemical form household items such as detergent, hand wash
  • Nutrition misconceptions (such as synthetic supplements) which adds toxin accumulation within our body
  • Harmful food additives 
  • Pesticides on plant foods
  • Heavy metals from plant foods 
  • Radiation which affect brain or nerve damage
  • GMO foods
  • Residue of fast growth hormones and antibiotics found in foods (such as animal meat)

Internal Toxins: 

  • Slow metabolism which accumulate bad cells 
  • Cancer cells
  • Fat deposits
  • Free radicals which speed up ageing of body cells and DNA mutation
  • Constipation which accumulate toxins, growth of bad bacteria 
  • Uric acids which affects joints
  • Cholesterols accumulation which leads to high blood pressure and heart diseases
  • High triglycerides which leads to narrowing of blood vessels, resulting lack of oxygen, fatigue, brain deterioration, stroke

With the above toxin input, it will pass through our liver to do detoxification. 

To protect our body from the toxin which will harm our body, it's important to 
  • Reduce toxins that enter our body
  • Enhance the efficiency of exit channels, ensure the detoxification organs and systems are healthy

  1. Skin
  2. Kidney 
  3. Colon 
  4. Lungs

  • Ensure Liver is functioning well also as liver is the MAJOR DETOX ORGAN in our body. 

Through Nutritional Immunology approach, we can use SUPERFOODS to nourish these organs. 

Here are some recommendations:

1. ORCHESTRA - made of Kumazasa and Ashitaba japanese herbs, especially excellent at detox and it's very nourishing to our liver too, therefore, enhancing detox function. 

2. 1-SHAPE - made of grain fiber, american ginseng and platycodon root, especially excellent for cleansing our colon, prevent constipation, ensuring our colon system functioning well, therefore no toxin accumulation 

3. TRIFLORA - made of green tea, ginseng, chrysanthemum, jasmine flower - to enhance cell cleansing from pollution, heavy metals, preservatives, artificial colouring. 

4. REFRESH - made of saphorae beans, black mushroom, asparagus, mulberry and lemon - to nourish our kidney therefore enhancing the toxin purging process. 

5. OXYGINBERRY - made of cactus, cactus fruits, ginseng berry, rose, grape seed and seaweed - to nourish our entire body systems including immune system and skin to stay healthy and young. When immune system is younger, we can do a better cleansing job too. 

If you have any enquiry related to the above, kindly contact me via message or email for more information. Thank you. =) 

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Thursday, March 17, 2016

What's a mother's dream?

A mother's to see her children grow up to be healthy, happy and successful

The same applies to me also. :) 

With Nutritional Immunology which educates all of us to be a wiser consumer and equip us right knowledge to do maintenance, may all children can continue to grow up healthily.  :) 

Warmest Regards,
Nutritional Immunology 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

A fruitful and meaningful day that touches thousand of lives

Feeling blessed to be invited as interviewer during Live! With Dr Chen session on 12-March-2016. 

The effort of preparation paid off when seeing thousands of people turned up and brought back important health messages from the session. =) 

I could feel the strong mission of Dr Chen to spread the health knowledge and wisdom to mankind despite of long hours standing on stage during the talk.   

Dr Chen covered many important health topics during this session such as 
- Omega 3
- How to choose cooking oil 
- How to prevent heart blood pressure naturally 
- How to choose milk for babies 
- What is stem cells? 
- How to achieve a healthy immune system? 
and so on...

If you are keen to learn about the above topics, kindly contact me via message/ email. 

Warmest Regards, 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Which cereal brand for your baby?

How to be wiser consumer? 

Which label will you choose? 

Top or bottom? 

Recently, my friend shared with me on her cereal label and check with me if it's good to let her baby to consume. (Bottom label is from the baby cereal

For me, I would always prefer wholesome plant foods source as it's god-made, safer, no side effects even when overdose. 

So, the below is the answer to my "cereal brand" I give to my baby boy of 6 months old and my elder girl: 

May all babies grow healthily!

Please contact me via message / email if you have any enquiry. Thank you :) 

Warmest regards, 
Nutritional Immunology Consultant 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Dr Chen was featured on Top 10 of Asia magazine!

It's exciting to see Dr Chen being featured as Top 10 of Asia!  

I feel touched by the great mission of Dr Chen and her dedication to create a disease-free world through right health knowledge and lifestyle.

With the nutritional immunology knowledge, here, I hope everyone can live healthily by putting what we know into practice on our daily lifestyle. 

And hope we all can pass this wisdom of health that we know to our beloved ones so they can stay healthy too! 

Warm regards, 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year 2016!!

Happy New Year to everyone! 

May year 2016 brings you abundance of good health, happiness and good wealth. 

In 2016, I have set a few objectives and goals to be fulfilled so to live my life to its fullest. 

One of my goals is to enhance my professionalism so that I can add more values to people in our society to become a wiser consumer and stay healthily and happily through Nutritional Immmunology lifestyle. 

Success isn't about how much money you make, it's abut the difference you make in people's lives.
- Michelle Obama

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. 
- Winston Churchill

Blessed Happy New Year once again!

Warmest Regards,
Your Nutritional Immunology Consultant