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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Must read: Dangers of Vitamin Supplements

Read another article about dangers of vitamin supplements. I used to take a lot of vitamin supplements given by my mum when I was still a student. When I started working, I started to buy OTC supplements like redoxan Vitamin C, fybogel, trying to solve my frequent flu, constipation etc. No one ever taught me to get wholesome plant food health pdts instead of synthetically made ones or chemically extracted ones. I never learn to read labels while choosing these pdts also. Hence, problems have not seen to improve. Worst still, I even recommended to my friends those PDTs also with the heart of helping them but never know the possible risks that these synthetic pdts carry.

Now after knowing about Nutritional immunology, I started to learn all these knowledge, health condition improved when my wisdom increases. Hope that my mistakes will not be repeated among ppl surrounding me.

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Today read another article about vitamin E and beta carotene supplements: 

Vitamin E, Beta-carotene no help for heart disease, cancer 

WASHINGTON (AFP) - In yet another blow to the US$28 billion (S$35 billion) vitamin industry, a US task force on Monday urged against taking Vitamin E and beta-carotene to ward off heart disease or cancer.
The latest guidelines from the US Preventive Services Task Force update the 2003 edition by adding Vitamin E and beta-carotene, a supplement that was already known to be ineffective at preventing the two most fatal diseases in America.
The findings are based on a systematic review of scientific studies which found that Vitamin E does not help - and that beta-carotene supplements could actually do more harm than good.
"Beta-carotene can be harmful because it increases the risk of lung cancer in people who are already at increased risk for the disease," said Task Force co-chair Michael LeFevre.
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Today I choose to take organic wholesome plant food products especially Oxyginberry beverage for maintaining my health. And I m glad that it has benefited me, my family, and my friends around me to gain back our health. =)

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