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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

What is the POWER of MUSHROOMS in E.Excel NUTRIACT?

Do you know what are the functions of MUSHROOMS which some are commonly found in the supermarket / wet market such as SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS?

Read below to learn more about Mushrooms: 

As a convenience, E.Excel produced NUTRIACT which is made of the above 4 mushrooms, mixed in the right proportions to nourish immune system, especially Natural Killer Cells to destroy cancer cells and viruses!! 

Read the below 2 posts to learn more about NUTRIACT

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Monday, October 24, 2016

Back by Popular Demand, Live with Dr Chen (last chapter) is back again in SINGAPORE!!!

<Knowledge is POWER>

I have been attending Live with Dr Chen for many years.

Guess what! 

The most rewarding result is that my 2 children have been medication-free since birth! 

I was happy and glad that with the Nutritional Immunology knowledge that I directly learned from the EXPERT - Dr Jau-Fei Chen who is the founder of Nutritional Immunology - I have become a blessed mom who know how to take care of my children's health using natural approach.

With so many health information available in the internet and media nowadays, how can we filter away and receive only the RIGHT ones which really benefit our health?

To me, this is very critical.

Without the right knowledge, we may be misled by the untrue health information and nutrition misconception. 

Only with the right knowledge from right and reliable source, we can safely apply what we learned to our family and children in safeguarding their health. 

Come and JOIN ME to the upcoming Live with Dr Chen (Last chapter of the year 2016) to pick up the latest right health knowledge on the below hot common health topics!!!! 

You'll find your 2 hours worth spent!!

For any enquiry, please feel free to contact me at +65-9090 9942. 

Tickets are HOT and always running out!! Please contact to book the ticket ASAP. Thank you =) 

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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Steve Jobs's Pancreatic Cancer

Late Apple Founder, Steve Jobs died of pancreatic cancer. It's a sad news to the world especially the iPhone and Apple product lovers.

How did the cancer formation happen? I hope that everyone can understand about this so we can do a BETTER PREVENTION. 

It took 8 years time between his cancer diagnosis till his death. 

Do you know that 2/3 of the time when cancer cells start multiplying, the cancer can't be diagnosed by the doctor, specialist or machine? 

The reason is that when it starts to multiply, the amount is still very small. It starts from 1 cancer cell, multiply to 2 cancer cells to 4 cancer cells..

Once many cancer cells form a tumor, it will start to spread. 

There is a limitation to our medical machine. When the number of cancer cells are still not significantly large, the machine is not able to detect the cancer cells. 

Even the most advance machine PET scan can only DETECT cancer cells when it is at least 1mm or 2mm size. Anything less than that size, the machine can't tell the existence of cancer. 

However, do you know that when 1mm size of cancer has been detected, how many cancer cells are there in the single dot (1mm) already? It has 1 MILLION of cancer cells already!!

Imagine once this 1 million cancer cells multiply, the number will become 2 millions, then 4 millions and so on. The cancer cells increase fast! 

Can you now relate that why a patient after getting diagnosed with cancer, usually after a short while, it will reach terminal stage? The cancer cells spread fast with big amount keep multiplying. 

For Steve Jobs's case, his cancer cell is a chronic pancreatic cancer cell which multiplied quite slowly, multiplied every 10 months. Majority of the Solid Tumors multiply every 3 to 7 months.
Hence if we back calculate when Steve Jobs started to have cancer cells in his body, it's actually when he was in his 20's. 

In summary, 
2/3 of time when cancer cells exist, our body and doctors can't tell us. 
the remaining 1/3 when cancer is diagnosed, it may be too late for curing.

Hence all the above give us a clear message that: 
We have to start changing our diet and lifestyle during the 2/3 of time to kill the cancer cells when they are still small. 

Our body has a very important defence system (which is immune system) to help us detect and damage the cancer cells.

More info about immune system and Natural Kill cells:

Nutritional Immunology tells us that: 

To keep our immune system healthy, 4 keys to practise in our lifestyle:

1. Eat more fruits and vegetables especially the immune super foods
2. Take enough rest and sleep 
3. Do appropriate exercise
4. Maintain happy emotion 

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