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What are the benefits of variety of mushrooms?

Whenever we eat mushrooms, have you ever wondered which mushrooms are the best?
Why are we eating mushrooms?

Find the answers from Nutritional Immunology knowledge =)

1. Let's first understand HOW VIRUS infect our body cell and Multiply to more viruses:

Picture / Step 1: A virus infecting (landing on) a host cell.

Picture / Step 2: The virus injects genetic material into the host cell, taking over the cell's genetic machinery and begins to make new virus parts. 

Picture / Step 3: Eventually so many viruses are made that the host cell bursts open and dies, releasing all those new viruses to infect other body cells. 

That's how viral infection happens. 

More and more viruses will be produced within the body if the multiplication process is not stopped!! 
  • See: what diseases are brought by viruses?

Usually there is no medicine for viral infection! 

However, your immune system knows the way to stop the virus multiplication and kill the viruses!

- Our Natural Killer Cells will drill a hole into the viral-infected cells to stop the multiplication of the viruses.
- Interferon (immune chemicals) produced will suppress the multiplication process of viruses. 

These special army in our body requires nutrients to work efficiently! 

The nutrient is Polysaccharides!!

2. Charateristics of Polysaccharides:

  • Different polysaccharide have different functions, each containing unique effects and benefits for different types of cancer. Therefore, it's important to obtain a polysaccharide product which come from different types of polysaccharides to obtain an optimal immunity effect. 
  • The amount of polysaccharides used is important as only an appropriate dose elicits the BEST response from the body. 
    • If we consume LESS or MORE than what our body need, there will be NO effect to our immune function 
    • Some polysaccharides can withstand the gastric juice, but some not. 
    • When these polysaccharides reach our intestines after going through our stomach, there may be less amount of polysaccharides being left to be absorbed. With less amount, the immunity effect may not be obtained. 

3. E.Excel Nutritional Immunology Research and Polysaccharides 

It's very challenging to extract and concentrate the polysaccharides and mass produce so to benefit the consumers in the market.

Extraction and concentration of polysaccharids can be done in the laboratory scale but may not guarantee a successful production in the manufacturing plant which is of larger scale.

However, E.Excel has achieved the above after years of research into polysaccharides and produce NUTRIACT CAPSULES!

  • How E.Excel NUTRIACT different from other mushrooms products in the market?
    • NUTRIACT is a concentrated polysaccharides product and is different from average dried mushroom powder product (不是一般蘑菇磨成粉产品 
    • Because the dosage of polysaccharides is very important, NUTRIACT uses concentrated polysaccharides so that the optimum amount of polysaccharides is standardised within each individual packet.
    • Dried mushroom powder products in the market may not contain the optimum dosage of polysaccharides due to uncertain standardised amount of polysaccharides (due to harvesting time, season, soil etc)
    • E.Excel produces NUTRIACT based on the amount of polysaccharides, NOT the amount of mushrooms. 
    • NUTRIACT is made up of ABM Mushrooms, Shitake Mushrooms, Maitake Mushrooms and Ganoderma (Ling Zhi) - to ensure different polysaccharides are covered to achieve an optimal immunity-enhancing effect for cancer prevention.

4. How effective NUTRIACT

With the use of NUTRIACT and other E.Excel product, there are many happy mummies when the children are recovering fast from fever without having to use medication

  • Frequent Flu and Cough:

  • Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease (HFMD):

  • My personal experience: NUTRIACT has always been my most wanted product when my child is running fever. (Usually fever is due to viral infection)

Hope this post helps you to understand how polysaccharides help you in viral infection prevention.

For more info or any enquiry, feel free to drop me a message on whatsapps or Facebook. 

Stay healthy for a happy individual and happy family!

Warmest Regards, 

Nutritional Immunology Consultant

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